B Apologizes to Park Shi Hoo and Claims He was Targeted while C Sues her for Defamation

I’m sure some folks must be wandering if all the updates I’m bringing on the Park Shi Hoo rape case is made up. It’s not, because if I were to make things up, it surely wouldn’t be the baloney and hogwash that has been coming out of the case over in Korea steadily for the last three weeks. In case the lawsuit merry-go-around wasn’t crowded enough, yet another lawsuit has been filed to add to the mix. B, the unni friend of alleged victim A, was one of the first to speak out to the media when this case broke, opening her big mouth and telling juicy details about what supposedly happened that night when Park Shi Hoo allegedly raped A. Along the way B got sued by Park Shi Hoo for libel claiming she spread written untruths about him since he’s alleging everything she said in that interview was a big fat lie. Now B does done a 180-turn and has issued a public apology to Park Shi Hoo, claiming she was merely a good friend to A and believed A’s lies about what happened. B further said that when she met with A and C (Mr. Hwang of Eyagi Entertainment, Park Shi Hoo’s former agency) the night after the alleged rape and C allegedly told A that he was going to get back at Park Shi Hoo for leaving his agency and wanted to use A to bring him down. He allegedly instructed A not to shower and go to the police station to report the rape. B further alleges that she heard C and A colluding on ruining Park Shi Hoo’s reputation and getting a big settlement from him, which they would split. I’m wondering if there is a way to verify when those three met at the coffee shop, C claims it was around 10 pm the night of the 15th and A had already reported the rape to the police at around 8 pm. Of course C is not taking this lying down and immediately after B gave this new interview, he filed suit against B for defamation as C sticks by his claim that all he ever got involved in this mess was to try and mediate a settlement for Park Shi Hoo. Ahahaha, okay, that is just priceless.

I thought B wasn’t credible AT ALL when she gave the first media interview claiming Park Shi Hoo totally raped A, and she’s still less credible now when she changes her story completely and tries to paint herself as a victim. I still don’t understand who this chick is and why she is involved in a rape investigation between A and Park Shi Hoo. If there was a female equivalent of the word “douchebag” then she would fit the bill. Heck, she should get cited for being an annoying nuisance and impeding a police investigation by giving contradictory statements. I’m wondering what other potential lawsuits lurk in the midst. A can still file a civil suit against Park Shi Hoo for the alleged rape. K has been noticeable MIA lately but I’m wondering if he isn’t suddenly going to pop out and sway the case – he can suddenly turn betrayer and reveal that he backs A’s version of what happened that night, or he can stick with his story all the way and maybe throw even more evidence into the mix intended to discredit A and bolster Park Shi Hoo’s defense that it was consensual. And K can start slinging lawsuits of his own for fun as well. This might actually end in a rocks fall down ending where no one comes out of this intact. And the truth might never be known, which is disappointing. I’m a firm believer that truth is the ultimate arbiter of justice, whether the truth ends up being for poor alleged victim Park Shi Hoo battling avaricious A and vengeful C, or its for poor alleged victim A who went out drinking with her oppa K and ended up bedding down with Park Shi Hoo unbeknownst to her drunken state of mind. Sadly truth seems to have run far far away from this media circus and is nowhere to be found.


B Apologizes to Park Shi Hoo and Claims He was Targeted while C Sues her for Defamation — 61 Comments

  1. This has become so convoluted that I no longer know what is true anymore. This literally has become something out of a drama.

    • lol xD Totally agree with you. For me Its become so convoluted and confusing that i dont remember who is A, B, C, K , L(is there an L?) anymore 😛 😛

      • Same here… when I saw the post about “L” Some LEE guy…. I was like: WTF! Are we in L already???

  2. It’s like a day time drama. For all we know there could be an Emily Thorne pulling the strings and seeking her revenge. This is one of those moments when you look at your monitor and say ‘no way that would happen in real life’

  3. HAHAHA. That’s all I want to say. I mean…oy vey. I wish this never was even in the media. I wish whoever divulged this info to the media first could have stayed quiet. Then again, it makes for a very good drama, which I’m lacking these days. I’ve given up on 7GCS (even though I love Joo Won, Chansung and Choi Kang Hee…the storyline is meh) and I’ve watching old dramas, like Ojakgyo Brothers and watching K-entertainment (RM!!!).

  4. 180 deg c. turn. WOW. thats certainly positive points for PSH. as always ill stick to the CCTV at PSH aprtmnt if thats real.

  5. Seems that NO ONE is standing up to support A, the rape victim. This recent turn of events simply goes to show how many unscrupulous people there are in this world (notably in and around the Korean entertainment industry) who are moved by MONEY AND POWER. PSH is as scum as can be and he is efficiently BUYING support. That man has the worst possible character – or rather none to speak of.

