Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Cheongdamdong Alice

Dur, I’m kinda not liking how the story is progressing in Cheongdamdong Alice based on the previews. Of course once the episode airs it might make sense, but to be honest I felt like episodes 9 and 10 continued to lack the zip of the earlier episodes. It’s probably due to Se Kyung spending a good chunk of both episodes contemplative or crying. Of course the pendulum then swings the other way and Seung Jo is off being manic and taking his new relationship with Se Kyung at light speed. Getting married? Seriously? Whether he means it, he’s using it to sock it to Daddy, or he wants to conveniently end all possibility of a marriage alliance between Royal and GN Fashion, even after sitting on the episode for a few days I still dislike what he did because he didn’t tell Se Kyung beforehand nor did he seem to take into consideration how his declaration might affect her. Watching the preview, I continue to worry that Seung Jo is in wayyyyyy over his head and he needs to slow the heck down. Like, way way down. Like at the speed of a horse drawn carriage slow down. Normally I love when relationships unfurl quickly (within reasonable constraints) because that just means the narrative isn’t getting bogged down with syrupy details. In this case, I wonder what the rush is to keep this story moving so fast. Does the writer have that much more story left to squeeze into the remaining 6-episodes? In that case, maybe an extension really is warranted. Se Kyung appears to be going with the Seung Jo tidal wave flow, but I’m longing for Seung Jo to act less on impulse. Seung Jo’s characterization is starting to fray at the edges for me, exposing the risk when writing such an eccentric character. He starts to coast on his charm and the writer doesn’t really dig deeper into his thought process because the audience wants more of the crazy side of him. Think Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden, in which case the sane female lead is left looking boring in comparison. I want this OTP relationship to unfold with care and consideration from both sides, and I hope to remaining episodes really show me that.

Written preview for episode 11:

Seung Jo’s dad takes his unexpected wedding declaration not as real love but as Seung Jo’s way of seeking revenge on him and he gets upset. This causes Se Kyung to be very uneasy and she doesn’t know what to so. In Hwa tells Tommy to act like the matchmaking arrangement never happened………..

Preview for episode 11:

Se Kyung: I won’t be like you. My values, my love, my existence, will completely be accepted as I enter Cheongdamdong………using my way.

Yoon Joo: It won’t work. Using that method, in the end you’ll lose both…..

Se Kyung: From now on, this is Han Se Kyung’s secret diary.

Seung Jo: Se Kyung, you have shown me that in this world there is a love that isn’t scary. Se Kyung, marry me!


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  1. I hope the writer(s) knows what they are doing. I am slowly starting to lose interest in this drama, mainly due to SJ’s stupid confession last episode. Right now I feel like he is a mess and shouldn’t marry anyone and SK should take Tommy up on his offer.

  2. This drama’s lost so much of the magic for me since around episode seven or eight. Too much will-she-won’t-she re: telling him the truth, with too many external obstacles flinging themselves in the way. And it’s like, now that we’ve gotten Se-kyung and Seung-jo to admit they like each other, we’re done with building the relationship and instead focusing on it as a plot point; that warm spark they had that pulled me in and made me care just… isn’t really there anymore, imo. Which is such a shame, because they had ridiculous chemistry when they were allowed screen time where she wasn’t weepy and/or angstily conflicted.

    It’s still adequate and all, but after the crack-addled haze it had me in a couple of weeks ago? Siiiigh.

  3. Not a perfect show, but which one is? I take everything at face value and I have faith in the writers. I think they want to show that the tension is rising in a warped speed as SK’s schemes are spiraling out of control. I am so scared for all these characters, as SJ falls in love deeper with SK, SK realizes the bigger the potential heartbreak when he finds out the truth. When will the bubble burst? My poor heart! This show is killing me.

  4. I’m hoping for an extension…I feel like there’s so much the writer wants to add to the show but not enough time so everything is full speed ahead…I’m being whiplashed by how fast the events are turning…lol.

    Anyway, the show still had my full love. I’m anticipating how Se Kyung is going to fight for Seung Jo love…time to see my Moonie in action.

    • I am getting worried but I still think the writer knows what he’s doing. Writer, (sorry I don’t know who you are)please don’t let us down!

  5. Aw, I’m bummed that you’re no longer on the CA love train! I’ve got a first-class ticket on the train and I’m settling in and ordering wine, haha. I love that we’re seeing an actual downside to Seung Jo’s kooky personality. It shows me that the writers have built in room for Seung Jo’s growth, as long as he does in fact grow.. Unlike Joo Won, he is not a total ass who’s mean to the heroine. He is just impulsive and a bit self-centered. Given that Se Kyung is level-headed and calculating to a fault, I think they will balance each other well. I’m looking forward to the ride!

