That Winter, The Wind Blows Holds Cheerful Press Conference

The first two thoughts to pop into my head when I saw the press conference for the upcoming K-melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows is this: (1) Damn is Kim Bum FINE!, and (2) Good lord what the what is Jo In Sung wearing?! This press conference was a mixed bag but overall not bad. Song Hye Kyo and Jung Eun Ji both coordinated and went with lovely winter white, but my nod goes to Eun Ji for the lovely A-line dress while Song Hye Kyo’s outfit was just alright with the sequined sweater and skort. I am totally in love with her earrings though, fantastic touch to complete the outfit. The boys were at opposite ends of the spectrum – Bummie pulled off a well-tailored suit with a hint of playfulness in his black-and-white leopard print shirt, but Jo In Sung with his I-see-spots fuddy duddy double breasted atrocity paired with orange socks and brown loafers made me wince. At least his socks matched his suit buttons? Thank god there wasn’t a single bad hairstyle in sight and I actually think everyone looks stunningly gorgeous in the teasers and stills released for this drama. It’s still a visual oddity to see bean pole Jo In Sung next to teeny tiny Song Hye Kyo, who despite wearing what appears to be 5 inch heels still looks teeny tiny next to him. My heart is already won over by Kim Bum and Eun Ji’s cuteness galore at the press con, what with the heart poses and sweet smiles all around. They have their own love line in the drama and it may just overshadow all the angst of the two leads she’s-blind-he’s-a-conman love story. This drama doesn’t premiere until February 13th so its super early to hold the press conference but Lunar New Year is coming up so best get it out of the way. It sure have been a wild week of press conferences galore in K-drama land.

3rd Teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows:


That Winter, The Wind Blows Holds Cheerful Press Conference — 36 Comments

    • By the way, clearly these stars lately are in a competition for the most ridiculous wardrobe award.
      It cannot be that JIS actually thinks that dressing like Jack O’Banker Clown was a good look, right?

      ~~~ RIGHT?!! ~~~

    • I hate about 90% of A Pink’s outfits with a fiery passion, so I am so glad to see Eunji dressing like a young woman instead of a giant baby. She looks really good here – she looks better with long hair, but the shorter hair makes her look older (19, what???), which works with this cast. Song Hye Kyo’s outfit is just okay for me – but agreed about the great earrings. And she looks so freaking young and gorgeous (this is one area where the outfit helps though), its ridiculous. She needs to publicize her skin care regimen to the world.

      Hot Kim Bum is hot. That tailoring is perfection.

      I’m so obsessed with the Eunji – Kim Bum couple now. I wasn’t really seeing it in the beginning, but I am so on board that train now.

  1. Not new to K-Drama at all, but who is the short person wearing the checkered jacket (at first I thought it was the child star version of Jo In Sung)? And what gender is this person? I looked up the drama’s cast and none of those people’s picture match up to her/him. Is this the writer?

  2. It’s almost like looking straight at the sun… my eyes can’t handle the pretty! 😀 Loved the enterity of Jung Eun Ji’ production. What a perfect dress! SGK’s also looks lovely, but oh so tired. Melos must be exhausting to the actors. Jo In Sung manages to somehow look simutaneously elegant and funny, while Kim Bum looks… well, dictionaries lack a word strong enough to describe that level of perfection 😉

    Can’t wait til this drama starts breaking our hearts! ^ ^

  3. Kim Bum! Kim Bum! Kim Bum!!!! Dang is he good looking..
    Wow on the polka dot suit.. Maybe they dress bad, because they are soo good looking? They want people to notice them because of their acting not their looks?? Maybe??

  4. well, i will be watching for bummie’s cuts. ha. he’s gooorrgeous. someone mentioned it before, but song hyekyo is not convincing as a blind person. her eyes are too alive. she needs to zone out more.

    anyways.. bummie… ha.

    • Apparently she has tunnel vision and isn’t completely blind, so at least it’s not totally ridiculous for her pupils to react to light and large objects? Who knows.

      If anyone has seen the american show Covert Affairs, the guy who plays Auggie does a great job of acting as a blind person.

  5. Oh.dear. Since bucket boy is going to the army, I’m sure we can lend out his bucket for Bummie. Because that’s a handsome looking lad. (and I’m going to hell for that)

    But where did JIS even find that suit? And whose brilliant idea was it to wear it. It’s just so wrong.

  6. Seo In Guk = throws tables up

    — sorry, still on Reply 1997 lol but i am of course excited for this =) i like how Eunji and Kim Bum looks good together. i need to see that if they will be paired in this drama.

  7. OMG! Is polka dots in season in SK this year? First JHJ wore a polka dotted vest(?) in Ad Genius press conference, now it’s JIS turn. But JIS wins for the most number of dots!hahahaha

  8. Jo in sung is soooo tall. And in the drama he looks so handsome but in stills, with this hair, he looks like an ahjusshi with a questionable taste in fashion. Kim bum is FIIINE. Must try to catch this despite the storyline!

  9. Thanks for this!

    Everyone is so blindingly gorgeous! But what’s really throwing me off is how HAPPY everyone is. Not only is this unusual for a kdrama presscon, it’s giving me cognitive dissonance knowing how much tears, pain and blood are ahead for this cast (if the movie is anything to go by).

    Also, is there a portrait of Song Hye Gyo hidden in an attic somewhere that shows her true age? Because she looks like she’s the same age as Eunji here. O_O

  10. I don’t like SHG’s dress (skirt&top?), school girl-y type. The other dress is pretty. Kim Bum looks FINE but his zebra-print shirt is lol and JIS (so tall!) looks ?? with that orange polka dot suit…

  11. Wow song hyekyo is tiny. I know that eunji is pretty small already and shk looks slightly smaller than her. Without heels shk would stand slightly below jo insung’s shoulder! Although jo insung is pretty tall himself…

  12. If not for his good looks I would have laugh till my stomach muscle aches at his outfit with his orange nipple indeed hahaha….Man he is tall and too slim and the suit really sad ..but can’t wait for his drama.I didn’t watch “What happened in Bali” but his movies I love “Frozen Flower” and “Classic”…Thanks Ockoala.I really love your comments..

  13. Thank you Ms. K! You sure do post the BEST for us! I look forward to watching this drama. Very interesting synopsis! Welcome back Song Hye Kyo, I missed you girl or should I say Ms. Vogue! Kim Bum…shhhhh…I just want to look at ‘His Hotness’ for a while with that gorgeous smile(whispering while fanning my blushing face)! hehehe Jo In Sung…(me-back to normal self now) no comment, except he’s a good actor! I’m looking forward to watching this one, no matter how many episodes there may be!

  14. Your comments makes me laugh, at first I did not notice the orange nipples now you mentioned it it made my day.
    I love Song Hye Kyo no matter what other people say.

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