First Teaser for TW-version of You re Beautiful with Jiro Wang and Su Li Wen

I don’t know how Taiwan dramas move so fast when it comes to filming. The TW-version of You’re Beautiful started filming late last year and already a 3-minute teaser is out. Starring Jiro Wang and newbie Su Li Wen (who reminds me of a cross between Joanne Zheng and young Ariel Lin), this version comes a year after Japan already remade the original and called it Ikemen desu ne. Watching the trailer feels like seeing a scene-by-scene remake of something but with a completely different cast. When I watched all the versions of Hana Yori Dango (from Meteor Garden to Boys Before Flowers) and even all the versions of Itazura na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss), I never got the sense of déjà vu. Each of those versions always felt different, from the presentation of a scene to the general mood of the drama. For You’re Beautiful, I already thought the Japan version was a near scene-for-scene remake right off the bat (I didn’t watch the second half so no clue if it veered from the playbook or did things differently towards the end), but now the Taiwan version confirms that there is nothing fresh to come of remaking this drama.

The original had a great young cast who had fun filming and got along spendidly and that showed up on screen. The directing was snazzy, the script was cute, and the songs were catchy. Other than domestic ratings, YB was a success through and through. Of course that leads to remakes, but why can’t a remake tweak the details a bit here and there, especially since the source material isn’t a manga or novel but simply an original screenplay. I’m watching Jiro in Drama Go Go Go every weekend and his new face is already weird enough to me, but in the teaser it looks different yet again. What gives, dude. Me no like. Leading lady Su Li Wen is actually quite engaging as the nun-turned-idol-group-member and doesn’t appear quite as dim as Park Shin Hye’s original version of Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyeo. Seeing Shin Hye in her cameo role here did bring a smile to my face (similar to seeing Jang Geun Seok cameo in the J-dorama version) but I don’t have any urge to watch this. I don’t necessarily think it looks bad but its like asking me to re-read a novel I didn’t love because it’s been published in a new format with some edits. Check it out for yourself.

Teaser for You’re Beautiful (Taiwan edition):


First Teaser for TW-version of You re Beautiful with Jiro Wang and Su Li Wen — 59 Comments

      • I agree with you too.. he’s hot but with his unique look, he’s super buff (which is not bad) and he looks a bit older, and his other two co stars look more younger (they look like newbie actors too). He’s already playing a high school student in KO ONE 2, and i keep forgetting he’s suppose to be late 20s in the role, (he’s almost close to 30)and now he’s going to be doing something similar in this one too..

        Jiro, you need to stop acting in remake dramas!! You’ve already done 2!! (Hana Kimi and Zettai Kareshi) I need you to shine and pick more mature roles! 🙂

      • I think is because of his hair it looks too mature he should let it get long like before because it makes him look younger,cuter and handsome hehehe

  1. Wow.. this doesn’t look like a Taiwanese drama at all. Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve watched a Taiwanese drama (my last one being Material Queen, and I watched a few episodes of the fluff drama with the guy from SS501), but everything seems to be improved: quality, camera wise (can we finally watch dramas in HD 720p?) and I especially like the color tone of the trailer.

  2. This seems like exact replica of the original. This is in itself a tribute to the one and only ” you’re beautiful” Nothing can capture those feelings when I first watched YB …how can anyone replace JGS, PSH, JYH and LHK….no matter how good. Just seeing the teaser brought a smile thinking of that time. All the time I could not get out of critically-watching mode. How can I then even enjoy it. And you are so right….PSH ‘s cameo brought a smile for me too. She was perfectly lovely here……..the only Gominam for me.

  3. So the last time I saw Jiro was in 2gether. He looks just a “little” different. Sigh* I love YB, but Mrs? miss? K is right. It feels like am watching the same story with a different cast. Plus Jiro is too old for this role.

  4. Is this really the same Jiro Wang from Hana kimi? It was only by the end of the trailer, I finally recognized his face, what happened to him?
    It seems they didn’t change a thing, maybe they just translated the script en that’s it. I was going to check it out, but I don’t think so now. It’s a shame.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jiro looks more like their manager than any actual member… and he looks totally fake… and whats with the korean song in a taiwanese drama?

  6. I might consider watching this, on the bright side the girl who played Yoo He Yi won’t be as annoying and look like a pumpkin, I couldn’t stand that character. This could actually be passed off as a Korean Drama because of its quality.

  7. omdude. i can’t imagine it was too hard to write up a script, considering it’s identical to the original. blech. losers.

