Nicky Wu Arrives on Set of Bu Bu Jing Qing and Celebrates Birthday for Liu Shi Shi

So are we all getting used to the idea of a sorta sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin, set in modern times with the same OTP but most everyone else being different? Does seeing a side-by-side look at Nicky Wu in his Emperor Yongzheng costume versus his modern character Yin Zheng’s get up help? Nicky was the last of the main cast to checked in on the set of Bu Bu Jing Qing and his first day of filming was actually his co-star and leading lady Liu Shi Shi‘s 26th birthday. I feel like she’s been acting forever so its always a bit of an adjustment to realize that she’s still so young. She was a ballet dancer who was discovered as a teenager and signed by Tangren and started acting in her late teens. I don’t think Shi Shi is a great actress, and probably might never reach the league of a Zhou Xun or Zhao Wei or Fan Bing Bing, but she’s definitely put in her dues and with her break out role in BBJX she’s starting to get the mass public awareness in China, where before she was a niche actress. I’m sure its bittersweet for her to celebrate a birthday on the set of BBJQ with only some of her very close former co-stars from BBJX by her side. I still wish Tangren could have somehow made their vow come true and get the entire cast back for the sequel. However inane the storyline would be, the nostalgia factor would keep me watching from beginning to end.

Shi Shi’s birthday (with tons of pictures below) was filmed at the set which serves as her drama workplace. I see a plaque with her character name of Zhang Xiao on it (same name of her modern character in BBJX), and next to it reads graphic designer. But then sources have also said Shi Shi filmed a scene where she claimed to be a reporter, leading me unsure of what her profession is in this drama. In BBJX we are simply told Zhang Xiao is an average white collar worker in modern China. I’m concerned as to what her job is because if BBJQ is going to a corporate battle/takeover story, then the professional angle is going to be critical in making it believable. One reason why BBJX was so riveting was because we all knew what the astronomical stakes were in the 9-Prince battle for the throne – 1 wins, the other 8 loses (big time). Below are also more official stills of Nicky and 10th Prince Ye Zhu Xin, with a white backdrop as opposed to the all-black death-warmed-over first official stills released last week. Poor 10th Prince is dressed like Austin Powers from the 70s while Nicky’s outfits are solid but he’s looking really stiff in the shots. I hope the whole cast loosens up big time and brings it in terms of chemistry.


Nicky Wu Arrives on Set of Bu Bu Jing Qing and Celebrates Birthday for Liu Shi Shi — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t think this drama will be comparable to BBJX, so we can just look at it as another drama with cast members we’ve seen before. It’s a shame that the premise will be totally different, but that’s drama life for you.

  2. I’m excited, actually, to see if they can reproduce the high stakes feel, as well as the instant attraction.

  3. Her hair is way too severe and seriously ages her. Still don’t know if it’s better than say, Choi Kang Hee’s right now.

    Is Fan Bing Bing really any good? I have seen multiple movies featuring the Four Dans and the only time I see FBB is at random Oscars or Cannes red carpets or in Vogue China.

    • I thought she was pretty good as Yu Er in Romantic Red Rouge with Wallace Huo (who was not so great compared to Yu Xiaowei). I’m not Chinese. Just bought that on a whim from yesasia because I was dying for more good chinese tv series after seeing Singing When You Are Sad and Jia: The Family, but it turned out to be a decent drama (until the crappy cop-out of an ending left me bitter). She was also great in Buddha Mountain as well. 🙂

  4. Nicky sure looks fine!

    However, I wish they could redo Shi Shi’s hair!!! Why part her hair in the middle…yikes. =(

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. I’m getting sick of her hairstyle. Can someone please style her hair differently? Put some curls or extensions in it. She has been carrying this short hair style for her both her latest film (Season of Love) and drama (I’m sorry, I Love You) already. It’s time for some change. As a viewer, I would feel tired to see an actress having the exact same hairstyle for three consecutive dramas.

  6. Rumor is Shishi is playing twins. One is Zhang Xiao, the other Zhang Lan, so maybe one of them is a reporter then other a graphic designer *phew* A reporter in those mousy outfits is acceptable but anyone with any artist bend will burn this entire outfit.

    SS in a much shorter bob is MUCHMUCHMUCHHHHH better

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