Kim Tae Hee is Pretty in Purple in First Official Stills from Jang Ok Jung

So pretty! Kim Tae Hee is so so pretty in her first glowing official still from the upcoming fusion sageuk Jang Ok Jung. Her veneers are a tad distracting for the time period, but she definitely gives off a lush womanly charm that befits her character – a noblewoman who gains the love of a King and becomes a powerful consort. In this revisionist version of the story of Jang Heebin, she’s written as an aspiring fashion designer and cosmetics maker in Joseon Korea. She will undoubtedly encounter catty competition, both in terms of her fashionista career and in love, since we know King Sukjong had quite his hands full juggling all his women. Sometimes I wonder if the whole gory history of King Sukjong’s reign could have been avoided had he kept his pants on more. Or at least kept his eye from wandering all over the court. The drama is aiming high in terms of costume design since it aligns with the story requirements, and Kim Tae Hee has been brushing off her needle and thread from her college days and learning embroidery for this role. I love the super colorful hanboks on the younger girls, but for a mature woman Kim Tae Hee’s purple overcoat with a black underskirt is pretty much exquisitely perfect. I love the simple embroidery on one shoulder while leaving the rest bare to allow the rich glowing purple color to shine. These stills are made even more enchanting by the cherry blossoms in the background that match her embroidery, while the camera lens focuses on a beaming Jang Ok Jung in the center of the frame. I love the PD for this drama, having helmed My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and A Star’s Lover, while the screenwriter is a big question mark, it’s being adapted by the same writer who wrote the chick lit novel also called Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love that this drama is based on. 


Kim Tae Hee is Pretty in Purple in First Official Stills from Jang Ok Jung — 9 Comments

  1. What I lovely vision! Still find it a lil’ weird that she’s with Rain. Was a big Rain fan when Full House came out but I cant say I love any of his dramas thereafter. Ops, digressed .

  2. The fabrics are gorgeous and luxe!
    They must have a hella budget for that wardrobe – but without being able to PPL the name brands.

    Unless, of course, there’s a designer label hanbok company out there.

    And not that the fact that she is described as a designer and cosmetic consultant before a usurper to the Queenship didn’t tip me off, but CHICK LIT novel? We are going to watch a chick lit saguek? Is that even possible?
    As long as that mean long hot stares between KTH and whatever leading man is in the scene, that is fine.

  3. So so pretty is right.

    I really wonder how this drama will turn out. It could be really different and interesting… or it could be a total disaster. The fact that it’s based on a chick lit novel is not very encouraging, I agree jomo. It depends mostly on the writing. And on KTH’s acting, which I don’t have a lot of faith in tbh. But maybe she’s improved? The rest of the cast is pretty solid though.

  4. Miss koala, why did you stop recapping TWTWB? I don’t know if u said you would stop or not but I’m sad and I love your feedback on the drama. :'( this recent episode makes me want to read your words of wisdom right now.

  5. Kim Tae Hee is indeed VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY pretty in Purple!!
    She’s absolutely gorgeous dressed in Korean hanbok! Can’t wait to see the drama!

  6. The very two pics are undiscribable Omg ! That hanbok is screaming fancy and expensive ! What a great preparation and all around perfect !

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