Ji Chang Wook Denies Report that He was Cast Opposite Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire

Normally when an actor denies reports of being cast in a drama, I usually don’t find it newsworthy. But this is Moon Geun Young‘s upcoming sageuk we’re talking about, and the circumstances of this situation bears parsing through before tossing the baby out with the bathwater. News broke this morning that Ji Chang Wook had been cast as the male lead for the upcoming Goddess of Fire Jeongi. He was apparently MBC‘s inside choice for the role. Before I even had a chance to think about my feelings towards his casting, Ji Chang Wook’s management company quickly issued a press release that he was not cast in the drama (at this time) and in fact the script and the role was never offered to Ji Chang Wook. Some news reports are saying he’s not cast, but I read between the lines here and it looks like a case of someone jumping the gun. Likely MBC wants him cast and maybe the production company wants someone else, so the news was “leaked” to force the production company’s hand. Or vice-versa. The initial news report said that since Goddess of Fire was being written by the writer who did Warrior Baek Dong Soo, the guy wanted Ji Chang Wook and called him up. Except it appears poor Ji Chang Wook hasn’t been notified he was on the inside track for this coveted lead role hence when the news broke his side was left scrambling and going “what the heck just happened?” I guess there are worse things then getting accidentally cast opposite Moon Geun Young in a primetime drama. With that said, I’m betting the odds are 50/50 he is going to be the lead. Regardless of his agency’s denial this morning of the casting, they didn’t deny he would ever star in it. Until the casting is inked, I’m still hoping for my two top choices Kim Jae Wook or Song Joong Ki. But if neither is an option, I don’t have a problem with Ji Chang Wook. He’s already headlined a sageuk in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and he’s had a string of turkeys last year with Bachelor Vegetable Store and Five Fingers so this is too good a chance to pass up. He’s one of the famed ’87ers along with Moon Geun Young so it will be a same-age pairing if this is true. What do you think about this potential pairing?

I can’t ever get over how amazing Moon Geun Young was in her sageuk Painter of the Wind. She’s going to knock Goddess of Fire out of the park, mark my words. As I said earlier, the writer did Warrior Baek Dong Soo, while the PD is an MBC veteran who did Ruler of Your Own World, Dr. Gang, and Heading to the Ground. This is an odd production team, and once again all my worries hinge on the writer. I think Ji Chang Wook and Moon Geun Young together would be a very unexpected pairing, but not one that would give me reason for concern. He’s a solid actor and always getting better, and I like the change of co-stars from someone older in Cheongdamdong Alice back to someone her own age. This drama is slated to air after Gu Family Book on Mon-Tues. Hopefully there won’t be sageuk exhaustion by the time it airs after four simultaneous primetime sageuks right before it.


Ji Chang Wook Denies Report that He was Cast Opposite Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire — 27 Comments

  1. If JCW confirm this saeguk then i’m going gaga like whole night. I always want him to get good role but apparently luck hasn’t reach him so far.
    So i really want this otp to be true

  2. I liked Ji Chang Wook’s performance in Five Fingers so it’s okay with me if he is cast as the male lead in this new drama. But my wish is a drama with Moon Geun Young and Jung Il Woo as the OTP.

  3. I’m still thinking casting a Japanese actor would be the best choice, or then cast a Korean actor but please don’t make them speak cringe worthy and very bad Japanese. Because no Korean actor is fluent (except Kim Jae Wok)or even conversational in Japanese.
    But MGY was amazing in Painter of the wind, seriously her chemistry with MCW was incredible.

  4. I LOVE JCW but if i have to choose someone then i want Song joong ki…then I can see both Geolrim couple but in diffrent dramas ^^

  5. Can’t she take all tri at once? 😀

    KJW should get Moon this time 🙂
    SJK should go after Moon already 🙂
    JCW should have fun having Moon by his side 🙂

  6. How about Im Ju Hwan? I think he is really good in sageuk costume. And I find his Park Kyu is mesmerising. And he’s out of the army. And his last works are all modern, which I found less captivating. But I am under his spell now (rewatching both Tamra and What’s Up several times last 10 days!!!). I found MGY is a really good actress and I wish IJH can act opposite her. But if it is SJK, I have no complain neither!

  7. Usually, rumors become reality..especially for the case of MBC. For example YEH and Suzy. Both of thier management initially denied casting rumors .. but it turns out to be true

    I am fine with JCW or another actor to get pairing with MGY, as long as not idol singer. It will be wasted for MGY’s talent

  8. Or it could be Ji Chang Wook’s agency trying to get him in the running for a role that he was never in contention for – a la Han Hyo Joo with Chuno.

  9. Finally, there’s some news on Moonie’s new drama. After CDDA there’s been a drought of news on her apart from her fan meeting. Anyway, I am really thrilled on the prospect of her new drama and here’s my wish list for her male lead (sorry, JCW is out for me):

    a. Jung II Woo
    b. Kim Soo Hyun
    c. Yoo Seung Ho (too bad he’s in the army)
    d. Philip Lee
    e. Lee Jun Ki
    f. Jaejoong
    g. Bae Soo bin
    h. Jo In Sung

    There is no priority ranking to the list but some of the names I would like to see pairing with Moonie. For me I would like to see a brooding guy with intense gaze and screen presence with my Moonie, hot enough to melt the screen.

    Counting down to June.

  10. OMG if SJK was cast I will DIE OF HAPPINESS. Too much awesomeness. Not against this pairing but there are more potential epic pairings in my opinion which they should aim for…

  11. My first reaction was “Noo!”…mostly because I really wanted Im Joo Hwan to get this part, I think he and MGY together have the potential to blow our minds….and Ji Chang Wook…….I don’t know how I feel about this…I liked the guy a lot in his debut in Sons of Sol Pharmacy house but I haven’t seen that much of him since he broke out, I’ve seen bits and pieces of him in both WBDS and 5F and he’s still good but I feel like he was overshadowed in both shows by the performances of his costars (Yoo Seung Ho and Joo Ji Hoo) so I’m a little worried that MGY would be a more charismatic onscreen presence…that said if they’re considering him, at least the production is on the right track…well at least I’m hoping they are

  12. Haven’t watch him on screen yet but he’s pretty handsome and I heard some good reviews about him. I’m just anxious to have my Moonie back.

  13. I’m ok with this. I still want KJW. But I like JCW and I loved him in Baek Dong Soo and would really like to seem him in something else that doesn’t suck. I watched Bachelor (unfortunately). Yuck. But no way I was going to watch 5 Fingers – a 50 ep makjang – over my dead body. So I don’t hate this casting. And at least it gets us away from the whole Jaejoong rumor. And since I really like JCW my fingers are crossed for the kid.

  14. I really like him as an actor and I already adore her so this pairing would work for me. It’s just unfortunate that neither have had “good” dramas lately. Hopefully if he is cast, this will be a break for them.

  15. I also adore MGY & JCW. Both have pleasant looks and personality. Confident both of them would have great chemistry onscreen. Cross my fingers that they would accept the roles.

  16. plz plz moon and JCW i love him in Warrior baek dong soo ..in my opinion he is one of the best actor …..his acting skills are amazing …if would be the best pairing <3<3<3<3

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