Second Beautiful Teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows with Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo

Despite the recent generally lackluster offerings in the usually high profile Wed-Thurs network K-dramas, the just premiered 7th Level Civil Servant should be glad its got a 3 week head start on its upcoming rivals. Action thriller IRIS 2 premieres on February 13th and will certainly be a formidable opponent in terms of star wattage and production grandeur, but also premiering on February 13th will be a completely different beast in the melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows starring Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, and Jung Eun Ji. I am definitely more fascinated by TWTWB than the other two dramas primarily because I love screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung, not to mention I have a soft spot for Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, and Jung Eun Ji. The only weak link in the cast for me is Song Hye Kyo, I neither find her a riveting actress nor do I find her attractive just to watch for the pretty alone. However, she has demonstrated a remarkable acting improvement over the years to the point that I think she’s an experienced actress and can pull off the role of sight-impaired heiress who is conned by a playboy pretending to her long-lost brother. I’m also thrilled that my Bummie is looking SO DAMN FINE in this drama, he doesn’t look emaciated and the red spikey hair cut is phenomenal on him. I can’t wait for his loveline with Eun Ji, and to hear her try out something other than her Busan accent. Check out the 2nd lovely teaser for the drama below.

2nd teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows:


Second Beautiful Teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows with Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo — 39 Comments

  1. I’ve never been into melodramas…I stayed far away from Nice Guy and I Miss You. But for some reason I have this desire to check this one out. I’m sure it has nothing to do with my love for Kim Bum…

  2. Jo In Sung has been the King of Stares in my book for a long time. He can do so much with his eyes. Gahhh and look at Bummie! Looking like a tiger on the prowl. I’m definitely in on this one. I’m going to attempt to give it a 6 episode head start though, so that I can wallow in the power, the glory and the angst.

  3. I could not make myself see the original with MG but I like the cast and the beautiful cinematography in this one. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing from what I have seen in the trailers that this is one melodrama that I will be watching just for that if nothing else.

  4. Whoa, that’s a gorgeous trailer.

    It’s really not my kind of story and I’ve avoided full-blown melodramas like the plague in recent years, but if the rest of the series looks as gorgeous as the trailer, I’m in for the cinematography alone.

    I can’t believe I haven’t yet watched anything with Jo In-Sung in it. That man is beautiful!

  5. This will be a giant tale of sorrow and despair from the beggining till the end, and I will certainly end up turned into a miserable ball of tears, but can’t hardly wait for the pain to come! So excited to have all that weeping prettiness on my screen! 🙂

  6. Waah! This looks promising! Hope it doesn’t spiral down like I MIss You did. The cinematography and the beautiful cast are enough for me to get on board with this one (especially after the bad reviews of joo won’s new drama). I can’t wait!

  7. The cinematography looks gorgeous. So, visually pleasing. I have yet to watch a melo but I think that this will be my first one. 🙂

  8. Love the 4 leads, so good for the eyes.
    Kim Bum in particular is so hot. And I’m looking forward to see Song Hye Gyo back on small screen, she was one of the first k-drama actresses that I watched in Autumn in my Heart years ago and I had a real soft spot for her.

  9. I used to feel meh about SHK but after watching The Grandmasters in which she basically had no lines (thanks to the editing of a 4-hour story into a 2-hour end product), I think she managed to pull it off and still had her portion of screen presence when all the others had the chance to play kung-fu for that. Though I do wish she can try some rom-com so that I don’t have to forever associate her with melodrama…

    On a side note, I do feel weird to see a supposedly sight-impaired character wearing a 5-inch high heels…

    • Gosh you know who is her co star??? JIS Hight is far beyond the average. even when she is wearing killheels her height is just up to JIS shoulder. it wont be gud if she wears fIat. she will be humiliated more. I feel sory for her…

    • It’s not her. It’s the director. Wong Kar Wai can make anyone look good. I thought Ziyi Zhang was awesome. Now, she doesn’t need a great director. She can do it all on her own. And of course the impossibly cool Tony Leung was devastating as always.

  10. Soo much Beauty concentrated here , you can cut it with a knife.
    Ji Sung needs to clear the dirty outta my memory of him ever since I chanced upon Forbidden Flower. My view of him has been coloured sinced. Jaundiced.ALso need to have a new mental pic of Song Hye Gyo superimposed over my first impression of her. Still remember her most as Rain’s girl,prancing around in frilly youngster clothes of Full House days.
    For the first time,I’m rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation of seeing 2 second leads. Grown-up dishy Kim Bum who’s looking so much better than when he was a troubled & anorexic fledgling Angel.I’m probly a v small minority that didnt like anythg about BOF or the very over-processed boys displayed there.
    And Jung Eun Ji!!! Oh So natural & fun to watch in her debut drama.
    I hope she’ll be just as enjoyable . Waiting !! * sucking in air *

  11. Probably won’t watch this…not a fan of SHK or JIS. In addition, I really dislike melodrama!!!
    However, KIM another story! He’s looking mighty fine in here..sniff..why can’t he do a rom-com?!

  12. Ohh so this is the remake of that movie.. I knew there was a remake but I forgot the name of the drama. Since I liked the movie and it had an unsatisfactory ending, I am looking forward to watching the drama!

    AND the cast is also great! (Kim Bum!!!) I just hope I can survive the melodrama..

  13. I love the original japanese version even if I’ve only seen 2 episodes of it so far coz there’s no subs available anywhere. But I think the ending’s different from the movie adaptation. atleast from what I’ve read somewhere, the male lead won’t die. I’m not sure, but I hope if it’s true, then they’ll follow that ending instead of the sob ending of the movie version.

    Definitely watching this. Thanks Koala.

  14. I dont like song hey gyo …I am gonna watch it only for the sake of Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji !
    I adore Ji Sung but i dont feel good everytime i see him …you know he reminds me frozen flower and it is damn so hard to concentrate on store.

    • i just happened to watch a frozen flower trailer,,that was happening after i’ve watched Goong and Memories of Bali,,
      so, before watched the trailer i adore song jihyo and jo in sung,,but after i watched the trailer,, it feels so weird to look at them in a drama..
      though jihyo is still adorable in runningman..

  15. It’s been ages a Korea Drama captured me not to mention I actually hate melodramas. I am Not much into the Korean wave but this one seems to be very interesting. Besides of that I love jo in sung and it’s been so long for him to do a drama, so I gotta check this out. BesidesiI think the story is quite interesting. And it doesn’t hurt that Song hye kyo is the leading lady, I liked her since autumn in my heart though I do question her acting ability to be a convincing heiress loosing her eyesight.

  16. When I saw the trailer of this drama before read the synopsis first…I thought for a moment…wait a minute…this is just like the korean movie that I saw not too long ago and sure enough when I browse this through the Love Me Not korean movie starring Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuk (based on the Japanese drama) is the summary of this upcoming drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, but of course this drama had more tweaks than the movie itself and more upgrades from the Japanese drama as well….

  17. I’m sooooo watching this for my love for Jo In Sung. Loved him since What Happened In Bali. I wish HJW was his partner here though. They got some oozing chemistry in WHIB.

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