The Always Adorable Jo Jung Seok for High Cut Magazine

Recently coming across new pictures of Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi promoting The King 2 Hearts brings back such fond memories of that drama, and intertwined in all those memories are of the adorable and talented Jo Jung Seok who played the unforgettable Eun Shi Kyung, the slightly stodgy and incredibly earnest King’s guard. I pile hope upon hope that his rumored leading man involvement with the upcoming weekend drama The Incredible Lee Soon Shin with potential leading lady IU comes true because I think he’s due for a leading man role and I want him back onscreen as soon as possible. His latest pictorial for High Cut magazine goes a long way to easing the wait because it captures what makes Jo Jung Seok so darn appealing. He’s quirky but not weird, handsome but not cookie-cutter perfect in that K-actor uniformity we see more and more often, and he’s refreshingly low key and sincere. I still haven’t finished What’s Up? (despite my love for Im Joo Hwan) but for Jo Jung Seok I still have plans to finish it one day. I’m still annoyed he didn’t contribute a track to the TK2H OST (and even more annoyed that singer-actor Lee Seung Gi also didn’t get to record a song for that drama) but he did sing in the drama itself and that was a nice treat. I would say 2012 was a breakout year for him as well so here’s to hoping he rides the momentum into 2013 and picks great projects to cement his status as a great actor and a genuine multi-talented star. I realized afterwards that the awesome TK2H MV I posted last week didn’t feature anything on the heartbreaking secondary love story between Shi Kyung and Princess Jae Shin. Let me rectify that now and y’all can swoon and sniffle alongside me as you watch the MV below and enjoy some brand spanking new pictures of Jo Jung Seok for your collection.

Shi Kyung-Jae Shin “My Heart Will Go On”


The Always Adorable Jo Jung Seok for High Cut Magazine — 11 Comments

  1. I just love him. I don’t find him even remotely attractive… so it’s probably all thanks to his personality and his acting.

    He could be in any CF, I would buy it!

    • Me too! (sniffle sniffle) I so loved them as a couple. And Earnest Bot’s trajectory nearly killed me– it caused such deep emotions. Thinking about JJS in TK2H makes me cry, but thinking about him in What’s Up makes me smile– it was so much fun watching his character’s transformation in that. I can’t wait to see him in his next project.

      I’m not sure what they were thinking when they put him in the paisley outfit– to me it looks like girls’ pajamas, but what the hey.

      Thanks Koala!

  2. Ohh, forgot I do hope he gets the lead for the Incredible Lee Soo Shin, I think he and IU are both adorable, and have this playfulness that silly but not over the top (adoable not cute). And if the drama also casts Yoo Inna I’m all for it.

  3. He’s not very pretty or handsome like some of the k actors but has such presence on the screen. I hope he gets his lead role.

  4. Oh I loooooove him!! My adorable gay friend thinks he might be gay, but I don’t care, still like him!! He’s super talented and too cute!! Looking forward to his upcoming projects!

  5. Koala unni, really want to know what your thoughts are on his new drama, The Best Lee Soon Shin? 🙂 What do you think of IU’s casting?

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