    • I’m still enjoying it, but the heady blush of first love has worn off indeed. But if it picks up (for me) in the latter half that will win back all my affection because its so much harder to have a strong ending. I thought TK2H had some of the best scenes in the final 2 episodes and that is why I love that drama so damn much. Awesome from beginning through the end.

  6. Still giving CDDA a chance. The show should be extended so the writer can have a chance to meat out Seung Jo. He definitely needs growth and maturity but with just a few more episodes it’s doubtful that the writer can cram that in and give the other character’s justice. In my little drama world, I would like to see Father and son not completely make up but amicable, Yoon Jo to stop being terrified,open up to her husband, and show that she is loved by her husband despite her short comings. Seung Jo to come to terms with his insecurities and grow up (tone down the Mad Hatter personality), Se Kyung to fight for her love despite the challenges she faces, Tommy Hong to focus on actually designing instead of pimping, Se Kyung’s best friend to end up with Seung Jo’s secretary etc. However, this will probably require 10 more episodes added, lol. So CDDA writer-nim please do your best and keep up a good script till the end.

  7. I loved this so much, but I stopped watching from episode 9. I think a) Se Kyung really is boring me now b) Seung Jo doesn’t seem real at all. I cringe a little at all his actions. He’s whacky and that’s his plus point but he needs to be a little grounded.

    I am just waiting for the action to pick up, and then I will catch up.

  8. I wrote this somewhere else but my main concern with SJ is that I feel like he still does not “understand” SK and certainly hasn’t shown that he knows how to protect her and their love for each other. I feel like these 2 are a couple but they are heading in completely different directions. They have both done lousy things as people in their lifetime and now can we address SK’s honesty and then move on? I still love this drama… however, my expectations have shot up and I don’t want it to become like every other contract marriage/Cinderella story in kdramaland.

  9. I don’t really like the fact that Seung Jo is already proposing to Se Kyung, but then again, it’s just a preview so we don’t know his real motive behind it? But seriously, lol, how could you propose to someone you barely know.

  10. From the track record of the writers so far, I have faith in them. The preview for Ep11 shows great potential for further deepening of the characters and the plot.

    My guess is that from the realisation of SK’s deceit, SJ would evolve from his current neurotic, romantic state (loving the idea of love) to a mature self that better understands and treasures real love.

    SK would develop from her insecure, teary character to one that is full of confidence, carve out a successful career in local designing (maybe in collaboration with TH? who would then become a real designer and not a pimp) and have a solid marriage with SJ.

    SJ would reconcile with his father with SK and her family as bridge. Looking at the longing SJ’s father has been shown to have when he saw SK with her father and his trying to communicate more with his son (over a meal), maybe his father might just be the support SJ has and the bridge between SJ and SK when rude reality strikes over SK’s deception….

    Ah…so many possibilities! So little time/eps left…

    I can’t wait to watch Ep 11 tonight!!!!

  11. I like the fast moving pace of the romance. Although SJ is impulsive, he knows what he wants and is healing from his neurotic self when SK accepts him and his love. Being one who values love above wealth, it is not surprising that he proposes to SK, knowing that she has accepted all his self confessed flaws.
    I am only worried how he will react when he comes to know that SK intentionally wrote that letter to him after she knew his true identity..
    As seen from his actions, SJ values honesty, sincerity and love over money.. hope SK can demonstrate this to him… so that when time comes for SJ to know of her deception, he can forgive and accept her flaws too. Perhaps, SK should consult Dr on how best to approach and confess to SJ before it’s too late…
    Yes, i think father and son would be reconciled through SK..
    Agree there’s so many possibiliites… and looking forward to EP 11 tonight.

  12. I don’t get it, SJ’s appa really wants SJ to find a true love and objects his son to marry any ‘poor’ girl and instead wants his son to marry a rich girl which obviously who takes marriage as just another business,. So does that mean true love in his eyes is all about business?? I’m going all emo here. Haha.

    I’m excited about tonight’s episode. Looks like SK is going to be all in action! She must feel suffocated with all what’s going on around her with SJ wanting to marry her, despite the objection from SJ’s appa, the pressure from YJ and her own dilemma in telling the truth. She probably choose the path that would jeopardize both of her love and dream. She’s going to do this her own way! Woohoo!

    But of course, I’m setting my expectation low, just in case~~^^

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