  8. hmmm, it’s exactly the same as the Korean version (nothing can top that) but I might check it out to see how the actors portray their character. Was not impressed with Jiro’s acting in DGGG or his other dramas but I might see improvement here. We’ll see.

    • I never started watching DGGG, but I like Jiro since back when he first started acting. I haven’t watched him in a drama since ToGetHer, and I wasn’t really into it, but I could relive YB once. 🙂

      I only saw the Korean version once when it first came out. I was entertained, but JGS doesn’t really do it for me (he’s so thin, although I really like his voice), so I never rewatched. I think Jiro’s hotter. And I’ve forgotten most of the story, so I’ll tune in and see what happens.

      • You’re right JGS was thin and still is (for my taste) but his acting is right on when he portrays his characters. Not to say that his acting was never questionable but he has done well for the most part. Jiro’s build is definitely easy on the eyes (not particularly fond of his plastic surgeries on the face though). Maybe he had too much it’s affecting his facial expressions, thus affecting his acting, therefore clouding my opinion of his acting. lol I can’t pinpoint it per se but I hope to see improvement.

    • It’s not about the tux. Lots of people may look better. It’s the fact that JGS brought his character to life in a way that is unique and never seen before. That was one of the reasons that drama was so popular even to this day. By keeping it exactly the same even the producers and directors show the lack of confidence in their actors to do better and have a failure at hand. They played safe. If JGS had worn tux he would have looked good too. Yes, Jiro looks good but is he a good enough actor to lead rather than follow? Can he create rather than copy?

  9. I definitely agree that this trailer looks like an exact remake. But, this is the trailer only and we cannot judge the whole drama with just a three minute trailer.

  10. Ahh that song brings back a warm, fuzzy feeling.
    I’m not intrigued but Su Li Wen is adorable and that last scene is shot beautifully.

    Jiro, I wish would take other roles, or maybe non idol dramas. I loved him in KO One and Hana Kimi (didn’t watch ISWAK series fully), whereas this doesn’t seem like a role he’s making his own. But I suppose I shall reserve judgment until I do watch this.

  11. I like Jiro a lot but he’s not quite right for Hwang Tae Kyung…who are we kidding no one can replace Jang Geun Suk or his iconic smirk….I do think that Jiro would’ve made a more decent Jeremy though…I do appreciate the sane-ness in his HTK haor though…lol…also like where they seem to be going with Park Shin Hye’s cameo

  12. How do TW dramas move so fast? Well, apparently they have a filming schedule of 20 hours a day :/ The drama is set to be out in March (I guess they’re using one of the original songs in the teaser because they haven’t recorded their own songs yet?).

    I was really scared about this adaptation. The original version was the drama that actually made me start watching k-dramas, and I loved the entire cast (no second lead has managed to break my heart the way shinwoo did). It also made me become a fan of PSH. So I’m relieved that the female lead in the tw-version seems to fit the role. I’ll wait for more trailers to come out to see if it’s worth checking out or if it’s just going to be an exact copy of the k-version. It looks really pretty, though.

    As for Jiro… I think the hairstyles really change his face. I’m not denying he’s had something done, but I’m currently watching him in KO One 2/returns (which he filmed between DGGG and You’re Beautiful), and his face looks pretty much the same as it did 7 years ago when the first KO came out. Older, more mature and hotter, of course. But not very different. His hairstyle in here makes it look like he’s getting bald and it also makes him look older than he actually is. The same goes for his hairstyle in DGGG that is a total no-no in my book.
    Anyway, I’m kinda anticipating this now. Thanks you for the trailer.

  13. Deja vu. Time to take out my DVD and rewatch YB….

    At least they didn’t throw in QIHM’s tiptop kiss at the end. For a moment I’d thought they would copy that scene over!!

  14. I’m at a loss for words. I have no idea what I think about this, mainly cause I think nothing I guess. When it came to Hanadan, I enjoyed comparing scenes that are in common and from the manga between the various remakes. I am sure that will be the same here. But I don’t know… I really cannot get used to Jiro’s new look. I really like his original self – is it the makeup? Anyhow, I liked YAB well enough to give this one a chance. I like the guy who plays the manager. 🙂 He can be pretty funny.

  15. This.. was weirdly surreal 😛 It’s so deja-vu, to watch the exact same scenes getting re-done, and to the same soundtrack to boot! I had the same weird feeling when I checked out Japan’s remake of their 2007 Hana Kimi. I wonder if just rewatching YB would be time better spent 😉

  16. i always have a soft spot for YB because it got me started on watching KDramas. YB got me totally hooked that i had withdrawal symptoms when it ended so i started checking out other KDramas. 2 1/2 years later, i no longer watch TV and am just glued to my laptop, sole source of entertainment is Asian dramas — some TDramas and occasional Jdoramas mixed in.

