Shin Sports Hilarious New Hairstyle at the Cross Gene Budokan Concert

OMG, I can’t even. It will take me ages to unsee this new look on my baby Shin Won Ho. This is like Jang Geun Seok with more volume and curls. Or maybe Noh Min Woo from Full House 2 but with less frizz. This is why I don’t follow boy bands, people. The penchant for stylists to inflict follicle pain on the members of singing groups is a constant sore spot for me. A particular bad outfit, I can deal with. It’s just ugly clothes and can be removed and the ugly excised. A terrible hairstyle, on the other hand, feels permanent in the sense that hair is attached to the head by roots. Perhaps it’s my childhood trauma of being saddled with one atrocious bowl cut after another for years on end, but if anyone so much as gets near my hair without proper authority and instructions, I turn into a screechy cat and my claws come out. Seeing Shin at the recent Cross Gene concert held at the Budokan in Japan makes me an angry cat my proxy on his behalf. He looks like a very cherubic little girl! It’s like that concert scene in You’re Beautiful in episode 4 when A.N.JELL performed and it was so clear that Go Mi Nam was a cross-dressing girl pretending to be a guy. Shin is about one shade of pink lipstick away from Cross Gene being embroiled in a scandal for potentially having a girl member and passing her off as a boy named Shin. *sobs* I’m hoping this is a phase and he’ll go back to less eye-sporking hairstyle soon. As for Cross Gene, they’ve had a member change recently with one leaving and a new one joining, but beats me if I can name either of them. All I can see is the cuteness that is my Shin every time I see the group before me.


Shin Sports Hilarious New Hairstyle at the Cross Gene Budokan Concert — 21 Comments

  1. OMG!!! Especially the second picture totallyyy w the outfit and the way he stand slightly crossing his leg!!! LOL CUTEEE indeed :p

  2. Oh My! What have they done to my baby love.. *eherm* our baby love…

    the first group is so so so… he looks like a SHEn. waaah! i wish his stance was more like that of the other boys but he didn’t and that made things even worse!

  3. Agree!
    “This is why I don’t follow boy bands, people.”

    I saw this, too, and my hopeful mind decided that Shin is growing his hair out for a MANE of GLORY! and that while we are in an awkward stage, it will pay of when he shows up as someone’s brother in a new sageuk. If Suzy can give it a try, why not uri baby Shin?

  4. OH MY F’ING GOD – What the … Seriously? Even the way he’s standing in that second pic! And with a lacy long sleeved blouse? I’m just as pissed off at this moment are you are.

  5. Boy band and girl bands have been so rigidly manufactured that the newbies really don’t have much control over their appearances whatsoever. That’s why they get them young so they can mold them.

  6. haha Shin’s twin sister! lol

    Boy bands have this thing that they need to come up with crazy new hair styles matching their often (equally) crazy concept every time they release an album… Sometimes you love the crazy and other times, you hope you can unsee it…

  7. lol it didn’t look too bad in the first picture, but when he’s surrounded by mostly normal styles in the next…yeah. Though I think it’s required for idol groups to have at least one embarrassing hairstyle in the course of their career that fans want to forget.

  8. errrr…he used to look like L (from Infinite) in Big. this new hair style, i think a girl will look good with it. coordi noonas, i dont know what to say. maybe its because some fans likes beautiful guys =)

  9. Hey, on the bright side it looks fantastic when he’s in motion. So if he can just stay in perpetual movement or put it in a ponytail. I can’t wait until “long hair dont care” Shin arrives ala Eddie from Aziatix or Song Jae Rim. Ummm, yummy.

  10. i feel like beating up his hair stylist…i’m gonna go back watch the scene when he hold the umbrella with Daran to forget all these horrible pics…run away

  11. Hello, I know this is a bit off topic but can I ask, if you went to the event at Budokan, did Seyoung sang J.G’s parts in La-Di-Da-Di. It’s coz I saw in the pics that Seyoung seems to be doing the parts of J.G., but I can’t see any clips of it on YouTube or wherever. I don’t know but I’m really curious as to how the song turned out.

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