Kim Ji Hoon Goes Camping Solo for Sure Magazine

I thought I would have a mad case of the second lead shakes in Flower Boy Next Door due to my love for Kim Ji Hoon but that hasn’t materialized. I usually ship characters based on narrative and this time is no different. Yoon Si Yoon‘s character of Enrique Geum is just too precious for words, already showing us that there is a substantive individual with perceptive insight tucked inside a happy-go-lucky goofy exterior. There is nothing wrong with Kim Ji Hoon’s Jin Rok, who in fact is interesting and really appealing all on his own. It’s just that in the context of this drama, he’s so far not in contention to get the girl as far as I’m concerned. But that doesn’t mean I, and all the viewers of FBND, can’t enjoy his scruffy sexiness to our heart’s context. I love his grumpy surly exterior, which sorts of gets all awkward and self-conscious the moment he gets in proximity to Dok Mi. Of all the characters he’s played, Jin Rok reminds me the most of his Go Eun Tak from Flowers for My Life, a criminally underrated drama where I got to experience super smexy Kim Ji Hoon in a story that wasn’t too lightweight (like Love Marriage) or rather stupid and fell apart at the end (Wish Upon a Star). I don’t think his performance in FBND will touch his brilliant sageuk turn in Joseon X-Files, but so far I’m pleased as a peach that he chose this as his first post-military comeback project. I can’t wait to delve deeper into Jin Rok and see what else lurks inside that perfect package. While Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon have graced magazine pages already, Kim Ji Hoon did a solo shoot for Sure Magazine this month that captures his essence perfectly. Take me camping with you, cutie pie!


Kim Ji Hoon Goes Camping Solo for Sure Magazine — 10 Comments

    • I can kinda see that…too bad Mike isn’t as good an actor (imo). Course that doesn’t stop me from watching Mike’s dramas 😀

      Like Koala, I’m rooting for Enrique because I see depth under the silliness. Therefore, I’m more than willing to sacrifice myself to the cause of comforting Jin Rok when he doesn’t get the girl.

    • Really?? I had to go do a side by side comparison on google. I don’t see it. I love Mike He since the “The Devil beside you” but MY Kim Hi Joon is just too handsome. How can someone dress that badly ( his look in FBND), look soo dang hot?

  1. He looks his best with a bit of scruff, doesn’t he? I agree with you, Koala. His Jin Rok is a lot like Go Eun Tak! I wish Dramafever could get FFML so more people can watch that gem. Thanks for the KJH post!

  2. Hmm. This just makes me want to have hot chocolate at the campfire. I wonder if deanli or jomo likes camping.

    Of course, he looks good (even when he looks bad he looks good–see the suit he wore on Strong Heart), but can I just say much I am loving that blanket? I love the colors.

  3. While some of you can root for YSY and PSH, I’m rooting for Kim Ji Hoon and me…hahaha(wishful thinking). Honestly I’m all for Enrique and Dok Mi because I know only Enrique can pull Dok Mi from her solitary lifestyle but I’d also like for Jin Rok to come forward with his feelings for her even if it will come to naught at least he’ll be able to move on after…and come to me(oh boy I better stop fantasizing). Sorry Ms K =)

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