Anonymous L Alleges A Tried to Extort Money from Him in Situation Similar to Park Shi Hoo

I’ve been bemused by all the cascading developments in the Park Shi Hoo rape investigation not because its a funny matter but the sheer outlandishness of the seemingly unending media warfare between the two sides gives new meaning to one-upsmanship. It feels like the moment A’s side drops a bombshell, Park Shi Hoo’s side returns a volley and it’s the public that has to sift through the detritus to find something of value to the merits of the case. Yesterday came an attack on A’s credibility in the form of L, an anonymous Mr. Lee, who gave an interview to cable network jTBC in which he alleged that A tried to shake him down two years ago in much the same way. L, an aspiring star himself, claimed that he had a one-night stand with A two years ago. Let’s not forget that would make A around 19-20 years old and therefore L a giant skeezer if this is true. L said that the next day, he got a text from A wondering if she was pregnant? Then A’s supposed unni, good friend B, also contacted L demanding that he “take responsibility.” L said that it eventually led to talk of a monetary settlement. The interview L gave does not reveal what was the ultimate resolution – did he pay off A, did he “take responsibility, other than claiming A tried to shake him down after a one-night stand in what appears to be the same way she reacted to sleeping with Park Shi Hoo. Of course, A clearly didn’t report L for rape otherwise there would have been a prior case file. Park Shi Hoo’s lawyer claims that A’s past history is being documented and will be handed over to the police in an effort to exonerate Park Shi Hoo. I seriously have not formed a definitive opinion on the merits of this case, but I can tell you that its pretty laughable that an anonymous L randomly popped up to rake A through the mud without any shred of evidence proffered. And if I were to take him at his word, there is nothing that would lead credence to what he said because he’s simply an anonymous talking head at this point. Once again, L could be telling the truth, but without offering any specific or concrete information, one is hard pressed to believe him at his word. A’s lawyer has responded to this report by saying it is untrue and re-asserting that A never contacted Park Shi Hoo before she reported him for rape, further showing the alleged L incident bears no similarity to what is happening now.

It’s disconcerting to see the nature of fandom be exposed in a time of crisis for a particular star. This isn’t directed at Park Shi Hoo’s fans, but is merely commentary on the predilection of fans to fill out the voids of their favorite star with personality traits gleaned from pre-packaged media appearances and an agency behind a well-crafted machine. For all I know, Park Shi Hoo could very well be the most decent human being on earth, but how fans come to that conclusion from watching him act in movies and dramas and from reading about his personal and professional life from the media and other outlets that filter the information astounds me. Yes, fans can hope and wish and pray their favorite oppa is a super duper awesome human being, but unless one knows him very well personally, its all conjecture and speculation. It’s a hope, not a reality. Which is why Park Shi Hoo’s predicament is fascinating as a study in fangirling. Park Shi Hoo’s side has thus far used one strategy, which is to repeatedly paint A in a bad light so as to discredit her allegation. A may very well be an avaricious promiscuous aspiring starlet, but that doesn’t prove she was or wasn’t raped. Only evidence from what happened that night does. Similarly, Park Shi Hoo comes off as a douchey creep no matter if he raped A or slept with her consensually, not because sex is a bad thing, but that he just met the chick that night and from all the text messages A appears to be interested in K. So how A ended up in bed with Park Shi Hoo still reflects poorly on his judgment call (young girl, possibly drunk, just met, brought by his hoobae K). There is the slight chance that A was gunning to set up Park Shi Hoo in the first place, but how that came to be when she made plans to see K but the texts don’t show that she knew Park Shi Hoo would be there. Also, A wanting to bring Park Shi Hoo down after sleeping together is not conclusive to setting him up, the causal connection there is contextual at best. Having very bad judgment also doesn’t mean Park Shi Hoo must’ve raped A. Evidence, good ole reliable evidence, is the only definitive proof either way. And without any solid evidence, then it becomes this sort of he said-she said fiasco.


