Video Preview for Episode 9 of Cheongdamdong Alice

I was thrilled with the Cheongdamdong Alice preemption last weekend because I was traveling and couldn’t even watch the episodes, much less recap it. Who would’ve known that episode 8 would be the weak link in an otherwise strong slew of episodes, plus end on a note that felt uncertain and rather precipitous. Thus the two week wait between episodes 8 and 9 felt like pouring cold water on my ardor and suddenly my passion for CA has cooled immensely. This isn’t anything a fantastic episode 9 can’t resurrect, much like seeing a beau after too long of a break but once together all the feelings come rushing back. Did anyone else feel like the addiction to CA inexplicably waned? I’m still mulling over how I feel about Se Kyung’s decision to pursue Seung Jo with an ulterior motive rather than simply out of her natural feelings for him. Perhaps she reasons to herself that since she already likes him, and he likes her, then she can continue with the Candy charade and all will be well. It’s almost like she’s buying into the justification that the purpose need not matter if the outcome is beneficial for both parties.

But that is hardly the case. If one party to a contract intended to defraud the other, it doesn’t matter that the ultimate deal reached was fair to both parties. Once discovered the shady intentions will taint everything else. Watching the preview for episode 9 was disconcerting. On one hand Seung Jo is clearly happy and there is lots of cute fun times. On the other hand I feel like there is like anvil hanging over his head and once someone like Tommy Hong drops the bombshell on him about Se Kyung, then he’s going to be in for a wicked headache and heartache. I also want Seung Jo to toughen up, because while loopy Seung Jo is entertaining, it’s going to get real old real quick when he continues to lack any discernible defense mechanism or any ability to cope with emotional set backs. One reason Se Kyung and her ex-boyfriend In Chan’s relationship was so compelling was their mutual love existing within a realistic world of financial worries and disappointment. Right now Seung Jo’s world feels like a fantasy and he needs to put his feet firmly on the ground so that I can start seeing some growth in him. Here’s to hoping episode 9 lights my inner fire again.

Preview for episode 9:

Seung Jo: After learning I was the President she immediately accepted me, but I feel so insecure. Also, in that instant, it seemed like everything was solved.

Yoon Joo: You really don’t know? President your relationship with your son will be done with immediately.

President Cha: If you weren’t around then everything would be solved.

Tommy Hong: If you leave now, I’ll give you compensation.

Se Kyung: My feelings right now, you must know what it feels like more than anyone else. So please give me one chance……….


Video Preview for Episode 9 of Cheongdamdong Alice — 19 Comments

  1. OMG! I cannot wait! *Squee* You’re right, OCKOALA, Watching CDDA again is like reuniting with an old flame. Give me some more crazy, SJ! LOL!

  2. I still have excitement, but I just marathoned it last week so maybe it’s still fresh to me. Though I have to admit I watch only for Seung Jo and hottie doctor right now. I really can’t get into Se Kyung’s character or the couple because like you said… it’s tainted. But I can’t wait to see what happens now.

  3. Not in my case, in fact I have CDDA major case of CDDA withdrawal symptoms – it was really torturous having to wait that 2 weeks for Ep 9. I have to keep on replaying the past episodes to keep myself entertained….can’t wait for tonight and definitely want an extension for CDDA!!!!

    • Same here, I also have major CDDA withdrawal syndrome and tried watching other dramas ie IMY, KoD and Horse Healers . However, I still could not get rid of CDDA in my mind and ended up rewatching the entire eps 1-8 twice and looking for snippet of news or spoilers on CDDA the past two weeks. Phew, the wait is finally over and I miss the OTP so much especially SJ. I look forward to more happy moments between the OTP before the shit hit the fan.

  4. I’m still in love with this show, It’s so addicting…waiting 2 weeks almost killed me.

    Thank you for translating the dialogues in the preview by the way. CDDA FIGHTING!!!

  5. I agree with what you said about SJ…it’s getting real old and I do not see any development in his character. Although it’s hard to understand SK, it’s actually a very realistic character. She tries so hard to get into this rabbit hole to meet someone nice, but she’s confused b/c it’s not her real self, she’s anxious, but she has fallen in love…I can’t wait for Ep. 9! It seems like TOmmy will send SK away to Paris so he can match mate.

