Lee Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo Prepping for Drama Returns in March

Come to me, my beautiful hilarious boys! I feel like my love for Hyun Woo and Lee Sang Yeob courtesy of spending 160 episodes with them in I Live in Cheongdamdong gives me the added boon of saying that I saw them first before y’all so they are my precioussssssses. Hahahahaha….*hack hack hack* Okay, the evil genius laugh is very painful and stupid. I tried it so you don’t have to. Anyhoo, both guys belong to the same agency SidusHQ (along with their ILICDD co-star Oh Ji Eun) and the affection they have for each other in the drama and in real life just warms my cockles. Both of them are up-and-comers and I know they are headed places. After ILICDD, Lee Sang Yeob got the first big break joining the cast of Nice Guy and his performance as nice lawyer Park Joon Ha was a great addition of supportive love in a drama filled with dysfunction all around. After that Oh Ji Eun joined King of Dramas as the second female lead and I haven’t watch KoD (yet) to say whether she managed to transition from her adorkable character in ILICDD to a bigger stage of weekday network drama.

This leaves me missing Hyun Woo the most since I haven’t seen his him in anything since finishing ILICDD. Lucky me – this week comes the confirmation that both Lee Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo have lined up their next roles. Lee Sang Yeob is joining the cast of sageuk Jung Ok Jung, Live in Love, starring Kim Tae Hee and rumored to be courting Yoo Ah In for the lead. This marks his first big sageuk role but not his first sageuk since he had bit part in Dae Wang Sejong back in 2008. Hyun Woo is reportedly headed to medical thriller land joining the cast of the OCN cable drama Virus starring Eom Ki Joon. Jung Ok Jung is a 24-episode drama slated to premiere in March on SBS following Yawang on Mon-Tues and Virus also premieres in March. I have a feeling Lee Sang Yeob will be playing a silent bodyguard type of character in Jung Ok Jung quite like Bae Soo Bin has cornered the market on it awhile back in Dong Yi. Yay, my boys are coming back to the small screen at the same time!

They are so so cute individually and together I have no words. And they can act, too! Drama gods can be so generous when they feel like it. Discovering them is like hitting the jackpot and finding out its a double.


Lee Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo Prepping for Drama Returns in March — 11 Comments

  1. Technically, one can say that Hyun Woo was spotted first by Pasta watchers 😉 But yeah, he showed his chops in ILICDD much much better.

    • IKR that’s what i thought too, i love him since Pasta 😀 So is mine muajajajajaja 😛 Or at least mine and all the others who watch Pasta 🙂

  2. I love Hyun Woo!!! <3 <3 <3 I did notice him somewhat in Pasta as one of the cute chefs, but he's SO much more adorable in I Live In Cheongdamdong!!! So glad he's got a new project lined up! 😀 😀

  3. Ahhhhhhh my babies :3 I’m so happy for them because they’re so talented and I can see them going far in their careers. This is kind of funny but I’m actually rewatching Pasta at the moment with woori Hyun Woo and I also started watching Midas (I know…but Jang Hyuk…)and noticed that Lee Sang-yeob is in it playing Jang Hyuk’s friend.

  4. Oh yay, i miss them so much too. i wrapped up Ilicdd in 1mth even though i slowed down towards the end coz i couldn’t bear to part with it. Saw sang yeob in. Nice guy but that’s about it. Am already interested in virus becoz of eom ki joon, now with hyun woo in too, i shall watch this no matter wat. Tq for the news.

  5. Urgh… I jumped in at Ep 99 and am at 125 now. Hyunwoo gives me the squee fits and I feel this slight withdrawal when I stop watching him. IDK if I’ll keep recapping, but for those looking for a bit of english translation, I recapped eps 101 to 106 at therighthandcorner(dot)wordpress(dot)com

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