Anonymous L Alleges A Tried to Extort Money from Him in Situation Similar to Park Shi Hoo — 58 Comments

  1. Summary (source: dispatch, eng: netizenbuzz)

    Time Table of Events (2/15)

    12 – 1:50 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo, A, and K drink together

    2 a.m. = The three arrive at Park Shi Hoo’s dorm

    2 – 3 a.m. = A throws up at the front door, she washes herself voluntarily

    3 – 4 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex

    4 – 10 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A sleep but wake up periodically throughout the night

    10 – 11 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the second time

    1 p.m. = K leaves Park Shi Hoo’s dorm

    3 p.m. = A leaves Park Shi Hoo’s dorm

    3 p.m. – 8 p.m. = A returns home, text messages friends

    8:30 p.m. – early morning of 16th = A files a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo

    2 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo, A, and K left the restaurant at 1:50 a.m. The three of them got in the car and drove to Park Shi Hoo’s dorm, which is 5 minutes away. In the car, A lost consciousness. According to the parking lot CCTV, A was spotted being carried into Park Shi Hoo’s dorm on K’s back.

    Park Shi Hoo = A was drunk and threw up as soon as the elevator door opened. After going into the dorm, she took off her shoes and went into the bathroom. After throwing up several times more, she gargled with mouth wash. A washed her face and tried to wake herself up out of her drunken state.

    A = I don’t remember anything.

    3 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the first time. The controversial matter here is whether there was ‘force’ or not. Park Shi Hoo claims both parties consented while A claims that she was not conscious at the time.

    Park Shi Hoo = A walked into Park Shi Hoo’s room on her own. After washing up in the bathroom, she went into his bedroom and sat down on the bed. The two then talked for a bit, realized their feelings for one another, and then had sex.

    K grabbed a blanket and leaned on the sofa in the living room. He told them that he would be taking a short nap because he was tired and then promptly fell asleep. Park Shi Hoo and A were in his bedroom and K was in the living room the entire time.

    A = I don’t remember anything.

    10 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the second time. According to Park Shi Hoo, they had waken up several times throughout the night before finally agreeing to have sex again. He claims it was consensual. A claims that he was already on her when she woke up.

    Park Shi Hoo = We weren’t able to fall asleep easily. A kept going in and out of the bathroom because she overdrank and drank water frequently. I woke up in the morning and we had sex again for the second time. We talked before and after. More than anything, there is no reason for me to have forced myself onto her when she is not conscious.

    A = When I opened my eyes, I was naked and Park Shi Hoo was forcing himself onto me. The reason I remembered that being our second time was because he told me, “We had sex earlier in the morning as well, don’t you remember?” I wanted to stop him but I was unable to protest.

    Suspicion = Why did she fall back asleep? The second time they had sex occurred 7-8 hours after A was taken to the dorm drunk. She was naked for over five hours after their first time. Park Shi Hoo’s associate said, “If A was raped like she claims, she should’ve gone home as soon as they finished having sex the first time. However, she fell back asleep.”

    1 p.m. = A files a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo and K for rape and sexual assault. She claims that K had molested her before he left to go home. K rejects the claims.

    Park Shi Hoo = The reason why K came into my room to put away his blanket needs an explanation. My dorm also functions as an office because we rented it out as both our company office and manager dorm. Because nobody actually lives in here full time, the house is actually quite cold, which is why K needed a blanket to sleep in the living room. At 1 p.m., while preparing to go home, he brought the blanket back into the room.

    A = K was in the living room when he came into the bedroom saying he was cold. Before he left to go home, he came inside Park Shi Hoo’s bed. I was naked at the time and K touched my breasts.

    Suspicion = If K had sexually assaulted her at the time claimed, then why did she stay at the dorm until 3 p.m.?

