Attorney for Park Shi Hoo Reveals More Texts and Vows to Fight the Charges to the End

Hey peoples, there’s even more insanity going on in the Park Shi Hoo rape investigation. At this point, I would be surprised when and if everyone shuts up and the case is diligently investigated and thereafter quietly settled or litigated. Either way, I think muzzles are in order for everyone from A to Z. The text message wars continue as Park Shi Hoo’s side released the complete complete (did I mention complete?) Kakao text messages between A and K for the 3 days surrounding the event (the 14th, the 15th, and the 16th). This is of course the 4th time one of the parties claims to be releasing more text messages. Further to the bedlam nature of the proceedings, the media has revealed that Park Shi Hoo’s mom (I dub her M) and A’s father (he’s going to be F) actually met up in a coffee shop on February 20th to potentially discuss a settlement. Apparently the meeting ended in a jiffy as F stormed out. Too bad reports don’t mention whether there was any water splashed on the face and/or angry slapping. Apparently M went to see A’s attorney after that meeting to discuss a settlement as well but nothing came of it. Park Shi Hoo’s attorney released a new statement today that his client is going to fight this charge to the bitter end since he is innocent and now has nothing left to lose. You mean, nothing left now that the public already thinks of him at best as a sleazy lothario and at worse as a rapist? The funniest latest on-dit comes from yet another “friend” of Park Sho Hoo, who claim that Park Shi Hoo wore a perfume that night that increases the libido and arouses the ladies so A got all worked up despite only a few hours together hence they had consensual sex. Ahahahahaha, OMG, who else is flashing back to Anchorman and “Sex Panther”? I’m crying tears here. This case now has all the makings of a mad-cap screwball comedy, except of course there is nothing funny about a possible rape of a young girl. By the way, if anyone even believes the sex drive perfume story, then have I got some unmarked bills you can go pick up for me. I’m convinced the “truth” will never be determined – this thing is settling one way or another somewhere down the line. A settlement doesn’t in itself imply guilt for Park Shi Hoo, a good lawyer advises the client to weigh the risks and bad publicity against the ideals of seeking vindication or justice. As this case barrels down the highway to crazyville, I’m just waiting for some all-knowing friend of a friend to give an anonymous interview that A actually slept with Park Shi Hoo’s never revealed twin brother that night so the prosecutor has the wrong defendant. Or else insinuate A was abducted and probed by aliens that night.

– February 14th –

A: I think I might be able to skip wearing a parka.
K : It’s okay. you’re pretty no matter what you wear.
K: keke
A: keke hul ㅜㅜ but it’ll make me look like a penguin ㅜㅜ waddle waddle
K: Awesome (emoticon)
K: Are you practicing?
A: Yup~~~^^
K: Cute~ practice hard then, I’ll see you later~
A: Yup~~
A: Let me know where we’re going to meet around 10.
K: Is it okay if we meet around 11?
A: Huk 11…
A: I moved back to my family’s house..
K: Where does your family live?
A: Sangangdong ㅜㅜ
K: Then let’s meet at 10:30.
K: ~~
A: Okay hehe where??
K: I’ll let you know where again
A: Okay~
K: You know where L** is located?
A: It’s in Cheongdamdong right?
K: Yup keke
A: Okay I’ll see you there~
K: Instead of L**, come to the food stand behind that place, you know where it is right?
K: Come there instead.
A: How come you’re not picking up.
K: Oh I’m going there right now I ran out of batteries.
A: Ah hehe
K: I’m grabbing a taxi at the moment.
K: Okay come to the food stand hehe.
A: Okay~
K: If you get there before me, just tell them Kim** and they’ll lead you in.
K: There is traffic..ㅠ
A: Ah hehe okay I’m almost there hehe.

