Park Kwang Hyun is a Sexy Scene Stealer in Cheongdamdong Alice

I blame it on his drama choices rather than me being blind for not noticing the smexy hotness that is Park Kwang Hyun earlier. I’ve actually only seen him in a bit part in Swallow the Sun as well as the few episodes of Glowing She that I watched (where he was actually paired with So Yi Hyun) but neither experience really did him justice. He’s really making such an impact with a secondary character role as Park Shi Hoo‘s best friend (and shrink) Heo Dong Wook in Cheongdamdong Alice. He’s the straight man to Park Shi Hoo’s loony, but he has such sparkle and warmth in his eyes that it just sucks the viewer in. He’s funny and witty, but somehow also very sincere. He questions Seung Jo’s revenge plan, gives him advice on his love woes now, and is generally the best friend a guy can have. I lub him and am so happy that Seung Jo has him in his life. Secretary Moon is adorable as well, but the rock solid friendship of Seung Jo and Dong Wook is the only thing giving me any comfort going into the second half of CA poised now for Se Kyung to purposely behave towards Seung Jo as if he’s both her White Rabbit and her marry rich target. It sucks she can’t just come clean but that’s too risky and she somehow must be convincing herself that as long as she likes Seung Jo for real then it’s all good. I can see Dong Wook being the voice of reason and sanity in this drama (Se Kyung’s BFF Ah Jung clearly is not) and for that his character is much more vital to the narrative then simply as a hottie onscreen for me to drool over in between heart pumping scenes of the OTP falling in love. Park Kwang Hyun has been acting for a long time but he’s definitely gotten hotter with age, losing his baby fat from his youth and adding this veneer of mature manliness. I’m looking forward to his scenes in CA as much as I am any scene with Park Shi Hoo or Moon Geun Young. It’s a triple treat for me.


Park Kwang Hyun is a Sexy Scene Stealer in Cheongdamdong Alice — 51 Comments

  1. I do I do, I really really like Park kwang Hyun too. Even though psh is the lead and is the main course, pkh in CA to me is like an appetizer or sweet desserts, ummm cheese cake and choccolate mousse. Yummy!!!

  2. He has gone thinner since Glowing She but I loved him there.I wish they would make him a leading man but at least he’s working or getting roles.

    • He was a leading man in sweet buns or red bean bread with choi kang hee. That was the series i first saw him in,and the two of them were hilarious.

  3. Yes, I love his eyes too. They are so dreamy. I hope he gets more screen time in C-Alice and maybe he can lead another drama soon.

  4. OMGGGG He is so hot. So hot. This is an amazing Christmas present. I luff him. We need more of him and Seung Jo interactions…and include Secretary Moon. So cute.

  5. Woah on the last picture! He has truly impressed me! Reminding me sometimes of my sweetie, SJS! He has definitely gained a new fan!

    Back off, people. I mined him a long time ago. I told everyone that I was letting everyone fight over PSH, and I would take “the doctor friend” even before I realized his name. What a scene stealer! And grabbing our gaze away from PSH is a feat to be admired. Thanks for the Christmas present, Captain Koala, I have already saved the first picture.

    I have been refeshing all day. the only reason why I am so late posting here is because I am trying to marathon Drama Go Go Go before I serve Christmas, dinner. (I am sure LOVING that drama)

    I hope everyone is having a great day even if you are not on holiday.

    • OMG Trotwood, another similarity btw us. Dinner almost dinner for u already. I had just woke up like an hour + ago and had just finished brunch. Enjoy you dinner w/ dramas too. I’m playing catch up at side too, I’m on my way to Love Now, then Friendly Fire.

      • Love Now is also on my list (but it looks like I won’t be watching that until this summer!) What is Friendly Fire?

      • “Friendly Fire” is HK drama. HK drama style is more practical and closer to real life than TW & KR dramas which are more dreaming, fairy tale, & melodrama.

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but I actually think he and Moon Geun Young looks good together!! LOL…at the hospital scene when SK told him she’ll take care of the bill, he said he’ll take it, although it was such a short scene, I thought their chemistry was OVERFLOWING!!! I actually love Kwang Hyun ever since Pink Lipstick although he was a little chubbier in there, I thought he has a charm that capture the viewer’s attention although I think his acting in CDDA is definitely better than in Pink Lipstick where he was the lead..(he was a little stiff in there in my opinion), but in CDDA, he definitely won me over! I am not looking forward to him and SK’s sister pairing up, but I guess there’s no other person that would fit him in the drama…LOL>..

