Yoo Seung Ho is Casual and Flirty for Nylon Magazine

I can’t complain at all that Yoo Seung Ho was a workaholic this year and did three dramas pretty much back-to-back. He went the spectrum of leading man, character actor, and now secondary male lead. I love his willingness to experiment in whatever capacity that I actually enjoy all the roles he’s played this year. Granted he hasn’t actually wowed me on the acting, but he tries and I do see incremental improvement. Yoo Seung Ho is probably the most famous child actor in Korea after Moon Geun Young, but I think he’s actually not as good at acting at she is and has been coasting on the mountains of goodwill he got from Jibeuro. I still see a bit of self-conscious in his delivery, almost like non-actors are like when we know the camera is trained on us. Do you guys see it? It’s fleeting but pops up on occasion which is where I find he gets tripped up. If he let that tiny bit go he’d be headed straight towards future awards territory. He actually reminds me so much of J-actors, and if he were Japanese he’d definitely be a Johnny and have a career much like Matsumoto Jun or Yamapi. I’m done with Missing You and trying to have a thoughtful discussions of its strengths and failures. I feel my brain cells dying out by the schism in the discourse and would rather just watch Baby Jailbat here in Nylon Magazine being all cute and smoldery. He’s modeling G by Guess clothes so I’m wondering where the adorable IU is since they are the face of the brand together. My quibbles with his acting aside, he definitely wears clothes well, whether its casual school boy looks or even the suited adult ensembles he’s been pulling off in MY. When I see him in print ads my eyes immediately zoom right to him. He’s got the IT factor.


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  1. He definitely has ‘IT”‘. As busy as he’s been, maybe he can relax in the army! Can’t wait until he’s out though – really think it’s the best timing for him.

  2. You can clearly see he has it in him (face, talent and experience). But I’m really torn with his adult acting choices. I commend him for challenging himself irrespective of whether he is playing the lead or not, melo or rom-com, his character is good or bad. Then again, Sometimes I feel he’s rushing it, but you really can’t blame coz he’s been acting fo ages. Still, part of me feels that his desire to be respected as an actor could be the one thing that’s hindering him right now.

    Anyways, his enlistment would be perfect for him and his career.

    • You worded it perfectly for me with “he’s rushing it.” It’s like, I can respect that he wants to improve his acting and move forward in his career by delving into adult roles but often I feel like he’s stretching a bit too much. Like in Flames of Desire (which I did enjoy) where he played a 21-22 year old man while he was still 16-17 in real life, parts of Operation Proposal, and even Warrior Baek Dong Soo at times.

      I respect his choices as an actor, his motivations, his professionalism, his versatility, and his humongous drive but often times I feel like his intense verve to be treated as a seasoned actor undercuts his performances and comes off as more frantic than enthusiastic.

      I do think he’ll grow a little more into his own skin while he’s in the military. Hopefully the downtime will give him some space to relax about his nervous self-consciousness and simply focus on his roles for the roles themselves.

  3. A bit of self-conscious? Can I see it? Does the sun shine? ūüėČ

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. He’s the K-Yamapi! Adorable but feckless.

    I mean, the boy is cute and all. But with the acting-hours he has clocked he really should be doing better. He was decent in parts of Flames of Ambition, but when the show really took off in its Crazy Wagnerian Plane, the rest of the cast (including Seo Woo) were just acting circles round him. And was he even awake in Arang? Yikes.

  4. I have not leave any comment though I am regular reader of your blog. But I can’t stay away when it comes to my baby YSH. I have known him but I truly become his fan after reading your posts about him. Wonderfully, I also digging all Yamapi’s dramas and movies at this moment. I love both of them. By the way, I would appreciate if you write more for J-doramas and recommendation to watch nice ones. I am falling in love with J-doramas while a little bit sick of K-dramas now.

    • I think I might be in the same boat. I started watching dramas in 2007, and I started mainly with TW dramas, and a few J-doramas. But for the past couple years, I’ve been watching almost exclusively K-dramas. In 2012, I loved Me Too! Flower, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Gaksital, Nice Guy, and Faith. But now it’s like I’ve watched all the K-dramas. I need something new and captivating. It seems like no really captivating K-dramas are out right now. (Not into Alice or King of Dramas).

      Anyone have a suggestion for a J-dorama? It would have to be one made in the past 2 years, when I stopped keeping up with them. I did manage to catch “Rich Man, Poor Woman” and KimuTaku in “Mr.Brain”…

  5. “I feel my brain cells dying out by the schism in the discourse”

    Ah, so that explains the vale of tears … for rehydration? :p

  6. You are spot on with ‘He’s got the IT factor’. That’s what I think of him. I maybe have watched him being child characters in the old dramas before, but from Operation Proposal and few episodes of Missing You, I have yet to be blown away by his acting. He’s natural, awkward at times but not showing strong performance yet IMO. HOWEVER, the thing that does impress me is his charisma and his intense stare especially at such a young age. Make his performance as Harry that leaves the strongest impression on me, now I look at him differently. He’s really growing into one fine man. I must say though that if he wants to improve better as an actor, have a break between projects at least enough for him to get himself ready and prepare for his next role. He looks tired in Missing You. But I understand why he accepts the drama, especially knowing that he will enlist soon, he probably wants to do as much as he can now. I’m gonna pass on Missing You and look forward to his next drama instead. Btw, he looks gorgeous, hot and cute in these pictures!

  7. I’m a newbie in KDramaland, and I don’t know much about this cute boy until i watch Missing You. This drama makes me head over heels with him. For me he does quite a good job here, yes I also feel he’s tripped at some moments but he and his character still impressed me the most in this drama. Call me crazy but I find him moooore attractive when he’s in his psycho mode hahahaha… and I love his performance in episode 13 especially when he desperately laugh at himself after he overheard SY’s conversation with JW, my most favorite part so far ūüėÄ

    Anyhow hopefully he can do well in his military service after this drama, I can’t wait for his comeback project with stronger performance than in IMY. He’ll still be very young though, so I hope he’ll develop himself as well as his acting in the next 2 years. Seung-Ho yaaah… fighting ūüôā

  8. He¬†hasn’t¬†reached¬†that¬†point¬†where¬†you¬†would¬†call¬†him¬†a¬†great¬†actor¬†but¬†he¬†is¬†dam¬†good.¬†He¬†has¬†the¬†two¬†things¬†that¬†many¬†actors¬†try¬†hard¬†to¬†achieve…Charisma¬†and¬†Presence.¬†Even¬†when¬†he¬†is¬†standing¬†with¬†better¬†actors,¬†he¬†looks¬†like¬†he¬†belongs.¬†My¬†eyes¬†always¬†go¬†to¬†him¬†when¬†he¬†is¬†on¬†screen.¬†He¬†is¬†going¬†to¬†be¬†hell¬†on¬†wheels¬†once¬†he¬†settles¬†into¬†his¬†skin.¬†

    I just keep telling myself that I am not old enough to be a pedo noona so I can lust without shame!

  9. This guy is hot!! Its been a while since I fell for a K-actor. But my gosh, though he’s batshit cray cray in IMY, he’s soo hot. I like the way he stands, and his sexy laser-beam steer.

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