    3 p.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A leave the dorm at this time. They exchange phone calls. Park Shi Hoo explains that he was interested in her so he input his number into her phone. A also text messaged K after leaving his dorm.

    Park Shi Hoo = I gave her my number before seeing her go home. If I had raped her, why would I give her my number? The CCTV shows A leaving with a bright facial expression while checking her phone. She seemed to be KakaoTalking.

    Suspicion = If she was raped, why would her expression be bright?


    No matter a good what, it does seem PSH is not smart or isn’t a good guy.

    And I don’t mean about what the media or what A said about him, but everything he says and his lawyer says shows that he seemed to took advantage of her. She was cleary very drunk. Does PSH really think sleeping with a drunk girl is not rape and it is consensual because when she was drunk she kissed him back or didn’t say no??

    And this guy interview that appears just now after PSH and his lawyer stars to defend him… isn’t it fishy? Why this ”L” guy didn’t appear first?? Took him enough… plus he slept with a minor and doesn’t even show any proof and remains ”anONYMOUS”

    I wish the police goes after him and makes him confess if he is lying, was paid for it or if is true.

    • They have to mention that she gargled …lol why so PSH wasnt gross out kissing her. But then he doesnt need to kiss her on the mouth to have sex. The scenario of rape that they see that was suspicious is what the tv/movies depicted where the raped girl kicks and scream and cries hysterically. They talked and then realized their feelings. Is this like a script?Is this from the police?
      About L, if he produced evidence to support his claim I might listen to what he say. I mean follow the money trail.

      • But then 2nd paragraph where it says, PSH = A was drunk and threw up as soon as elevator door openned. Doesnt that mean he knows A was drunk but insists its consensual? That realization before anything happened. Did he do it because he can claim its consensual?

    • LIZ , may I know where did you get this info from ?? may I know the link ?? it’s pretty weird to see that everything is revealed in details.

    • If this are the accurate account by PSH, why keep in your house a literaly sick to the stomach girl, who keeps throwing up because of too much drinking. wouldn’t it have been more compassionate to have just brought her home to get better. Unless seeing someone throws up turns him on????
      Mr. Lee’s claim should be backed by some valid actual proof like a complaint filed 2 years ago.

    • The fishy part is when PSH lawyer claimed to have evidence of A’s past history is being documented and will be submitted to the police. Haha. wow..the unconfirmed new revelation about A’s past history with Mr. L just appeared, out of the sudden PSH’s lawyer claimed to have put together the documentation on A’s and mr L, that quickly? bwahaha.

    • LIZ, Is this fact or fiction? Fanfic, Anti-fanfic, reconstruction of events by everybody else except for the parties who were there? Is this from the newly set-up “witch-hunt” website?

      I really cannot imagine the police releasing such details to the public!

    • Why no one is asking if A agreed to go to PSH’s home with these 2 guys or they just decided to take her home? A was drunk. Did she consent to go home with them before they left the bar or in the car?

  2. urrrmmm…… i dont believe him. i need more proof than “she totally did the same thing to me 2 years ago”. poor A, she likely made some bad decisions that night and it sadly appears that her life will never be the same again. as for psh, even if she told u earlier in the day that she couldn’t wait to jump ur bones, the fact that she was passed out and had to be carried in, means she couldnt possibly consent anymore. in my book, that assault.
    Ms Koala, did you see the timeline from dispatch? they break down the events by the hour. its a little crazy….

    • Strangely enough, with more and more mud slung at her, I’m picturing A as a rabbit being cornered in a rabbit hole with a gun pointed at it. And it took L nearly a month to come out of hiding.

      Call me a liar, but if I was throwing up every few minutes, the last thing on my mind is sex.

      • @ jae
        I was just being facetious. Everything about the above screams “fabricated”. If they included little details like “she took off her shoes and went to the bathroom” and then failed to include who took whose clothes off, I just can’t take any of the content of that account seriously.