  8. I love his character in CDDA cause he plays off sj so well. πŸ™‚ he seems very practical but also indulges sj too. Very supportive to his friend and I love that about him. I really hope that he can give sj the voice of reason when the crap really hits the fan.

  9. Park Kwang Hyun is 90 percent of the reason I am excited to see each ep of CA. He and SJ are too cute. They are the only thing that keeps thos drama out of completely predictable territory for me. I love this man and its such a delight to see him I relish each moment. So wish he had more screen time.
    First time I saw him was Bean Chaff of My Life, hated the drama but absolutely fell for him. *sigh* Wish he’d doors dramas I wanted to see.

  10. I had liked him from Pink Lipstick. I agree the warmth in his eyes is the attractive factor.

    And it makes me think age really matters…. Like him, he can pull it off with Park Si Hoo due to their similar age. And the on screen chemistry is enjoyable.

    Which brings me to Moon. I think she is a tad too young with Park Si Hoo. Sure you can probably pull it off on the stills but in this drama, she is not rising up to Park Si Hoo. PSH is just grabbing all the limelight off her.

    So, imagine, if Park Kwang Hyun can steal eyeballs off PSH as a second lead, why is Moon a lil lack lustre as the female lead?

    I kinda blame PSH ( expecting rotten egss thrown at me). As an older person, maybe he can clue her in or bring her up her game. Right now it only looks like he is acting opposite her and not with her. I heard she is technically his senbei though, in terms of total years in acting. So I dunno.

    I have nothing against Moon nor PSH (my biggest Korean idol), just an observation..

  11. i dont think it is age and i dont think it is right to blame psh…yes; i agree moon geun young is rising up to psh…and her mamanipulative and scheming character in ep 8 put her in good light as a heroine. she has not won sympathy votes even with her crying (scene that she does best) as she is determined to go the dark way …..( that is script, but i think ahe ia not portraying the conflicts and change well…appears from her expression that it is either black or white…so when she is showing her darker side her looks and expressions are too cold towards CSJ ..
    .which puts viewers off ….

    but PKH is able to complement CSJ in hia hilarious scenes…both so cute in their expressions… so is it acting, charisma or acting….

    • Actually I am tired of PSH’s character…there is no development and the acting is only trying to pleasing the audience without any layers or depths…It’s just another cookie-cutter character for typical Korean rom-com. For me, PSH’s character is irritatingly naive (more than SK) and I actually wonder what kind of skills he has to climb up to the top position in the fashion industry?

      I don’t blame PSH, but the truth of the fact is that the writer does not really develop his character at all. Yes. He is the most favorable character, but nothing in him is touch with reality while all other characters in the drama are rooted in reality. Even Tommy Hong is so real. It reminds me of all the prostitution scandal of the ex-New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer.

      I wonder where is there all the hate against SK ? Hm…maybe we all want to see another cinderella story? Honestly. SK is very real. She is selfish, confused and even all the hate against her speaks the self-delusion we all have. Anyway. I am more curious about SK’s character than CSJ since there are too many other CSJ-alike in Kdrama land. I want to have a heroine making a deal with Faust with a risk of losing everything..

  12. sorry, typo erro..

    Yes, I agree Moon Geun Young is not rising up to PSH… and her manipulative and scheming character in ep 8 DOES put her in good light as a heroine…. she has not won sympathy votes even with her crying (scene that she does best) as she is determined to go the dark way …( that is script, but i think she ia not portraying the conflicts and change well…it appears from her expressions that it is either black or white… when she is showing her darker side her looks and expressions are too cold towards CSJ, which puts viewers off ….

