Bu Bu Jing Qing Update: Liu Shi Shi Plays Twins and New Sexy Stills of Chen Xiang

What the twins what? I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading this correct, and that all the recent rumors were in fact true. Baidu has confirmed it but heck if that means jack squat until we get some definitive answers from Tangren about the script. It has long been bandied about that Liu Shi Shi was playing a character named Zhang Xiao in the sorta sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin, which is the same name of her modern-era character in BBJX (whereas her Qing dynasty character was Maertai Ruoxi). It’s not clear if the Zhang Xiao in Bu Bu Jing Qing is the same Zhang Xiao from BBJX or simply a different character with the same name for familiarity sake. Now comes the kicker – apparently Liu Shi Shi is playing twins in BBJQ! I’m not joking, one character is Zhang Xiao (the white collar graphic designer) and the other is Zhang Lan (the reporter). Now this sheds light on an earlier BTS report that Liu Shi Shi was hollering about being a reporter while filming a scene. 10th Prince Ye Zhu Xin’s character will be stepping in for Yuan Hong’s 13th Prince character and will be BFFs and confidantes with Zhang Xiao. Two more official character stills came out this week and it’s of Chen Xiang, who plays Zhang Xiao’s ex-boyfriend. Compared to all the previous official stills of all the actors, this one is my favorite by far. Or maybe I love it so much because he’s seriously channeling a doppelganger of Lee Jun Ki in the pose and the eye intensity. Right now the filming is being closely followed despite general disappointment that the entire cast isn’t returning and the storyline sounds so meh. The affection for BBJX is strong and the hope is wide that BBJQ can capture even a bit of the magic that made BBJX so addicting. Another addition to the cast adds to the original cast count – Annie Liu (Ruo Lan) is returning as well but whether it’s a cameo or as a regular cast member is still unknown. She’s lovely and I want to see some girl bonding with her and Shi Shi again.


Bu Bu Jing Qing Update: Liu Shi Shi Plays Twins and New Sexy Stills of Chen Xiang — 11 Comments

  1. Chen Xiang was in that show with Kim So Eun right ?!. I’m coming into this with my expectations extremely low because it just isn’t BBJX without the whole cast.

    • OMG YES! I was just going to say forget LJK, that is soo KDW….I thought it had to read the headlines a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right lol

    • And I was wondering why Ms Koala posted a picture of KDW in a BBJQ update…

      Wow, he’s so gorgeous. Why have I not noticed him before?

    • Yap. The first pic is very Kang Dong Won indeed. The second was purty as well, but not the fur. Reminds me of Lee Da Hae. Hmmm

    • i thought i saw kdw and checked few times to make sure lol. if they wrote kdw’s name under the pic, i’d have totally believe it.

  2. I’m so confused right now. Why are there twins? And who is the supposed modern version of Ruo Xi? And what does this have to do with the original BBJX?

    • The guy that stole BBJX and wrote Palace Jade Lockheart/Gong, etc, included a look-a-like plotline in a few episodes, maybe this is this screenwriters revenge.

      You know, for lack of better shows to watch, I have been revisiting some of my favorite BBJX moments. I know I am repeating myself, but LSS and Nicky are so riveting together on screen I can look past plot for them.
      I guess that means they have to keep the ridiculousness of the rest of the characters to a minimum to keep me completely on board.

      I haven’t ever seen a Mainland modern setting show. Are they really that bad?

  3. When I read that 10th prince was stepping down to fill in Yuan Hong’s thirteenth prince role, I wondered why. I think he fit tenth really well and that Ma Tian Yu could fill in Yuan Hong’s role. It seems strange but I think it could work since they worked well in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei.

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