Koala Faves Rocked the Fashion Red Carpet at the Year End Drama Awards

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Of course that also means it’s drama awards time in Korea, with the three big networks trotting out their ratings successes to foist random meaningless awards on. When I first started watching dramas I used to wonder why the winners of the awards have almost zero correlation with the quality of their acting or drama, and then I realized this was just a company end-of-the-year banquet where the boss rewarded the employees who brought in the most sales numbers. That is it. If you think awards such as “Best Drama” or “Best Actor” mean anything here, have I got a flying pig who poops gold to sell you. I still love to check them out for the fashion and to see some of my favorite stars or drama pairings attending the awards together. Especially when it comes to favorite drama pairings, seeing them together again helps give some closure long after the drama has wrapped. None of the three networks gave any award I would pick myself but plenty of pretty stars were on display the past three nights. This is not a run-down on the awards ceremonies or who won, but merely a quick discussion of some stars or drama couplings I follow. I thought the best dressed of all three awards was hands down Yoon Eun Hye. The orange, normally a color I loathe, looks stunning on her. And the lace dress with the tucked midriff and the column drape makes her figure just eye-poppingly sensual. Overall all my faves looked great and for that I happily decree the year end drama awards a success on the fashion front.

Kim Soo Hyun is getting to be such a pro at walking the red carpet at awards show. I wish his entire polished look would extend to the bottom of his pants, which are 2 inches too short. It’s like he got measured for his tux and the grew 2 inches during the time it was fitted and when he put it on to attend the awards.


The scene-stealing youngsters Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim So Hyun. Triple amount of perfection.

Lee Yoon Ji, she makes sexy look so classy. Seeing Jo Jung Seok at the same event with her reassures my still broken heart that the princess and her bodyguard might actually have gotten their happily ever after.


Switching over to the KBS Awards, my Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won attended the awards show and helped to sooth my disappointment that Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi didn’t attend the MBC awards. They look fantastic despite Chae Won picking a curiously odd dress that she managed to pull off. Nevertheless, ChaeKi winning best couple at the KBS Awards was my highlight of the evening. They looked sooooo cute giggling over their many kiss scenes.

Finally, last but not least, Yoochun and Han Ji Min at the SBS Awards looking utterly gorgeous individually and together. Han Ji Min’s black princess dress was my second fave gown of the awards season. They also deservedly won Best Couple over at SBS for their Rooftop Prince OTP. I approve, SBS, I approve.


Koala Faves Rocked the Fashion Red Carpet at the Year End Drama Awards — 32 Comments

  1. Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki’s interactions the whole night were just painfully adorable 🙂 The chemistry and the tension crackled even after they’d finished filming! More dramas with them as OTP, please.

  2. LOVE YEH’s dress, although I’d rather it was just a little bit shorter. The color is absolutely stunning! Glad she didn’t go for the omnipresent black or white. The light make up is also on point, but she should have done something with her hair.

    The teenagers are soooo adorable! Loved their little musical act! These 3 will do great things in the future, for sure.

    LYJ is gorgeus and owns the red carpet. Glad she got an award, but I don’t understand her career at all. She’s way too talented and pretty to be taking some of the roles she gets.

    And Cheki!!!! You two beautiful creatures, you! Please, do humanity a favor and make perfect babies together :D. Really happy they got those well-deserved awards. I wouldn’t wear MCW’s dress, but she surely rocks it. Loved the shorter hair and natural make up. In SJK’s words: she’s a goddess.

  3. Love Yoon Eun Hye’s dress! It looks very flattering on her 🙂 I noticed that the majority of the dresses at the MBC Awards were either black or white. I’m glad that YEH decided to go with a bold color ^^

    • I totally agree. Orange really worked for YEH, and the cut of the dress was gorgeous. It even could have been a skirt and a top now that I think of it. It fit so well, I couldn’t tell. Love her!

  4. Top Excellence Award Male: Song Joong Ki and Yoo Jun Sang
    Top Excellence Award Female: Moon Chae Won (solo)
    *This is the highest award besides the Daesung.
    SJK: Thank you so much. Im very touched. Im very nervous. When the drama production ends, I always become sick, but after Nice guy I didnt become sick. This morning I was a bit down, due to worrying so thank you. It was actually very burdensome because of the high expectations. I was very troubled. Thank you to the staff, company, the beautiful Chaewon (hehehehe) Park Siyeon, my friend who didn’t get an award Gwangsoo. Sorry man. (Haha Joonki’s teasing never stops). My sunbaes thank you. Thank you writer Lee Kyunghee. I love you (Chaewon? hehe. What? He might be throwing us off)

    MCW: Thank you. Thank you. I really didnt expect this. I’m very nervous right now. Thank you to Writer Lee Kyunghee who trusted me to act this complicated character. Thank you to the staff, the actors and actresses. Thank you. Nice Guy was a really fun project for me and I really wanted to play this character and I am so honored to play that character and thank you so much for this great award. I wish to play challenging characters in the future. Thank you to sunbaes, teachers, hoobaes, Song Joongki, my partner (life partner, eh?) Thank you for having such great chemistry with me (BRB dying right now.)