    • Buying support??? Where in the world are you getting that from? I am not on PSH or A’s side I just wish the truth would come out. But looks like that will not happen now. I am definitely not on a rapist’s side (my sister was raped) but I also don’t think that a person should be tried in a court of public opinion. This is just such a mess. Funny how a person can say someone has a bad character but not even know the person. Looks to me like you are staying up late reading a lot of gossip. You need to get a life and try not to judge someone when you do not know all the facts.

      • Aren’t YOU making the SAME judgement call on me as you have accused me of making on PSH? Do you know me? Yet you insist that I i) read too much gossip (ie this website is gossip?!) ii) need to get a life? Ha!

  6. Anyone ever have a drunken night where they know they had sex and in fact were the one in charge but was so drunk you barely remember the next day besides for flashbacks.
    I honestly think the girl had drunken sex that’s all.
    It just doesn’t seem right that she would she go to his former manager at all..unless park shi ho told her something the night before on how he left the company and was starting his own management company

    • What if both of them were drunk? Is it still considered rape if the man’s judgement is also impaired by too much alcohol?

  7. This is such a mess. I wonder if A ever considers to sue Mr. L from the last story for defamation, too, LOL. B should never be allowed to give interview about this case since she wasn’t directly involved in what happened in PSH’s apartment. Her interview makes me think that the media is just hungry for anything related to this case whether it is true or not.
    In fact, I think it’s not difficult for the police to trace back where and when C met/contacted A (and B) via their messages/phone. I don’t know what PSH and his lawyer intend to do to defense him. Sueing people around may have shut some big mouths (like B) for a while but it doesn’t proof that he’s innocent.

  8. WTF.
    Great friend you are, B. She sounds to me like she wants all the attention. Backstabbing bitch. It sounds not credible yet credible at the same time….is it PSH’s fault? Is it A’s?
    Btw, koala, a few days ago I went to your website and it brought me to another website with a video of Paris Hilton’s sex tape…lol. I cannot remember specifically the details but it got a bit scary when my computer warned me that there might be a virus. It was not the first time for me. After a few hours I checked your website again and everything was fine. Has anybody else experienced this?

    • Sounds like that to me too. Or else can’t imagine what motivates B to come around 180 degrees with a completely different story. Also, does she ever wonder how the public would perceive her? What a B****tch!

  9. Wow all I can say is that A has a real talent in chosing really bad friends. First there is K, who threw her into PSH’s lap and then there is B who stabs her in the back.
    And does anyone else have a feeling that K actually is a pimp and he suplies PSH with young girls.

    • Yupe. I mean what kind of friend would grope his friend’s lady’s breast while his friend was sleeping next to her. How dare is he to do that! Unless K knows that P wouldnt get upset since he and P only see the girl as one of many young girls they manipulated before. K is a pimp who supplies girls to his boss “P”

  10. My thing is, and yes I Know this sounds Park Shi Hoo bias but: “HOW THE HELL COULD A Have given details of what happened that night to B, if A was unconcious? Thats all I want answered. I know PSH is human and could have taken undue advantage of this girl, and I feel for her. But this is a crazy merry-go-round and I find it difficult to even sympathize with. I just want it to be wrapped up like the bad drama it is. The police need to get this under control and keep things to themselves until the bitter end. Stop leaking to public, because they definiely dont know crap. They also need to take a page out of law and order and get a psychologist in there to cross examine A or w.e. IDK, I dont ant to sound harsh or anything, but man this is tiring. I know cops want to show that they dont go easy on celebs, but this is not the way. And why is a sports magazine getting all the interviews for this case?

  11. The moment we read B’s account, didn’t we all wonder how she was involved?
    Even if what B reported was exactly what A told her, without any evidence, she could be sued for libel/slander.
    She was NUTS to go to the media and report anything.

    I am thinking that PSH had sex with a drunk A who was coherent enough at the time to appear to give consent, but then she woke up with a blank night behind her.
    Has this happened to me in college? Yes.
    Did it scare the chit outta me? Yes.

    Is PSH guilty of rape or bad judgement? Only God knows at this point, although now I am leaning towards bad, as in really really really bad, judgement.
    Poor A.

    • I’m thinking media is hunting down all A’s relations, past and recent, and making them speak. They might even be paying them. This B person is such an idiot for getting into this.

  12. This has become sort of another entertainment news which sadly shouldn’t be. I am not going to comment who is right or wrong, both are right in their own opinion, and wrong to the others’ opinion.

    But what I can conclude this is not the 1st time PSH have a one night stand with a barely known girl (errg, so on the contrary of his image as a knight with the shining armor). The only different is this time there is an afterward effect that involve police, media, and a so called friend who more likely is an opportunist.

    I just hope the truth will be soon out and if the verdict said PSH/A are the wrong one, I will not judge or condemn them as they have been judged and condemned more than enough by the media, netizen, fans and anti fans.