        The police just need to get off their ass, investigate promptly (and fairly) and bring this fiasco to a closure.

      • Yeah, you and I can sense that its “fabricated”. But these past few days if anything told me that there are some who cant otherwise.

  3. u’re right abt all this ockoala and besides am starting to get uncomfortable with all this. You’d think that by now we should all be hearing something concrete abt this case instead its all a crazy dance on a slippery dancefloor. The police should investigate more and find out the truth and spare us the torture. Anyway, thanks unni for the updates, it ain’t easy writing abt something so messed up.

  4. Not a Park shi hoo fan…but i srsly think that A is messing up his life on purpose. Not saying that he is innocent, yes he did sleep with her wen she was drunk…but still this A character seems pretty sleazy too and not at all innocent. Earlier I was feeling sorry for her but with all the new updates, not anymore.

  5. when my husband is drunk I make him sleep in the guest room because, seriously, I cannot stand the alcoholic fumes that comes out of his mouth… and no we don’t have to kiss for me to smell those fumes!

    and here is the “elite” park shi hoo sexually using a girl who is too drunk that she has to vomit several times! even just writing about it makes me wanna vomit…

      • I know that it is a TURN OFF when someone is drunk, but if the other person is also drunk, then i don’t think they would care so much. It’s hard to say with alcohol in the system, it suppress the psychological inhibition and increases desire for sex but not enhancing performance. So considering if she’s intoxicated, it’s really hard to say too

  6. This is beyond Ridiculous!!! Who needs all these “testimonies” lol Did he rape her – Yes or No. That’s it, all this other crap just takes away from the one important question. They are derailing our attention to crap that doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

    He says he slept her. She said he raped her.
    Where in these two statements is the truth.

    Since everyone else is straight talking bull-cacis!

  7. Thank you, Koala, for keeping us updated and for being mostly impartial.

    I first learned about PSH’ alleged rape through Allkpop and over there right from the first article all the commentators were convinced that A is a dirty money-grubbing slut and that PSH could never do something like that. I’ve thought about why those people are so convinced of his innocence no matter which new “facts” get exposed about this case, and I actually came to the same conclusion as you.
    It makes me kind of sad and ashamed of my own gender because women apparently can’t differentiate between a fictional character he’s playing and his real life personality.

    I’m not saying that PSH is guilty or that A is lying, because I just don’t know (after all, I wasn’t there that night when it happened and I don’t have all the evidence like the police), but those netizens don’t either. And the thought that A might be saying the truth and yet gets mud thrown in her face from day one the news about this case broke from people who at first didn’t even know who she was frustrates me to no end.

    To be honest, I used to be a fan of PSH since watching “Family’s Honour” a few years ago, but that doesn’t matter when the fact is that he slept with a girl over ten years his junior after a few hours of their first meeting when she’s drunk. That makes him a sleaze bag in my book, no matter how I enjoy his character in “Family’s Honour”. I can’t understand why those netizens try to turn their bias into saints even when presented with those facts.
    Is it just international fans or how do Korean fans react in this case? Does anyone know?

    • I used to be a fan too. But knowing said behavior doesn’t sit well with my conscience. It’s not something you just take in stride, ignore and look the other way. It started because of bad judgment, and then handled even more poorly as they go on.
      If reports (of international airing of latest drama has been put hold ) are true, atleast there are sectors out there who are regarding it as a serious concern. Talk about blind allegiance and being modern times, the sensitivities of Asian audience are still not shock proof.
      It’s not easy being an actor, but since he embraced that profession, he should have known the moral responsibilities it entails.

      • Totally agree….He must have a moral responsibily. As a famous actor, he has to keep his personal life well. That risk became a public figure.

    • I’m sure there are plenty of males commenting on PSH articles on allkpop too, so don’t say that you’re ashamed of the female sex.