[Then the text messages I earlier posted about happened]

– February 15th (A filed police report at 8:37 PM) –

K: Call me [8:33 PM]
A: I’m still not feeling all that great (from drinking)… [11:57 PM]
A: Maybe because of that.. I couldn’t be pregnant rightㅜㅜ I’ve been feeling queasy ㅠㅠ

– February 16th –

K: You think you’re pregnant? [2:34 AM]
K: You did it with oppa (Park Shi Hoo)?
A: Well of course we were both naked ㅠㅠ Don’t act like you don’t know ㅜ sigh I still can’t sober up [4:49 AM]
A: I guess there is still some residual alcohol effect ㅜㅜ
K: Your status, did you write it so that I can see?
A: No~ my friend — someone who’s been ignoring me
A: Whew
K: I’m unable to eat because my stomach hurts.
K: Where are you?
A: Home of course ㅜㅜ
K: whew

What I took away from these texts – A clearly likes K and wanted to hang out with him that night, there is no mention that K was going to bring Park Shi Hoo or introduce him to A, afterwards A mentioned multiple times that she can’t sober up or she doesn’t feel unwell, and K continues to paint himself into the corner as being the sleaziest MoFo around. Oh, there appears to be some confusion as to what A told police – she only fingered Park Shi Hoo for rape. She never said K raped her, but she did later say K molested and groped her the next morning. That also constitutes sexual assault (since it is unwanted sexual touching), which is why K is now also a suspect. Some jurisdictions in the US don’t even have rape as a standalone offense, it’s categorized as “sexual assault” and rape (actual sexual penetration) is the most severe form of sexual assault and would be called sexual assault in the first degree. Groping might fall under sexual assault in the second degree.


Attorney for Park Shi Hoo Reveals More Texts and Vows to Fight the Charges to the End — 85 Comments

  1. Oh dear I thought I won’t read the news about this case again until it has been settle but here I am. Geez It get crazier every time *sigh*.

  2. I’m thinking gag orders must not exist in SKorea. Why are there so many blabbering mouths. If only P’s apartment walls could talk.

  3. I dunno why PSH keeps on releasing these texts. Its not helping him at all. So now we find A might not have known PSH will be in attendance. So the other text makes sense why we can see she was really into K. She probably thought its a date cuz Valentine’s and all. So I think she was set up not the other way around.
    It really is turning into funny not in the good way.

    • lol, or the great grand uncle with his fourth wife lmao. Didn’t she go and report the incident on the fifteenth. Why is she still speaking to crazy dude K??? Her behaviors are in line with the thought that she ain’t the brightest bulb in the country. How could you think your pregnant from a ONS lol. She must have drank herself under the table if she’s still feeling like shit two days later.

      When I read the perfume hijinks, I automatically thought of anchorman and the pheromone driven Cologne lol as well as hispanics and their Spanish fly lol.

      Scents got the best of everyone.

      • Er… Hate to burst your bubble, but you can very well get pregnant from a one night stand, if no protection was used. It’s not very wise to believe that you have to “do” it often to get pregnant. Plus, as someone pointed out earlier, they will advise you during the rape interview, and during the medical tests she took, that pregnancy might have happened, and she will have to be checked about that in a couple of weeks.
        Of course, if she should really be pregnant, it will take a bit longer to manifest in things like morning sickness – more like months, rather than days. then again, I probably would be feeling sick to the stomach, too, after being stuck in such a mess.
        The “friendliness” between her and K, I wouldn’t give too much about that. It’s one thing to hate or anger on the inside, another thing to show it to the outside, i.e. when you have that perfect little screen between you and the other person. SMS, the internet, are the easiest places to lie about feelngs, and get away with it. Because there is nothing personal to it, despite the smilies. The entire conversation is playing in our heads, and we as reader are the ones adding the tone of voice and emphasis…

  4. Thanks for the latest edition Ockoala.

    To me, PSH comes off as a rapist…adding his mom to this drama is pitiable.

  5. AXE EFFECT IS TRUE. Thats the first thing I thought about that perfume story lol. This whole thing is so messed up for either parties. For some reason, no matter who the victim turns out to be, I can’t completely sympathize with either due to this terrible mess each of them have created for one another.

  6. Omg…the texts. Now I’m pretty convinced she was raped. Whew…I’m going to need to process it all for a while. I’m beyond fascinated with this case now.