    And if the truth will never be revealed, I am also fine as deep within the respective parties knows who are right/wrong, all are accountable to their own action and most importantly, they can lie to other people but not to themselves and God.

  13. It’s kind of fishy why C got involved. Why would A go to see C? Unless she was threatened by PSH and wanted to to protect herself. I think PSH was really horny that night and wanted to have sex so arranged it with his pimp. The girl got drunk and was in no state to give consent. PSH didn’t mean to rape her but he was going to get his sexual release one way or the other. So probably had sex with her. He should have sent her home. I don’t care whether he raped her or not. But the fact that he took advantage of two much younger people in age and social standing ( and we all know the famed hierarchy system in Korea thanks to to Kdramas) says a lot of PSH. The man is a scumbag. I read somewhere that he comes from an elite family. All the more reason for him to behave decently. I don’t think he raped her but he did take advantage of her when she was in an incoherent state and that is considered rape in some countries.

    • You said it yourself: taking advantage of someone in an incoherent state is considered rape, but not only in some countries; it is included in the definition of rape itself. RAPE: sexual intercourse initiated by a person against one person without that person’s consent….. The act may be carried out with a person incapable of valid consent, such as unconscious, incapacitated …
      The only fact that could have saved PSH was to have taken some toxicologic test right after the incident was reported: if he could have proved that he was drunk too, perhaps he would have had something as an excuse. But he avoided the police for 10 days, so now that chance of proving that it was only idiotic, drunken sex has flown out of the window.

      What puzzles me is why the hell a man as rich and influential as him resorts at one stands like this case? And with a drunken woman, nonetheless. Isn’t he confident enough in his charms to woo a sober lady? Or he knows that women in their early twenties rarely sleep with much older men, so he needed her intoxicated if he wanted some fresh meat… Why didn’t he go to a young prostitute then? I don’t understand.
      What I get from all this situation id that K was PSH’s pimp in supplying him with gullible, young girls, who were nobodies, but not prostitutes. Maybe it would have been better if PSH took for himself a legit girlfriend.

      I tried to get him out from this mess in my mind, but at best, he is a jerk who sleeps with drunken, incapacitated women. I sure wouldn’t want him anywhere near me, or near any of my young family members, or near my best friends after knowing this about him or any other guy. He must be someone who doesn’t respect personal boundaries, others’ wishes or women in general. He kind of suits a rapist’s profile imo.

      And I’m almost sure that A wouldn’t have cried rape if she had awaken with K in bed: she liked him and wouldn’t have felt violated even if she couldn’t remember much about the previous night, but she didn’t know PSH at all and 2 hours of drinking with him just wasn’t enough for her to think: wow, I like this guy so much, I’m so gonna sleep with him immediately!! of course, maybe she’s a stupid bimbo and she might as well thought that, but after reading her kakao convos with K I kind of doubt it. The question we must put is: if A was in a perfectly sober state with whom she would have slept? Something tells me that not with PSH.

      Anyway, PSH instead of suing everybody right and left, he just should concentrate on his defense rather. After he proves his innocence, go ahead, sue whomever you wish.

      And what about the Korean police letting him postpone his appearance at their precinct for almost 2 weeks? Dumbest police ever!
      Now more future Korean rape victims will report their crimes…not!

  14. somehow w/ all these, one gets a clear picture of what B really is: a nosy, know-it-all, meddler, an opportunist, and also a coward. I wonder if a huge amount made her tell another of her lies.

  15. i really hate this fiasco , and honestly i back up @teish that she had drunken sex which she thought was rape , maybe she wasnt that kind and really a mistake ! but i think she figured by now what a shit she is into but its too late to back down ! it fits a saying in my country , who hits has hit , and who runs has run !!

  16. I don’t know why C got involved, but I don’t think it matters since he wasn’t involved in the night before. How I see it is… PSH is a rapist at worst or a shady scumbag who takes advantage of drunk young woman at the very least. I also get the feeling that he honestly doesn’t think he raped A. Doesn’t mean he didn’t rape her though. He’s just delusional enough to think a vomiting drunk girl had a thing for him and wanted to have sex. Problem is one is against the law and one isn’t and I don’t see how they can prove which one happened. Add to that all the random people trying to inject themselves into the story and the police being generally incompetent…what a mess.

    • This! He might not think it is not rape, but it IS.

      Plus, I think it isn’t the first time it happened. I bet K and PSH has been doing it…

  17. PSH still comes out smelling like a pos along with his buddy K. Did they deliberately pull a bait ‘n switch on this girl who drunkingly consented to sex with K, who she knew, who tossed her to PSH as a favor or to get in good with him? We may never know, but if so, these oppars are monsters.

    Oh, and I’m okay with B being sued….I hope one or more of these ppl sees the inside of a courtroom standing before a judge over this matter.