  8. all I want to know is when they go back to the police station and have their second interview and an offical statement from police
    L and M N P O R can go away
    Park Shi and A need to stop talking to press and let police do their job
    oh sorry their lawywers

  9. Why are all these people (on both sides) are revealing all this information to the media and not to a prosecutor/police/judge etc?

    • It’s called a mud fight, used to undermine each other’s credibility and character.
      They smear mud into each other’s face until either A gives up and crawls on the floor, begging PSH for forgiveness, or PSH is proven guilty by evidence (or cleared by evidence). Though, I fear that even then, the mud throwing won’t stop.
      Of course, the sensible thing would be if they shut up their traps in public, and just tell this stuff to the legal places. But this is not about giving evidence to the police/judge, this is about getting the public opinion behind them.
      In PSH’s case, if he gets everyone to believe his version of the story, it might be a little bit easier for him to return to his career.
      In A’s case, as PSH so far had an impeccable reputation in public, she has to make her case clear, or be called all types of names, and possibly hunted down by PSH-fangirls. Which, I’m afraid, will happen anyway.

      The thing I’m waiting for now is for another girl to show up and say “Duh, PSH put that same stunt on me, but ya know, he paid me off.”

  10. Don’t think I need to watch anymore k dramas…even the best writer cannot come up with better scenarios than what everybody, including the media, are coming up…would PSH get royalty money if this story becomes a tv show?

  11. Preach it koala! It frustrates me that fans think of their favourite actor/actress as some kind of perfect untainted people. And I’m not speaking only about PSH. They’re just people, and hardcore fans practically worship them like a God. I always maintain a level of skepticism watching their interviews. You can never tell whether they’re hiding behind this perfect exterior or that they are truly what people claimed them to be.
    I guess this is off topic. But you’re the first I know who addressed this, and I was nodding all the way.

  12. As a fan, I’m a bit disappointed, sad, and disheartened. I really like this actor but I acknowledge the fact that this is beyond feel-good dramas and publicity. I also acknowledge that this kind of thing could happen to anyone. Guilty or not, I’m still watching all his dramas. In the first place, I didn’t fall in love with him as a private person, I fell in love with the characters that he portrayed NOT him.

  13. A = K was in the living room when he came into the bedroom saying he was cold. Before he left to go home, he came inside Park Shi Hoo’s bed. I was naked at the time and K touched my breasts
    I don’t understand with this part, it’s mean that she knows for sure that she was having sex with PSH and it’s mean she wasn’t unconscious.

  14. Crushing one’s accuser is to be expected, but PSH trying to come off pure as the driven snow is far-fetched. Now, I wish I had watched at least one of his dramas before this disaster hit because now I will not….A two-hour movie, perhaps, but not any drama series.

  15. Too bad since I like Park Shi Hoo but the issue RAPE is too serious and not a laughing matter. I don’t want to be bias so I hope that so called justice will soon be solve. If I would refer into victims statement then I don’t think her statement can count as RAPE but if I will look after the fact then yes it’s a rape since after what happen it’s now against her well. I feel sorry for Park Shi Hoo but then I hope this is matter will serve as “LESSON TO LEARN”

  16. “Crushing one’s accuser is to be expected…”
    Exactly. I don’t get the outrage over this aspect of things.
    From where I sit, there are two choices:
    1. He is a rapist.
    2. He is a sleaze who engages in one night stands, but was falsely accused of rape, or at least believes that it was a false accusation. If you don’t take issue with one night stands, then you’ll have a different view of this, but I am not one who thinks a one night stand is okay.

    Either way, at best in my book, he’s a jerk. But if it’s the first order of jerkitude, then why would it surprise anybody that he’s still being a jerk? What can you expect from a rapist?

    If it’s only the 2nd order of jerkitude, of course he’s going to defend himself with whatever means possible.