  7. She thinks she might be pregnant after 13/14 hours? O_o Dumber than a box of rocks, this one. (Not that she couldn’t be) But morning sickness usually begins in the first trimester, pretty sure that doesn’t happen within hours.

    • I think she was just complaining about not feeling well because she drank too much/was drugged but the did the test too late to know…

    • She is not bright which makes me think why P and K picked her. She couldnt have possibly thought of a rape plan and executed it so well based on her intelligence level. Too gullible. This is a little concerning because there’s imbalance between P and A as A was possibly being used by her senior, older, more powerful men. Typical profile of rape victims: messed up life, low self esteem, gullible or naive, bad history. Why? They are easily manipulated.

      Ockoala, thanks for humorous post, it feels more like reading a drama recap than a real life situation. I enjoyed your post. You are right that A wasnt even told that P would be there. She liked K and thought it was a Valentine’s date. Poor girl . She drank a lot because she liked him. K and P are scumbags in my book now.

      Ockoala, can P and K just refuse to surrender their phones based on the privacy law?

      • Cg, I definitely agree.

        I’m a little confuse, why would a girl be alone with 2 guys drinking into the wee hours of the night. I mean, how can a “friend” look out for her safety in this case. If someone was rape and they know that this so called “friend” participate in “helping” the perpetrator, why would they continue to be cordial instead of calling him out on it?

  8. Probed by aliens…omg. Flash back to the most traumatizing movie ever–District 9.

    Anyway…this story. Is just plain hilarious now. Whether or not he did it, it just makes him look bad.

  9. Okay so everyone in Korea knows that kakao talk is not private.Far out. Is anything in Korea kept private? What about a phone conversation? Also which 22yr old Asian country female talks about morning after sex in a text format?Which can then be hacked or in this case just requested by a lawyer? After all it’s K and A’s account but PSH’s lawyers got it. Or is it the police again.
    This case. It’s insane.

  10. haha this is getting so funny , besides the fact that i totally lost THE LITTLE faith i had in PSH , i have decided to through a party every time some one related to this case does something REALLY REALLY REALLY stupid !! , so im gonna start by making up for about 100 parties i’ve missed !!

    ahh though i agree that the truth will never be known , its not with some regular cases with regular people , how about a celebrity in a rape case , too bad for every one , no one is getting out the same !!

  11. Tbh honest I’m pretty worried why PSH doesn’t want to handle his phone.

    I hope has any text there that can put his ex-co wokers in a scandal.

    I fear for MGY and MCW. Imagine if they get mixed in this mess.

    Because the police, PSH and lawyers don’t keep anything secret, imagine if MGY or MCW texted them and people say they were dating or whatever…


    • I think that the reason for PSH not handing in his phone to the police is not because he is guilty (even as a suspect he still has rights), but rather he is protecting the other private people who he is in contact with… personal conversations, text messages with business partners, personal friends who are in the Korean entertainment business, his relatives,other high profile people, etc who have nothing to do with the situation he is in. Of course, he would not want these other people who have nothing to do with his case to be embroiled in this mess with their personal lives dug into. With all the leakages of information, I think they are just taking the necessary precautions of protecting innocent bystanders (who happen to be in his contact list). If the police or prosecutors want to get data from his or any other person’s phone usage they will have to get a warrant and ask the phone company to release the data that is applicable to this case which would just be the date, time and the phone nos called and received. I would think that his lawyer advised him not to hand in his phone since the police can easily get the information through a warrant from the phone company.

    • Another point to consider are the many press releases such as the exchange of text messages, a friend says this and that. We don’t even know if these are official press releases made by the people concerned. Any reporter who believes he has a scoop can easily release such report as approved by their news editors. As a rule, both parties involved (suspect/s and victim/s) should keep their mouths shut as to the details of the case while it is ongoing. Information released and published does not necessarily mean these are the facts/evidences submitted or gathered by the police or prosecutors. Only verified information and data are submitted and accepted as evidences and considered by the proper authorities. Only the proper authorities handling the case directly knows the real facts of the case. I hope this case will be concluded soon.