    • Lmao, I hope B is sued by PSH, by his old company, by A and by the police for telling lies. LOLOLOL this way she will learn not to tell lies and bother others.

    • Ewww..switch n bait sounds pretty disgusting , if it was true. But I thought it has been confirmed that only PSH’s DNA was found in A’s secretion and K’s DNA was negative.

  18. A B C are letters in the Park shi hoo scandal soup

    some say b is xonerating Park shi hoo but i will wait for police report

    ut should be a said park shi hoo d case but its not

    i want this over please make go away

    but we all wait for the truth ( what left of it to come out)

  19. After the dust settles on this what’s-what reality drama, will “A” be able to continue on her starlet-in-trainee career path considering the notoriety trailing behind her like toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

  20. as much as i am already tired and confused by all this bullshit …..i find myself not only driving by this train wreck but actually stopping to read the on going crap and becoming part of it…..what the hell is wrong with me?!

  21. B just took a 180 so PSH would take back the case against her. At least thats what it seems she wants to happen. *Yawn*

    This was ‘fun’ in the beginning, but like too many twists in a drama, I’m pretty certain half of us doesn’t know which road we are even in now. I stopped believing any of this is legit, the moment that perfume story came out.

    Wait for April 1, and we may get a press conference with people representing A-Z screaming “April Fool!”

  22. To be honest I dislike comments like

    ”Can it end now?” ”it is booring” ”It is not fun anymore”

    excuse me but how do you are having fun/a nice time laughing at someone’s damage? This is just wow…

    Do you think it is funmy someone was raped? or if it is not true Do you think it is funny if an actor’s life was ruined?

    How can you find it funny… .

    • I dont know if you’ve noticed this, but ‘not fun’ and ‘boring’ is a metaphor for saying this doesn’t make sense anymore. Its like watching a show, where you know the plot line is ridiculous and no thought it given before executing it. And this is real life… which makes it all the more bizzare.

      No one is saying its ‘fun’ to watch someone’s life being ruined, but it is quite ridiculous that all these random people are popping out of nowhere claiming to be a piece that solves this hideous puzzle. The victims and the accused are somehow making this a circus with all their lawsuits after lawsuits against each other, and I find no other way to take this but to laugh at the stupidity of it all.

      Whats funny is not the rape or the accused. What’s funny is the chain of events that is more bizzare than a horribly executed low budget drama.

      • If it doesn’t make a sense, well.. because this is life. not a drama. Have you heard quote “The difference between fact and fiction is that fiction must be believable”?

      • How ironic is it then that the difference is quite unbelievable. And fact? LMAO. Half of this is fiction. Because we all know that either B is lying the fist time, or she is lying the second time. Either K was molesting A, or just returning the comforter. Either PSH raped A, or not. So nope. This is not all facts! We dont know what the facts are.

  23. This is getting ridiculous and ugly… If A and B didn’t have any ill intentions why would they contact PSH’s former agency instead of the police right away?

  24. I think Sophie nailed it. Kids, watch and learn from this. I don’t care how you call it – one night stand, drunken sex, rape – there are consequences to fornication outside of marriage. And its never pretty.

    • Did you just compare sex outside of marriage to rape as if somehow they are similar?

      Plus, you have just completely erased every victim who was raped by a spouse. Guess what? Marital rape happens. A lot. smh

  25. I’m PSH’fan. But this time I was disappointed. He did not keep his reputation as a famous actor. Whatever his reason, he had to do something stupid. Having sex with a girl in which it was their first meeting. He didn’t know who the girl closely. How could a 35 year old adult man doing it without thinking before. Even if he was a regular guy, that too foolish. Maybe now he regretted. But it’s good for him, because this incident wll be a valuable lesson for him. Hoping he can through this difficult time.

    • “How could a 35 year old man doing it without thinking before. Even if he was a regular guy, that too foolish.”

      Look at any celebrity, famous musician, etc., you see in the U.S. media and you read about such stuff, we don’t even blink. So what makes any sort of public figure like this around the globe exempt from acting stupid? Or entitled? Or taking advantage of a situation because they feel like it?

      Sure, Asian celebrities’ success is all based on their sparkly-clean reputation. I don’t know how long I would survive in such a fishbowl.

      I am not judging PSH, because I have no idea what he did or didn’t. But I do know he is not some innocent, lilly-white persona. All these rumors are based one some sort of truth. Did he have sex with someone? Probably. Was it rape? Probably not.

      However this has been so sensationalized and gone out of proportion I think of it as really bad entertainment. Makes me think the Korean media is so sensationalist and the Korean police are pretty darn inept at doing their jobs to keep this all in check.

  26. This is becoming comical!…..LOL It’s like a TV mini series. I can’t wait to see who else will jump on this bandwagon and who else will do a switch and bait.

    I’ve an idea… Why don’t we feed them all truth serum and tie them to a lie detector!

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