  6. I also agree with you on SJ. I really need to see more development in him. I love his kooky side but he really really needs to toughen up. I want to see him actually taking on those who are seeking to keep him under reign or those who want to bring him down. He is smart and somewhat good in business as he did make it to CEO. So I hope he can see 10 steps ahead and not be 2 steps behind, which is where I see him being right now.

    I will not get started with Tommy Hong. It will be a lot of not so nice things that should not be posted here LOL. SK also needs to start thinking about how she really wants to live her life. She kinda made a 180 like that but it’s not really her true self. If Tommy Hong is going to drop the anvil on them, then I hope he does it by ep 10. I say get the pain going so we can move on to other things.

    My excitement has definitely worn off a bit but I still am very curious about what is going to happen and I really don’t want it to one of those shows that has a crappy 2nd half (kinda like PTB). Plus, I still clearly care for these fictional characters too much! I must stop.

  7. My interest ain’t waned one bit for CDDA. I still love it to pieces. I have been too much invested with SK and SJ to even try to let it slip away..huhu. And Yes.. I think SK is just one confused person because she is someone with one train of thoughts (I think), when she decided she wanted something she will give her all for it. She is the type of woman who is not only determined to success in her goal but willing to work hard for it. You know her motto is still what she is practicing even right now when she is supposed to become greedy to be inside the circle of the rich. I say, she is just a confused soul because she clearly likes SJ a lot but the thought that her initial intention was for the money really confused her since she has thrown out “true love” out of the window when In chan broke her heart, the guy she did everything to protect.She is wondering if those things truly can exist together or the fact the she can actually have both? She might thought it is fine to go with her plan because you know it could work but she has doubts.. and we can see that she is really desperate for a change in her life situation right now..I know, its complicated. I just hope all ends well and they both get what they both wanted (really need) in the end like SJ wanted an affirmation that there is pure/true love out there and SK that she can live true to her motto and at the same time still find her one true love that will love her for better or worse…maybe. I am just curious to know how everything going to work out to change SK conflict with money and love.

  8. yup, I know what you’re saying about the loss of excitement … it’s usually not a good sign (had it with AGD too – and didn’t even watch the final two episodes). Oh well, I’m eager and ready to go crazy about this drama again!

  9. hi Kola! Just heard and seen your page in Facebook as well as my other friends, and we liked your recaps! Especially Cheongdamdong Alice! Keep up the great work! :))

  10. I don’t get it?? Why is she “acting” like she likes him when she really likes him? I don’t understand her logic at all since the last episode, it just completely confused me!

    • Precisely!

      ACK, sooooo frustrating, and so unnecessarily complicated.

      When SJ does makes that confession that he’s actually Artermis-CEO … just a simple “Ara, I know” or “I guessed as much” will do from SK.

      That can also explain why she was avoiding him too. And just go from there!!!

      Why create all this unnecc. redundant fodder for Tommy Hung (who btw, is so cloning Tommy Hilfiger even down to his TH logo – is that legal?).

      ACK@@@@! I am so not looking to the ‘drama’ SK is creating by keeping quiet. She’s got an easy, logical natural way out. Just take it please, and spare us!!

      • I don’t think it is that simple.
        It isn’t her current feelings that matter but what her motives were in approaching him as Cha.
        If she confessed that right now to him, then she is afraid she would be tossed aside and therefore unable to be of financial support to her family.

        While we see it as simple as ripping off a bandaid quickly, dealing with the aftermath of his anger, and hoping/expecting he would forgive her immediately, she seems to feel there is too much at stake. Of course, the longer she takes to admit this, the bigger the lies become, so that sucks.

  11. Aaahh,here at last ! Itssabout time, you !
    Lets get a move on to epi 9 & 10 . I hate disruptions(mumble …grumble)

  12. Am I the only one who liked episode 8? 🙁
    I think that episode 8 highlighted the problems that we knew were coming, but didn’t really want to see. We all knew SK’s original goal was a rich man, and I don’t think liking SJ changed that. I loved that the show didn’t just switch SK back to “Candy” with a pretty bow and icing on top.
    I’m hoping we’ll see more of the TH/SK line that the original character descriptions mentioned.

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