  12. Haha! Definitely crazyville.

    I’ll still wait until everything comes out. Otherwise, this is one fuked up drama with messy storylines going everywhere.

  13. the actual stage of the scandal is the image war. with circumstantial evidences

    the facts are the cctv and seminal fluid,.. maybe she was virgin and then is simple to prove it

    we’ll see other facts later, in justice. both side have some ace’s for the right moment

    i bet there are more shadows in psh’s past. just read an interesting interview. psh′s former agency head: “I will have to defend myself any way I can. I have evidence that will clear me, but I didn′t release them in case they may bring harm to Park Si Hoo. Now, I will turn in all my evidence [to the police] for myself.”

  14. I don’t understand how all this information is allowed to be published.Guess the laws protecting the victim are very different in SK.

  15. Who here imagines M handing a MONEY ENVELOPE across the table to F and him tearing it up and throwing the pieces at her? I bet she was wearing furs and pearls too. For some reason I’m picturing the mom from Secret Garden, or actually Deasang’s parody if her. Maybe because the whole thing resembles not as much a drama as a parody of one.

  16. these texts don’t exonerate psh. psh is trying to force, to pressure A and her family to accept a settlement

    you know? to give up, take the money and go far away from SK

    psh’s lawyer told the press that psh has noting left to lose. it’s not true. professional, yes, but psh can lose a more important thing: his freedom

    this is the moment for a settlement, if F accept

    • That’s why P released A’s identity so her life will be miserable and people will recognize her and she will be pressured to accept the settlement. Case closed. Yes P is playing dirty now.

      • Can you provide the source for your statement that P released A’s identity? Didn’t notice this been reported on any of the usual news sites.

        However, A’s, B’s and K’s names & even photos have been circulating around the net for quite a while. Remember the girl with the same name who got “harassed”?

        It’s not surprising that the media knows who they are, considering all the interviews B and the other “alphabet” people have been giving…

        The reason why they are still called A, B, C and so on, is because the media is not supposed to print their names in ordeer to protect A’s identity, even though they know her identity.

      • Finn, Nope, they don’t say what Cg said about “P released A’s identity”. I wonder if this type of statement, if unsubstantiated, can be considered as being slanderous in nature? Does anyone know whether the comments made by the posters here may be subject to libel/defamation suits? Or are netizens allowed to say whatever they like?

        Anyway, my point is that the media should already know who all the parties are, so there’s no need for P to release A’s identity to the media. Furthermore, for such cases, the media would not/cannot publish the names of the parties involved, in order to protect A’s identity.

      • Thanks Finn. Read the discussion and found that this particular “statement” originated from Lynne, who mentioned it in one of her posts. However, no proper source was given (I think she said she read it on the Chinese web?), and she later apologised that the posts were most likely rumours and not reliable.

        Tbh, I don’t like this type of rumours, as they are in the nature of bad-mouthing and character assassination….

      • @febe and Finn, about those sources, Lynne already said not to take it as concrete source. Koala’s blog subjected to libel/defamation not sure. Maybe Koala can answer that for you. Most commenters here discussed alternative views from others. And what we discussed is what PSH’s camp, K and A has dished out.I dont think that is libel/defamation. Everyone has freedom of speech and only limitation on that is slander/libel/defamation. Cg might have a source why he/she posted that.

  17. thia sounds more and more like a 120 melo episode M sounds like a typical korean mama like in Secret Garden and F sounds like a crazy dad
    so is it about money for whoever

    The park family or A’s family ?

    I have been weaning myself off this story Binnie was just in Taipei looks good

    I think I will go and watch SG need to wash mess out my brain

    i am not a lawyer like Koala but this nuttier than a fruit cake

    would PSH just go for second interview already
    would the police just close the case already
    and every one sue eacher in court

    I am tired of this scandal

  18. Random thoughts:
    1 – “A” is 22 according to Korean age, thus she might be as young as 20 instead according to international standards.
    2 – “A” refers to PSH as “oppa”, not “sunbae” or “sunbaenim”. Considering their age abyss (yup “gap” is way too small) by 17 years apart, “Samchun” could have been more appropriate if it weren’t for the whole meaning of “oppa”. [okay – I’m ironic there]
    3 – The Truth with a capital T will not come out but more trashy stuff will. To “A”, her rape by PSH is the truth; to PSH, this young attractive girl liking him back and agreeing to sex that night is the truth; to “K”, nothing wrong occuring that night is the truth.

