Jo Jung Seok and IU Confirmed for Weekend Drama The Best Lee Soon Shin

I love it when my casting rumors turn out to be true, especially when its a pairing that is different and intriguing. I posted about IU and Jo Jung Seok being wooed for the leads of the upcoming weekend drama The Best Lee Soon Shin over a month ago and everyone got all excited despite it being merely a possibility. I guess the drama gods are in a generous mood this year because this week comes confirmation that this casting is a done deal. I don’t remember the last time two legit singing power houses with incredible vocal chops paired up as leads in a drama. I hope this drama lets them sing, a duet would be like icing on the cake. IU plays the youngest daughter of a single-mother country family with two older sisters, the oldest played by Son Tae Young and the middle sister by Yoo In Na. The story finds youngest sister Lee Soon Shin going to Seoul to pursue her dreams of becoming a star and there she meets already-a-star Jo Jung Seok. Since this is a weekend drama, the parental units and the family dynamic will be very important to the narrative and word is super duper gaspworthy statesman actors Lee Mi Sook and Kim Gab Soo are onboard.

Holy bejebus is that awesome! It would also reunite them from Cinderella Unni and they were pretty much so awesome they kept that sinking ship afloat by their sheer awesomeness alone. I hope Lee Mi Sook is the single mom of the daughters unit and Kim Gab Soo tries to woo her again. The other leading man has been confirmed as Go Joo Won, who will be paired up with Yoo In Na. He’s been in the army the last two years after he did OB/GYN and Kim Soo Ro back-to-back in 2010. He’s a pretty stiff actor but does well with the right leading lady, such as Jang Seo Hee in OB/GYN. The PD is one not typically associated with family dramas, having helmed the period thriller Gaksital and the dark Slingshot (Story of a Man), while the writer is familiar with the family drama genre having done Insoo is Pretty and Marry Me. This follows the highly rated My Daughter Seo Young on KBS starting in mid-March. This casting as a whole totally works for me so imma keeping an eye on this. Mark your calendars, people!


Jo Jung Seok and IU Confirmed for Weekend Drama The Best Lee Soon Shin — 18 Comments

  1. Gahhhh!! I’m so gonna watch this and I can’t stop smiling. The best friends (IU & YIN) get to work together again, and this time playing sisters, how cool is that! Oh Jo Jung Seok, comon’ baby! ^_^

  2. Totally Interesting casting and team all round. The sisterly dynamics between yoo in na and iu should be interesting as they are great friends in real life and the funny thing is that yoo in na says that iu is always like the elder sister in their friendship. But in the drama, the dynamics are reverse. Should be fun -!:

  3. Wow .. WOW… WOOOWWW!!!!

    JJS!!!!! Lee Mi Sook n Kim Gab Soo!!!! AHHHHHHHH
    this is super awesome!! I want this drama now~~~~~

  4. I love it when it’s on KBS cos I’ll get to see the drama on KBSWorld albeit a couple of weeks later. Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  5. I do like all of the cast. Yes, yes. I am def on board! As for Joo Won, I only ever saw him in OB/GYN, and he was fine in that so I have a good impression of him. I hope he lives up to it this time around too.

  6. Wow! What a cast. I like all of them, from the top to the middle.

    Go Joo Won is so earnest.
    He was very very nice to look at in Ob/Gyn. How could a manly handsome doctor who treats babies not be an ovary melter?
    Kim Soo Ro sucked so many many ways, he was wasted there.

    Pleasesubpleasesubpleasesubpleasesub, someone nice and smart and generous.

    • I thought his character was so unnaturally accommodating, it was almost bizarre. Plus the whole ‘no chemistry’ thing with Jang Seo Hee. I really liked her solo journey and wished there wasn’t any romance.

      • I’m a little fuzzy on their romance, but didn’t it end left open, or wasn’t it ambiguous?

        I may be confusing them with another OTP from something Japanese.

  7. Just having JJS there will make me watch this. I adore him.. I wonder what his character will be like.

    Is IU a good actress? I’ve never seen her in a drama before.

    The only issue: why not romcom? It’s going to be like 50 ep…

  8. YAY!!! I love this cast so much! Don’t know how I’ll do it, but there’s NO way I’m skipping this one. Who needs to shower, eat AND sleep everyday, right?! I can deal ^ ^

  9. Jo Jung Seok! Finally! *crying tears of joy* I love him to the boot as our earnest bot in K2H. This man really have great eyes, very expressive.

    And IU. Keke. She’s pretty cute with his Jason in dream high.

  10. Woot! So happy that this is actually happening! LOVE Jo Jung Suk & I would watch him be leading man in ANYTHING he chooses, but as a bonus this drama has IU & Yoo In Na, both of whom I really like, so this is looking mighty appealing to me ^^ I am SO IN 😀

  11. Lee Mi Sook and Kim Gab Soo! 😀

    Hoping for a “lighter” romance for them. Their story in Cinderella Unni killed me. :'( When the gold-digging hell-witch realized how much her hubby cared for her and saw through all her lies. *sniff*

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