SETTV Holds Press Conference and Releases Cute Teasers for Upcoming TW-drama with Nikki Hsieh, James Wen, and Chris Wu

Now that Miss Rose is finally over, SETTV is wasting no time ushering in its next Sunday night idol drama 金大花的華麗冒險 (literal title Jin Da Hua’s Extravagant Adventure, but I think its English title will be Replacement Princess or Substitute Princess based on its original drama title). Starring Nikki Hsieh, James Wen, Chris Wu, Chao Chun Ya, Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao), Lene Lai, and MC40, this drama is billed as a cheerful comedy with a identity switching premise. Nikki’s plays both the titular Jin Da Hua, buck-toothed and bumbling and crushes on James Wen who she grew up with, as well as rich heiress Du Liang Yen, who loves and is engaged to Chris Wu. This will be a switch up of James and Chris’ onscreen images, with James shedding his douchey cool dude persona from The Fierce Wife and My Queen and playing a poor guy with a strong sense of righteousness and a good heart, while Chris goes from the hot-headed love strong country boy from Autumn’s Concerto and the calm blind dude in Zhong Wu Yen to a tough and controlled company president.

In the drama, an accident befalls rich Liang Yen that leads to poor fugly Da Hua getting plastic surgery to take her place. I’ve been loving Nikki in Die Sterntaler where she plays a deaf mute and she looks so charming here in all the trailers. Chao Chun Ya goes straight from the set of MR to this drama and plays Chris’s best friend and the plastic surgeon who makes the transformation possible. I’m not that enamored of the story because my gut tells me Chris will fall for poor Da Hua masquerading as Liang Yen. Nevertheless, TW-dramas rarely off people so here’s to hoping both leading lady characters share the screen later on and both get their respective men. At the press conference, it’s clear the three leads have lots of chemistry, which is bolstered further by the first trailers released. I’m planning to just watch this for fun so don’t expect any recaps. I need some time to recover from the tailspin that was MR and haven’t the heart to commit to another TW-drama anytime soon. MR ended with a 4.18 and right now the competition on Sunday nights remains weak so I bet SETTV has another hit on its hands.


Nikki looks wayyyyy too happy to be kissed by her two leading men. I also love how cute it is that she’s holding a bouquet of huge gold flowers, because the her character’s name Jin Da Hua means Gold Big Flowers (it’s a very old-fashioned and country bumpkin-esque name).

Tia Li and Puff Guo visited the set to pass the baton from MR to this new drama. Apparently Nikki’s buck teeth freaked the two girls out and there was tons of giggling all around. Dreamgirls also sings the cute and catch title song for this drama which can be heard on the trailers already. I already love it so at least I get good music to listen to when watching this Sunday.


Official MV for Theme Song by Dreamgirls “Because You Are There” guest starring Bolin Chen:


SETTV Holds Press Conference and Releases Cute Teasers for Upcoming TW-drama with Nikki Hsieh, James Wen, and Chris Wu — 16 Comments

  1. One drama comes to mind: 100% Senorita with Joe Chen and Wallace Huo and the lovely actress playing the twin who got face-off after her car fell off a cliff (care to remind me her name, anyone?). If it can be as good as that one, and actually gave both twins their happy endings I will so enjoy this drama.

  2. James Wen character seems really funny, it’s so unlike his other drama characters. I cannot wait see Chris Wu again!!! It seems like forever. Is he really going to play a tough guy though? I’m just going to wait for the day there is English subtitles for this drama. So is Nikki going to film Die Sterntaler and Replacement Princess at the same time? cause I really want to watch Die Sterntaler in English Subtitles, but can’t find it anywhere and I tried viki a gazillion times.

    • Die Sterntaler was pre-filmed, which is a relief for her — I can’t imagine filming two Sunday night dramas at once! Especially if you’re the lead, lol. And sadly, Die Sterntaler is probably not popular enough among overseas audiences to get subbed.

    • James Wen is one of my few TW biases and I don’t remember having seen him that funny before. He is the Daniel Henney of Taiwan: Everyone underestimates him because he is that tall model (so, stupid of course…) with Caucasian traits but I’m quite sure he can do much better if he lands good parts.

  3. We love Nikki in Die Sterntaler… She is such a great actress with very expressive eyes, thus her role as a mute which she pulled off with flying colors. She is beautiful too. Thank goodness there are professional actresses like Nikki and Ariel Lin. If we have to see those untalented actresses like those Puff girls esp. the short hair one, one just want to turn the drama off… That short hair one who couldn’t act and couldn’t sing was the one who ruined “Miss Rose”, just couldn’t watch that drama towards the end. Poor Roy.

  4. I can’t wait to see James Wen shed that cool dude persona! He’s been sporting that for way too long. Have you guys seen him in 那一年的幸福時光 (The Happy Times of that Year)? He played a silly character in that one and he was paired with Sonia Sui. I had to fast forward through Amber Kuo’s scenes but Sonia and James were pretty cute in it.

    • I actually love Amber’s part until the later part where the guy turned bad and ambitious… James and Sonia is so cute in that, I think people who watched fierce wife should go and watch that, it may lessen their hate for James, hahaha~

  5. They originally wanted Sonia for this role??! That just doesn’t feel right despite Sonia going “ugly” for PS Man..Anyways, this looks cute! Is it airing tomorrow?

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