    • @Denali, I saw this article this morning….

      Published : 2013-03-08 18:32

      A 20-year-old rape victim was taken into custody by Busan Police Friday after she tortured her rapist for three days.

      Busan Seobu police booked the woman and four of her friends without physical detention for allegedly imprisoning and torturing 26-year-old Jeong, who is suspected of raping the woman.

      Last August, the group lured Jeong to a motel and attacked him, according to police. They are suspected of torturing the man in various ways, including water boarding.

      “We demanded an apology from him but he showed no signs of remorse, which forced our hands,” the group told the police.

      Police said the attackers also took 2.1 million won ($1,926) from him and used his credit cards.

      Police said both the attackers and Jeong will be investigated for their crimes. Jeong has already confessed to the rape.

      From news reports

      • @mskololia Long time no see, I think, back to the City Hall days, right?
        Err… I’m not sure to get your point. Could you please elaborate a tad more?

      • No, I was not around for CH days…have not watched it.

        As for your item #3, the truth per PSH was supposed to be evident after his interview with the police on March 1…..Not holding my breath on that one.

        Based on the article from the Korea Herald, the victim just wanted a confession of guilt, which seems similar to this case since F did not accept M’s bribe.

      • I don’t think you should call it a bribe, because the MF meeting was a settlement meeting, which was arranged by C, the same party who A and B met up with the day after the incident (this ABC meeeting was supposedly initiated by B???). C said in the interview article (link posted above by keep calmn) that he “did my best, even getting A′s father and P′s mother to meet each other.”

      • @febe, Hush money, bribery….It’s all the same to me.

        C is someone from PSH’s former agency and B is the former friend?

      • @mskololia, the reason why it should not be called a bribe is because it is the Korean practice to settle.

        After all, who knows whether it is hush money (nothing to hush about by now), bribery, extortion, blackmail etc. etc. or merely to prevent further damage to all parties involved?

        C (or should it be H?) is the person who gave the interview regarding his involvement with A, B, M & F (link posted above by keep calm).

      • @mskololia: my bad. Must have seen your nickname on the DB website then.

        His statement was indeed rather arrogant considering the current events.

        I would rather not elaborate too much on this case, for one does not know whom our readers are. One of them might have been raped and our comments could cause her/him to go through “hell” again. I have (way too) many friends having been sexually assaulted to write too lightly about such crime.

  19. Yuck, all of this hurts my stomach.
    I would like it if somewhere among all these alphabet soupers, there is at least ONE nice soul who can make the victim feel OK.
    Whethere there was rape or not, she is young,confused and sad.

    • Whatever the outcome, I hope in the future, A meets a kind, understanding and mature man and no meddling MIL please. As for P, there are already 20,000 girls queuing up to throw themselves at him. And for K, I’ve not thought of a punishment worthy of his wrongdoings…yet.

  20. The texts show she did not plan to meet PSH, too wasted to give consent, and K is a sleazeball, which leads me to conclude that PSH was a horny, celeb looking for an easy girl and he found one or K found one for him.

    • Yes, the more news I read, the more I believe that A didn’t intend to entrap him, as she is too naive and young to do such thing. The defense lawyer releasing this text isn’t really helping his case at all. they must be desperate resorting to text that doesn’t really help building his defense. It seems that PSH’s strategy is attacking her rather than proving his innocence. Yupe, they must have not had good evidence up their sleeves to defend himself, so he poked holes at her statements instead.

  21. I think K was in the TWTWB for a second if anyone is interested. He’s the one who’s pointing out the building to the Kim Bum character. He looks like sleaze ball.

  22. I think I need to stop reading the comment sections on all these blogs and forums… I’m starting to form more opinions about the posters than I do about the people their posting about.

