Song Seung Heon and the Cast of When a Man Loves Head to Guam for Location Shoot

I do not get the upcoming melodrama When a Man Loves at all. I don’t get the cast – a collection of mostly terrible actors that also don’t give me hope they can evince enough chemistry to overcome the inherent acting limitations. I don’t get the story concept – a man marries a woman who used to be married to his boss, and then proceeds to fall for a much younger woman who reminds him of his younger self. Excuse me, but what? Along the way there is sure to be infidelity, whether emotional and/or physical, and even a broken bromance as collateral damage. Reading the synopsis there is not a single character that seems appealing. The cast headed to beautiful Guam yesterday for a location shoot and showed off their looks for the drama. Song Seung Heon looks like he hopped on a time machine and stepped right from his role in 2009’s East of Eden into this gangster role here, all scruffy facial hair and leather jacket. Shin Se Kyung is just……..there. She smiles, looks pretty, but has about as much lively energy on her as a sedated kitten. Yeon Woo Jin, who I thought did a decent job on Arang and the Magistrate but doesn’t strike my fancy, looks like he’ll run away with the show in terms of acting and charisma. And Chae Jung Ahn continues her streak of being serviceable but utterly forgettable in drama appearance after drama appearance. Perhaps I need to see the put together end product before decreeing it a hot mess, but just by starting off with a married older guy having the hots for a pretty young thing, and vying with his dongsaeng for her heart, already rubs me the wrong way. You’re married already, you should gouge out your wandering eye first before I will ever have sympathy that your “manly love” ought to be worth fighting for. This drama also continues to add bad actors by the load, as boy group JJ Project idol member JB (Im Jae Bum) has signed on to play Shin Se Kyung’s younger brother and the love cupid bringing her and Song Seung Heon together. Can I vote for having a marriage counselor to keep Song Seung Heon and his onscreen wife Chae Jung Ahn in love and faithful to each other instead of all this cheating? I want to look away but am fascinated by the potential for WAML to redefine bad love. 


Song Seung Heon and the Cast of When a Man Loves Head to Guam for Location Shoot — 19 Comments

  1. lol ms. koala “eden” is the name of JB’s band/idol group in dream high 2 but in real life he is part of “JJ Project”. love the boy to death but he cannot act to save his life. funny how the last few projects of these actors and actresses have been utter fails: dh2, dr. jin, and (who could forget) fashion king

  2. In my personal opinion, this is going to be a lousy drama. SSHeon is a poor actor and this drama may suffer the same fate as his last project “Dr. Jin” that was so boring. I like what you said “mostly terrible actors”. Yeah, they are all terrible actors so why should I watch it? Nope, there are better dramas that will air at the same time.

  3. Love your blog, thank you for making my life so much more interesting..had a bit of a shocker to read the title of this article though:)Just for a second, I thought.. have Korean shows become so liberal?:)

  4. I would love to watch this as a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 genre of drama, pointing out the severely badness of it, but if it is painfully bad, I dunno if I could make it through all the episodes.

    Sir Hand Towel, you are cute and wowsa, but why so inept at picking projects that show off your skills rather than point out your flaws?

  5. East of Eden was the reason I like Song Seung Heon, I’m going to try this out because of the similar role he has with that. His other dramas lately are really not that good. I think he plays this kind of role the best.

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