    I will have to check this out. I feel it will never live up to the original but it would be like re-visiting an old high school — will never be the same but would bring back a lot of giggly memories.

  17. I hope they change it up a little bit. I loved the original and checked out of the Japanese version 3 episodes in, so I’m hoping the Taiwanese adaptation will bring something a little different to the story instead of just re-shooting the same drama scene-for-scene.

    The lead actress is cute but no one can beat Park Shin Hye, although the Taiwanese actress does remind me a little of a young Rainie Yang.

  18. I had watch k-drama since endless love..but YAB is my first drama that makes me watch all BTS..even until now i still following next project of A.N.Jell member (PSH, JKS, JYH, LHK). For me, YAB original is the best 🙂

  19. i have nothing too add because everything has already been said. I’ll say this though that scene where she tip-toes on his shoes and they dance. love it. but omg they copied everything – from the sheer tops, the hug , the waking up in the morning surrounded by their lucious bodies, the music. They should atleast try to make it their own.

  20. Jiro is himself but I see him as Hong Kithe blonde guy in korean drama not the lead but it’s a challenge I wish him well….

  21. After looking at the trailer… I wanna watch the Korean version AGAIN. Its seems like a replica of the Korean version. I like Jiro but there’s something about Jang Geun Suk… That its difficult to replace.

    • You are totally right. My sons just watched again the Korean version during the winter break. Nobody can replace JSG, PSH, JYH and Jeremy in the original version.

  22. I didn’t watch the Japanese version because it was an exact replicate of the drama(from the first two episodes that i saw). and now this one is going to be the exact same thing. probably not going to watch it

  23. I might give it a try since I’ve forgotten most of the original though I hope they change bits of the female lead character. I remember I was really annoyed by her character though I can’t quite remember why…maybe it was bec it wasn’t convincing that she grew up in a convent. I thought there should have been more adjustment issues with living in the world outside the protected convent…
    I don’t know if Jiro had stuff done to his face, I think it’s just natural changes that come with age and whoever does his makeup should lay off the eyebrows, they’re too dark and severe and the hair doesn’t help either, makes him look older

  24. thks for sharing..i think i will give this remake a go…n am i the only one coz when i watched this teaser Jiro character give me impression tt he try to imitate Wu Zhun …n none his own style…

  25. Did I just saw Queen In Hyung Man’s tiptoe kiss scene in the final few seconds? but why??? they already copied most of the scene of the original one, they should have think of something else!

    Ok I like Jiro since Hana Kimi, like that was almost 8 years back! OMG he is so ancient to play this role, come on I became an ahjuma now and we are like the same age already!!! hehehe! he should get a role that goes with him……

  26. Thanks for the update! 🙂

    Nice trailer! The TW version really interests me now. Nothing will beat the original of course, but I like the cast here better than the J version. 🙂 Can’t wait!

  27. You’re beautiful is my all time favourite of JSG, PSH, JYH and Jeremy. It is sad to say nobody can replace them in my heart no matter it is Japanese, Taiwanese or Chinese version not forgetting Uee too whom had played their roles so well.

    I have nothing against Jiro’s acting but he copies exactly how JSG act as Hwang Tae Kyung with his signature pout and hands in pockets. oh gosh can’t they have their own ideal on the roles. I believe Jiro has better talent than his acting in this film. oh god.

  28. i’m kinda excited with this but yes, i have to agree that in the 3 minutes trailer, i feel like i’m watching the KR-version with different casts & language, especially when they used STILL from A.N.Jell.
    I’m not a fan of Jiro Wang, but his acting is quite acceptable for me.

    In the KR-version, the character of Hwang Tae Kyung was the center of the story & it was supported by an awesome secondary characters. And Jang Geun Seuk nailed the character and it doesn’t make any easier for Jiro. From the trailer, seems like Jiro has that HTK’s attitude but I wonder whether he can surpass JGS’s acting. Low expectation would be good for me, but i can’t help not to put a high expectation on it.

    Another thing that makes YAB was popular coz of the OSTs. And when they used Still as the background music i was like, Taiwanese will lip-sync a korean song? I think, we’ve to wait till the drama airs to know whether they’ll use the original OSTs, or they’ll their own OSTs for it.

  29. Something’s wrong with Jiro’s face…He looks so cocky. Feels like giving him a punch in the face just for his look alone. He wasn’t like that though before. JGS was a bit arrogant in You’re Beautiful, but not like Jiro. Don’t know if I’ll watch TW version.

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