    • heehee….me too. It’s really interesting to see how each individual poster — including myself — applies their own internal dialogue about the events…and their own sense of what is right behavior.

      For example — the age difference bothers me not at all. All persons
      involved were legal adults – both for drinking and sexual encounters. (consensual, of course)

      Quite a number of posters, here and elsewhere, clearly view one-night sex as extremely deviant, or at the very least – un-gentlemanly and lacking in sincerity of finding true love. Both PSH and A have taken a beating from all factions about their drunken state and possible intents.

      At my age…I’ve seen enough social behavior to know, there’s a WHOLE LOTTA people out there, of consenting age, that are not at all concerned about forming a long attachment – one night stands happen…a LOT. With a wide variety of folks. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that any number of idols and actors actually pay *professionals* because they can’t risk being associated with a ‘real person in public’ – that would be SCANDALOUS !

      My take on this story (just my current opinion):
      3 people got together, drank too much, ended up in unexpected beds/sofas, had sex with persons not intended… and then EVERYONE regretted it. A LOT. Then all 3 of them got egregiously BAD advice from everyone around them.
      Compounding things… all the advisors suddenly became diseased with ‘running of the mouth’ — including policemen and lawyers and random completely unkwnown persons who like to give interviews.

      Skeevy-McBastard K and Rocket-Scientist A brought a volatile mix of extreme-stupid to the doorstep of Horny-LeNarcissist P.
      The combined elements of Ego, Dumbassery & Liquor exploded into this trio into what can only be described as an Altenate Universe.

      The one lingering visual I have of this case is — trying to imagine PSH’s mother negotiating with A’s father. I keep seeing Daesung of BigBang doing a cosplay of The Secret Garden Mother-in-Law.

      I really hope water was thrown — by both — while asking each other how they could have raised such stupid, stupid children.

  23. I saw a documentary about PSH about a year ago, and his mother was his manager or something like that, very normal looking and taking care of her son as much as she can. Well, following him almost everywhere. I would mind that!

    About the meeting: I was imagining the parents to trying to settle a wedding or something like that, because otherwise I just really don’t understand what the victim’s father was into if the rape DID happened as his daughter told the world! I wouldn’t want a settlement to close this case if I believe my daughter’s story is true!

  24. If the reason PSH dodged the police investigation is to change to his current lawyer, then boy did he find just the most incompetent one out there. So these messages do what again? They just convince me A is a bit of a naive, gullible and truly-into-K kinda girl. It also proves she didn’t know PSH was going.

    So if A released these, it would make so much sense. Instead, PSH releases it… and this help him… how? If he just paid all the money he paid to this lawyer to his die hard fans instead, maybe he would have been proven guilty by now, with all the stories people are coming up with. UGH. Can someone give him a link to allkpop. Maybe he can get some legit ideas. Anything is more legit that a love perfume – just thinking about it makes me wanna ROFL. How ridiculous!

    • Her statement about the police will announce his innocence is only hid fans’ wishful thinking. It isnt a fact or report from police, just purely the fan’s opinion.

  25. Question, if A was really under the influence of this “special” perfume couldn’t one argue that it was causing her to act out of character and there for she couldn’t give consent?

    • Can you trust what D says? Sex “perfumes”….experts say they have not found any sex pheromones that work for human beings. At least not on this planet. So, what’s this black magic, hocus-pocus stuff we have here? Beats me.

  26. I feel like at this point, doing any sort of discussion about this is just adding fuel to the fire. We’re doing just what the media wants us to do – eating up this news and the attached gossip like rabid dogs.

  27. We’re not into X, Y, Z yet? LOL
    The bunch of loonies & losers
    PSH hired this kind of legal advisors fr real?? He and them are self-destructing!

    A was for worst that night. Two monsters in disguise, alcohol, and now chemical laden-perfume. she was lured to the Lions den. And giving her identity out, he’s made of scum.

    • She’s that typical girl, excited and looking forward to seeing the guy she likes. seems happy that K asked her out. She could have thought it was their valentines date, but it turned out to be something else.

  28. You, koala blog everything and analyzing everything about this case, is added more confusion to it. Well, at least for me.

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