    As for trying this in the court of public opinion, I’m not saying that it’s ‘okay,’ but it is reality that as an actor, if he wants to keep his career, or get it back some day, he has to make his case in the court of public opinion. I might think what he’s doing just makes him look sleazier, or at best, reinforces my view that he’s not somebody I would ever want to shake my daughter’s hand, but I’m not part of his fan base. He’s doing what he can to manage the opinions of the sorts of fans that Koala’s talking about. They will grasp any straw, so he’s giving them some straws. I may not find it credible, but objectively, it’s not dumb for his purposes, either, and I don’t find it morally any worse than being a rapist or being the kind of person who engages in one night stands.

  17. throwing up doesn’t mean she’s completely drunk. she must of been conscious to keep going to the bathroom. this issue is still confusing.

    • It’s possible that she experienced a drunken type of blackout: the person moves, even talks, but their memory is not registering anything: this could explain why she doesn’t remember much and she’s confused about ending in bed with PSH. Blackout can occur when your BAC is pretty high,(if your not a heavy drinker, alcoholic, which I presume she isn’t) so in no way she could have given informed consent to sex imo. I still think that what we have here is classical example of date rape. Many times the guys don’t consider it rape, as the girl didn’t say no to sex, but the fact is they can’t do anything, everything is fuzzy. After the period of blackout, which can last up to a few hours, you pass out or fall asleep.

      • Erratum ** Many times the guys honestly don’t consider it rape as the girl didn’t say no to sex, but the fact is that she’s too drunk to say no or yes verbally or otherwise, everything feels too fuzzy to her.

    • Throwing up is the body’s survival instinct to get rid of the nerve poison alcohol, when the alcohol level has reached a degree that is threatening to the body.
      This means you’re completely drunk.
      It doesn’t mean you are unable to move or speak, or do things. But most of the time, it is hard to remember the details of what happened.
      Technically speaking, when drink too much, alcohol messes with te long term memory building process of the brain. Which is also why alcohol consumption while learning is a bad idea…

      More deatiled explanation, if you are interested…
      “In 1969, Goodwin and colleagues published two of the most influential studies in the literature on blackouts (Goodwin et al. 1969a,b). Based on interviews with 100 hospitalized alcoholics, 64 of whom had a history of blackouts, the authors posited the existence of two qualitatively different types of blackouts: en bloc and fragmentary blackouts. People experiencing en bloc blackouts are unable to recall any details whatsoever from events that occurred while they were intoxicated, despite all efforts by the drinkers or others to cue recall. Referring back to our general model of memory formation, it is as if the process of transferring information from short–term to long–term storage has been completely blocked. En bloc memory impairments tend to have a distinct onset. It is usually less clear when these blackouts end because people typically fall asleep before they are over. Interestingly, people appear able to keep information active in short–term memory for at least a few seconds. As a result, they can often carry on conversations, drive automobiles, and engage in other complicated behaviors. Information pertaining to these events is simply not transferred into long–term storage. Ryback (1970) wrote that intoxicated subjects in one of his studies “could carry on conversations during the amnesic state, but could not remember what they said or did 5 minutes earlier. Their immediate and remote memory were intact” (p. 1003). Similarly, in their study of memory impairments in intoxicated alcoholics, Goodwin and colleagues (1970) reported that subjects who experienced blackouts for testing sessions showed intact memory for up to 2 minutes while the sessions were taking place.”

      Much more details and some interesting experiments they did on the topic. It is definitely worth a read. 🙂

      • If you ever have a conversation with a drunk you will know that its the funniest conversation ever. Well the benign ones not the angry drunk. And to think that “they realized their feelings” gave me a funny scenario in my head. If the drunk sign away their fortune do you think any competent judge will agree. Unless he’s corrupt but I dont think he will jeopardize his education, reputation and maybe honor just for something that can he can squander in a day.

  18. There will be more claim to make this case more tangled & then wouldn’t be suprised if this case will involving the higher authorities to decide before forwarded to the court since this case regarded as shameful case & give a bad influence to reputation of korean artist which has been known in many countries. So, also wouldn’t be suprised if in the end this case will resolved with settlement & the truth can’t be revealed for the sake of public interest. After that it just up to us for final assessment is he still worthed or not to be admired.

