S.H.E. Drops New Album and Releases Stunning Pictorial for Elle Taiwan

The girls are back, baby! Arguably the most successful and popular girl group in Taiwanese pop history S.H.E. has reunited after a two year hiatus and released their new album The Flower Blooms Again recently. Their vocal prowess makes them more than just pretty faces gyrating onscreen and they have the singing chops to stay on top for as long as they want. Luckily for us, Ella Chen, Hebe Tian, and Selina Jen are all good friends in real life so I’m sure we’ll keep getting more S.H.E. beyond the usual expiration date for idol groups. The reason for the group’s two year hiatus was due to Selina’s severe injury suffered on the set of her C-drama I Have a Date with Spring back in October of 2010, when she was severely burned over 50% of her body (and her co-star Ham Yu suffered even worse injuries when trying to shield her). In the ensuing two years Selina went through rehab and recovery and married her long-time boyfriend, Ella also got married, and word on the street is Hebe is close to coming out of the closet (which would make me happy because its like the worst kept secret in TW-ent). The trio was recently featured on the cover and in the pages of Elle Taiwan and I must say they are absolutely stunning. Ella continues with the feminization of her image, Hebe remains as gorgeous as ever, and its reassuring to see Selina back to being dazzling in the spotlight. The first single off their album is a fantastic uptempo ballad that describes how flowers bloom again after weathering adversity and I’m sure we could all use a bit of that strength in our lives at one time or another. Check out the lovely Elle photo spread as well as the MV for “THe Flower Blooms Again.”

MV for “The Flower Blooms Again”:


S.H.E. Drops New Album and Releases Stunning Pictorial for Elle Taiwan — 7 Comments

  1. thanks for posting about them .. they are definitely my most favoured asian’s girl group … yerp , love the photoshoot .. they are definitely gorgeous and stunning. Ella’s really getting prettier and prettier nowadays ..i definitely love her new haircut for this album. btw , they have released 4 mv’s for this latest album .. and my favourite mv currently would be the second plug .. here’s the mv


  2. I don’t know why I am not sleeping right now but I should be. I saw them on Wan Yu promoting the album… and it was as if they just picked up right where they left off 🙂 The photoshoot looks fantastic.

  3. Wait, Hebe coming out of the closet?! You mean she’s really lesbian? I thought it was just rumors and that she may just have not found her Mr Right as she seem like someone who is afraid of getting too much in love, scared of getting hurt that’s why her heart is pretty much closed off. Which makes guys difficult to get near her i think…

    But she’s a great singer, I love her solo albums more than SHE group albums to be honest. I can’t deny that SHE is the best Taiwanese female group. They really look mature now, Selina and Ella look happy to be married.

    • Yes, I think it has been since Selina’s accident the rumor is going on, because they have been seen going out all the time, and for me it doesn’t matter anymore as long as she’s honest and she’s a good singer though. So think there is no problem with people who are open minded.

  4. I always thought Hebe was the prettiest, but they just all look gorgeous here. All the best to them, they seem really sweet!

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