    • sorry for interrupt, but for me, both leads are playing very well in their respective characters. Nobody overshadow each other.In ep 3, se kyung is already comes to yj’s house and ask her what method she used to success because she also want to try that method. yj only tell her the method she used to became successful cheongdamdong’s wife and sk just want to try this method. i don’t think that she is throw away her motto. the motto is clearly say that full effort can win. yj is success by using her own method despite this story will show us the significant effect that will reflect her when she used that method. so, u can win in life for using any method which lead to success despite good or bad. and one more thing, i don’t think that want to marry a rich man is bad thing because a lot of woman now also have a dream to marry her love one and if the guy is rich, that is totally lucky for them. i also like sj’s character. his character is cute thus, we as a viewer will definitely fall in love with him and don’t want him to be hurt anymore. mischievous plus charisma character which play by any actors will always win the heart of womens’ viewer but if the actress play a totally candy character, there will always have such comment like the character is overacting, there is nowhere in this world that the person should be to naive and so on. we can see ‘on screen’ that sj is really fall in love with sk. but, sk don’t see how much sj love her as we does on screen. she can only read sj’s reaction toward her but that reaction can’t be an accurate measurement to know that how deep is his fall in love with her. sk do not playing with him. she also in love with him. she just pretend that she don’t know that sj is jtc because she has already reject him. as a girl, what a shame if she suddenly stick on him after she know that he is jtc. so, she just simply pretend that she don’t know her real identity. that’s all. for her, she is lucky that she is truly fall in love with a rich guy as the guy is also fall in love with her. So, for me, all the characters including the supporting will learn a values in this journey. So, as an audience, we also need to think and learn the journey that the character take because everybody face with different experience in this world. so, the better way to study despite learn from our experience, we can also learn by looking, watching and listening others’ experience too. so, we can make a better judgement for our life. oh, i’m in love in this series πŸ˜€

      • add on, mgy has already mention in her latest interview in magazine for oct or nov issue if i not mistaken (hyper bazaar/ cosmopolitan) when reporter as her why do she select cheongdamdong alice as her comeback project because of course many of her fans will aspect that she will always select the challenging role/character and she answer that instead of showing something, she choose not to show something new. for her, the story in this drama is also happen around her and sk character is like one of her friend. and of course, this is for weekend drama, so what we need to do is just ENJOY! kyaaa…. i hope someday park kwang hyun can become hero next to mgy. i will definitely watch it. i have watch pkh with so yi hyun in strong heart. he is really sexy n i totally like it..:-D

    • No, it is not just you. He does resemble So Ji Seob. In fact when these two fellows were in their 20’s, they were friends and belonged to the same motorbike racing club. What is really spooky is this: Look at a picture of Yoo Seung Ho (“I Miss You”), Park Kwang Hyun and so Ji Seob. They could be brothers.

  13. λ°•κ΄‘ν˜„ μ‚¬λž‘ν—€..λ‚˜λŠ” μ΄λž€ μ‚¬λžŒμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€.i miss you always.i realy realy like you.i am learning korean langues beacuse i love korean and i love park kwang hyun.i like come to seoul until can see you.i am 15 years old.

  14. Park Kwang Hyun is indeed handsome and sexy. I just recently found out about him. Where has he been hiding? I think he, So Ji Seob,and Yoo Seung Ho could be brothers. All three men have gorgeous eyes….Sigh.

  15. CA would not be the lovely fluff it is without this guy. I think he needs a show of his own to really let everyone appreciate all his hotness, I mean qualities.

    Have we got a future star in the making?

    • I think Park Kwang Hyun has been around as long as So Ji Seob. They are the same age and hung out with each other in their 20’s. They were in a motorbike racing club together. I am not sure why this fellow has been such a sleeper, but he is being dicovered now, and that is all that counts. He really could be So Ji Seob’s brother……

  16. The last time I watched him in anything was Sweet Buns with Choi Kang Hee. Wow, that was ancient ago. And, how true. That baby face is long gone and now, hello there, smexy. I really love his role as Seung Jo’s sidekicks for being so tolerate with his friend’s complexity. Also, those eyes. I CANNOT.

  17. I still remember the hospital scene where Dong Wook said “anni, Kim biseo, how the heck did you drink benzene???” LOL! It was sooo funny, his expression and all.

    And I thought I was the only one who notice his spark. And I love his only-one line with Moon Geun Young afterwards!! It’s full of spark!

    • Me too! His only-one line with Moon Geun Young is awesome and is the probably one of the most memorable scene of the drama for me!!!

  18. I agree, this guy is interesting to watch in CA. I find him very cute and his eyes are so charming to look at. He sure is the one who will bring the positive vibe between SJ and SK.

    Great eye Captain K.

  19. SK needs to friend Dr. Love ASAP! If he is the only voice of reason on the show, she needs to be his BFF! LOL! What’s-her-face-, girl BFF isn’t helping her much. Doc needs to knock some sense into SK so she can turn around and stop her scheming.

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