  19. Ahhhh and it goes on ! I think they are all lying at some point !
    Wonder when Mr. Kim or mr. Park are going to het involved Hhhhhh still I love the actors ACTING ! not him of course !!

  20. i will stick to the CCTV if that is genuine, then two guys were akready at fault. Why bring an unconscious woman to a man’s apartment, shouldn’t be the most proper decent way is to bring her home or call any relatives of Her? I remember someone from the bar that my aunt drinks calls my cousin to pick her up coz she’s too drunk. or beter contact the designated driver donghoon of FBND to drive her home. hmmmmm….I think these two guys should watch FBND.

  21. I don’t know who is telling the truth and honestly I don’t even really care at this point. I do think PSH’s lawyers have done a good job of at least confusing the issue enough to create doubt in people’s minds (I just mean as far as defending their client, not as far as being good people lol). Because in this case there really isn’t any evidence to be found, is there? It’s pretty much who’s word you are willing to believe, right? So it makes sense that they would try to attack her credibility repeatedly, because that’s really the only way to defend him. (unless there’s something in his and K’s phones of course)

  22. i think koreans have generally decided that A is a lying gold digger which is a little unnerving because nothings been proven yet. but honestly theres not much you can do to prove if the rape happened/didnt happen if there weren’t any drugs in her system so this will probably go PSH’s way

  23. i was his fans,but now no more. i felt disguisted, …no more respect at all.he wasn’t drunk on the way back from the bar.if he still have his integrity,he will choose not to bring a “underage” and drunk girl to his apartment because on that moment he was still conscious and anyone knows late at night,2 guys and 1 girl in one apartment eventually can lead to “sex”. i believe on the way back to his apartment,obviously he had dirty mind and already planned to have sex with the girl.

  24. I don’t think he raped her. When a person vomit and took a bath, it should have sober her up in contrast to her testimony that she don’t remember anything at all. In addition, the 2nd intercouse happened 8hrs after the first??? Do you think a person will not be sober enough after 8hrs of sleeping and not even remembered anything at all??? If you have been raped, the first instinct is to get out and report it immediately to the police and no way you will allow someone to rape you twice unless you are being tied down. I wanna know also if she has any bruises or any sign of being forced.

    As for PSH, no one should be blamed in this case except him. They said that she is a gold digger or something to that effect or he has been set up. Remember, there will be no case if he didn’t bit the bait. One thing I am really surprised is when they see his semen in the sample which means that he is not practicing safe sex. Imagine engaging in sex with someone you met for the first time and you are not protected???? Aren’t they are aware that they don’t just expose themselves into possible pregnancy but sexually transmitted disease as well.

    • Not about this case, but there don’t have to be bruises to make it a rape. If the person being raped is sufficiently scared or threatened, he or she will not resist, but obey whatever is demanded of them.
      Also, many victims of rape are too ashamed to report to the police, or even to their family, what happened.
      Yes, a rape victim would want to get away as soon as possible, but depending on the set-up, it is not always an option. “ties” don’t have to be of the physical kind to bind you. Just generally speaking, of course.

    • sometimes it depends too on how strong a certain chemical used. some with the combination of alcohol stuns that part of the brain that involves short term memory. or stuns the nervous system like motor function and some are made to weak to move. and obviously even the vomitting itself makes one weak and dehydrated, all that has been eaten were expelled out.

  25. Also if A has some unknown medical condition (ex. a weak heart or circulation) the substance makes her more susceptible than others.

  26. ahh this is confusing. Lets say PSH rape her, why she didnt leave PSH’s apartment after the second sex when she conscious?
    also, theres an article PSH offer her money but she wants more.
    im not saying PSH is innocent but A also not pure person.

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