Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Holds Gorgeous Press Conference

Hurray for a great press conference finally arriving to bring some eye candy and fun to the proceedings. While the drama itself remains an unknown, Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek sure has its affairs in order in terms of doing all the right things in promoting the drama. First came a fun painting teaser with the four leads running wild splashing paint on a wall. Then came the pretty first teasers and stills. Next arrived an interesting and well edited plot teaser of its underdog versus accomplished pros in the ad world theme. Finally the cast actually looked in a mirror before leaving the house for the press conference because this one was a giant resounding win all around (with one teeny tiny blip that was inconsequential). The four leads looked FANTASTIC, individually and together. I’m loving Jin Goo’s all-black biker-crossed-with-hipster look, which he really pulls off with the right little boy machismo feel. Not to mention he completes the whole look with well fitted pants tucked into boots and a nice spiky hairdo. Jo Hyun Jae accessorizes his all-black suit with an interesting white-black dot vest and leaves the rest alone so it doesn’t overwhelm and instead feels interesting to the eye. I also want to kiss his hem length because it’s NOT TOO SHORT. Park Ha Sun dons a simple white silk blouse with blue pencil skirt but paired with lovely natural makeup and hair she looks luminous. And Han Chae Young wins it all by a bright pink (but not electric) ruched strapless dress that is both fun and flirty. The supporting cast all look good, with the exception of the two idol girls Ah Young and Sun Hwa but they are young and haven’t gone overboard with the fugly or weird so I’ll let this one go. Can this drama continue its win streak? We’ll find out next Monday when it premieres on KBS.


Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Holds Gorgeous Press Conference — 25 Comments

  1. I’m going to have to disagree with you on Han Chae-young: that fit is APPALLING. She has an amazing figure, but the dress blows all her proportions out of whack and makes her look frumpy. Maybe with a more cinched in waist, and better fit on her chest (c’mon – it makes her chest look depleted and saggy in a way it clearly is not), but otherwise it looks like a dress Tinkerbell made from a paper lantern.

    No complaints about Park Ha-sun though 🙂

      • I totally agree! The evening dress is pretty and a great color on her, yet it definitely needs some tweaking in order to create a better form fit to her frame; nothing snug for this type dress. A beautiful evening ensemble doesn’t have to be slutty! The dress is of very good taste.

    • I love it! It’s very lady Tinkerbell but more importantly it balances out her figure. She has ENORMOUS TaTas and normally she looks literally like Barbie and might tip over at anytime. This makes her look like she has hips with the bell flare. So cute on her!

      • I agree with Mrs. K about HCY’s dress. She looks great in this outfit. Her tatas are normally a distraction because they are big, but here they look normal-sized.

      • I have always found her figure matronly. Big low set bust and wide hips in relation to her tiny face and head. She really looked like a mom in Only You. Love her wide set beautiful eyes.

  2. I still think HCY is cute in that outfit. It’s not super tight and fitting and sexy per say but I think it does cute pretty good. The 4 leads look great. I am keeping my hopes way down for this as I’ve just gotten burned too many times. I hope it’s really good 🙂 Fighting!

  3. Oh wait, did I get the OTPs wrong? I thought the young ‘uns were the OTP together?
    I am just happy with nice hair, not too short skirt/ hem lines and good outfits. The guys looks spiffy which they should since I don’t normally see fuddy duddy advertising people.

  4. I adore Park Ha Sun’s outfit and JHJ’s polka dots…also glad HCY chopped of her previously long locks….this hairstyle is more refreshing….i hope this is a new start for her career

  5. This series looks very promising PHS looks adorable with Jin Goo I think they are going to have sizzling chemistry. Can’t wait for Monday. Some of the series of late have been very blah blah blah.

  6. JHJ why you so handsome? Don’t be such a baddie in this drama, ne? don’t break my heart by being such a baddie.

    JHJ and HCY looks like the figure on top of a debutante’s cake in that 2nd pic.

  7. I don’t think that’s pencil skirt…

    Both male leads are very good looking.

    HCY is one of those women who can wear almost anything and look good. That dress will not look like that on 90% of the rest of the female population.
    The colour is fun but I didn’t like the cut of it.

  8. color ok dress no the fit is wrong heck the design is wrong she looks blocky in the midsection. her accessories are a non-factor neither clash nor complement. she needs better styling hair was eh shoes are in the in category with her accessories

    @Elizabeth Bennet
    your right is not it’s an A line skirt she was the best dressed to me

    JG looks like he couldn’t make up his mind to go and ended up looking conflicted.

    JHJ looks like he was trying to go mod but in a halfassed way

  9. urgh what on earth are sunhwa and ah young wearing?! i don’t know whether it’s just these two particular young girls but they seem to lack a certain glow and aura that the four leads have?

  10. i see nothing special about the styling here.. even though i respect jun goo as an actor he and the other cast mates just look ok… that pink dress looks awful on han chae young

  11. Loving the main leads’ styling, except Han Chae Ah’s…that just looks like a pink starfruit to me (especially the bottom)..Haha

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