Sneak Peek at the OTP of Rich Man, Poor Woman Filming in New York City

To any fan of Rich Man, Poor Woman or Oguri Shun or Ishihara Satomi and you happen to live in the Tri-State area – go stalk the cast and crew right now in Manhattan! Intrepid fans have spotted the glorious couple of Hyuga Toru and Natsui Makoto filming in Times Square not two days ago! Kyaaaaaaa~ Why don’t I still live in NYC anymore? Why why why? Chances are the filming is still continuing so hit up all the hot spots and if you get lucky, maybe a Shun sighting will be in the cards. He’s ridiculously tall and impossible to miss, especially when he wears those perfectly tailored coats and suits. I wonder what brings Makoto and Hyuga to New York, especially since she likely just got back to Japan from her stint in Brazil? I’m not complaining since I love NYC location shoots in j-doramas, which always manage to capture the buzz of the city but filtered through a romantic burnished sheen. There are lots of fan captures of the two leads filming in Times Square, but also one super duper awesome sneak peak at Hyuga and Mokoto in the kitchen of what is likely his new home. First off – I want that kitchen! Preferably with Shun in it, but the kitchen will suffice. Secondly? How cute are they going to be cooking together! I hope she doesn’t burn down his place. I’m going to hide all the NYC filming pictures until after the jump, because I can be a meanie like that. Heh. But its really so I can lead off this post with the beyond adorable look at the cover of the RMPW SP script. Whoever designed it understands simplicity that delivers an impact. The heart in place of the comma between Rich Man and Poor Woman is brilliant.


Sneak Peek at the OTP of Rich Man, Poor Woman Filming in New York City — 21 Comments

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel like I just did this. Here I am snowbound in Massachusetts. My husband and daughter are outside shoveling over a foot of snow (my excuse? I am working on my Korean essay, people). Otherwise, I would be trying to fiure out a way to hop on a train and go to NYC. So what I am chaperoning a trip with 25 college students in a week? I could meet them at our destination after some stalking, right? Right?

    Oh, this is such a tease. April seems far too far away now. There is nothing like this OTP on the horizon for me.

  2. Thank you so much:)
    I can’t wait for Mokoto & Hyuga’s adorable moments:)
    Is this a blanket I see on the sofa? Is Mokoto making Hyuga sleep on the sofa?

  3. Unfortunately I’m in another borough of NYC or I’d be all over stalking the set. I just finished watching the last two episodes of RMPW this week so I’m ready for the special. Just give me two hours of OS and IS being adorable, please!

    • I’m with @MikiMouse, next stop should be CA. This news makes me that more excited for the special. Koala, thanks for sharing.

  4. Ahhhh….
    I would not only stalk but offer to be a go-fer for the duration of the shoot.And take emergency leave. Yes I would and heck care my work reputation.Man those 2 are adorable.

    I know people who work in Manhattan and live near Central Park.But they don’t watch J dramas.Ahhhh…. what a waste!!!!

  5. Hey, for anyone around NYC who wants to check out the filming locations, visit The site posts filming locations of various projects. According to the site today,
    “A Japanese TV Show called RMPW is filming in Battery Park City.”
    Best of luck, guys!

  6. Today’s weather was just so yucky in the morning. What day was that? It snowed yucky wet snow last night into today. But it will all melt by tomorrow – 50s!! Yay!!

    I wanted my hubby to go check them out HAHA, but needless to say, he said no. He works super close to there as well. I used to work there but not anymore. And there’s no one to watch my kids.

    Can’t wait!! 🙂

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