    The most adorable thing about this whole moment was that when Joongki won the award, Chaewon was tearing up for him. It was so precious. And Kwangsoo teared up for both Chaewon and Joongki. And Lee Yoo Bi was cheering loudly for Chaewon. LSY looked overjoyed when Chaewon won. These moments made the night.

    • Also I just love the humility and sincerity of these two. When Joongki won the award he bowed to the other winner (Yoo Jun Sang) and when Chaewon won the award she bowed 90 degrees to the audience and to Park Shi Hoo (who was beaming with pride).

  5. Best Couple KBS Drama Awards 2012: Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki

    Their facial expressions were PRICELESS. It was so deliciously awkward, especially when they broadcast all their kissing scenes, and Chaeki had to watch them all vulnerable in front of the audience. Not only that, but they were so in tune in regards to facial expressions/body gestures. Everybody knows that when you have been around somebody for so long and you begin to admire them (ahem), you develop some of their body gestures.
    Here’s a rough translation.
    MC: SJK which was your most confident kissing scene?
    SJK: All of them (hehe I’ll bet)
    SJK: The most memorable was the one in Japan because it was our first kiss and the scenery was really beautiful.
    MCW: The most memorable kiss scene for me was also the Aomori Kiss. I also remember the one where I kissed him (initiated the kiss).
    MC: Are there any romantic feelings between you guys?
    Chaeki: *avoids question* *shy face* We focused on our work. (What a roundabout answer. Did that even answer the question?)
    MC: Is there an actor who doesn’t focus on their work? (HAHA I love this MC. She got you there Joongki)
    MC: How is SJK in real life?
    MCW: He’s very nice, but also naughty. (Now we are getting somewhere.)
    MC: Who do you like better PSY or MCW?
    SJK: Hong Eunhee (his ideal married woman. What a safe answer haha)

    • Thanks for the translation!

      It’s funnier because Hong Eun-hee is the wife of Yoo Jun-sang, one of the MCs. Song Joong-ki being his usual cheeky self <3

  6. Happy New Year everyone. Wow, I am wondering why K2H leads didn’t show up? Ha Ji Won, why not? She would have had a spectacular dress?

  7. They really do look good – although KSH needs to relax relax a bit.

    Loved MCW’s shoes, and I am NOT a shoe persona usually.
    The teen trio – so much fun. I hope they can continue together since it seems they are friends.


  8. joong ki is sooo cute and adorable, seriously.
    I just can’t resist him. It’s too bad he has to split his award with someone else. The only thing that bothered me so much. Haha. overall a good year for kdrama.

  9. Really loved Yoon Eun Hye’s look…. Love the dress, hair, make up, and everything…. She definitely popped out amongst all the stars…
    I have to say, the biggest disappointment to me is Han Ga In winning Top Excellence Female… Not only did she win it, but she won against Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Shin Min Ah, and Kim Sun Ah… Wow, just wow..

  10. Seriously.. Chaewon looks absolutely gorgeous and demure.. It’s funny.. her dress is indeed quite odd but she just managed to look beautifully elegant. I love her hair and make-up. And she looked so pretty in her many close-up shots during the awards.

  11. I’ve only watched MBC’s Drama Awards and some snippets of KBS Drama Awards. I will watch SBS’s as well for my Rooftop Prince OTP. I loved YEH’s dress.. the color, the cutting etc. Especially in the second photo.. it really flatters her butt lol. I thought Han Ga-in looked gorgeous as well. Very “safe” look, but I liked her simple black gown paired with statement earrings.

  12. Yoon Eun Hye is looking like the HBIC. Just …flawless really. Joon Ki is looking handsome in that suit too. I don’t really care for Moon Chae Won’s makeup or dress TBH.

  13. couldn’t agree more Koala..every detail on YEH’s dress was exquisitely done and managed to bring out the beautiful curves of her body.

  14. Totally agree! YEH was stunning and really stood out! The dress put emphasis on her Coca-cola body, really sexy! She’s really beautiful in orange, plus her light and simple makeup and wavy hair. Really perfect!

  15. Yay, wuri Eun Hye so curvy! Now that’s what you call a real woman’s body. Loooove the gown! And my two lovely kids Yeo Jin Gu and Kim Yoo Jung are growing up fast and oh so fine. ^_^

  16. happy new koala sis! happy new year


    definitely agree with YEH as the best dressed! gah! before, i thought orange is something one wouldn’t wear but she just made that idea fly out of my window. she looks so stunning and classy. i see a bit of trend to the skirt among YEH, LYJ and MCW.

    LYJ always and will always be a class act. look at her! on top of LSG and HJW in K2H, LYJ and JJS is one of the best OTP also. this girl is definite on of the best actresses around and i wish 2013 would give her a bigger break to make her shine more. she is so wasted in The Great Seer.

    ChaeKi! you, you adorable pair! you rocked my world, i wish you two would be IT in real life. on MCW, sometimes, she doesn’t have the best choices of dresses but who cares about that when she can pull it off with grace. 🙂

    seriously, Micky and HJM chemistry should be banked with by networks. these two are so stars and fireworks when they are on screen together. one of the best OTP of the year and glad they won the award.

  17. Chaeki was awesome! They got all the award as a couple hahaha that was definitely that made the night for me, 3 times on stage together…oh the feels!

    I’m kinda disappointed that tkh2 didn’t get anything that night. That’s kinda sad.

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