Even More Exciting Written and Video Preview for King Flower Episode 11

The latest preview is so good I’m literally shaking. So I was typing up this post when I wrote King Crack instead of King Flower (Substitute Princess). LOL, so apropos, yes? I’ve also coined a new phrase for Terry shipping – T3 otherwise known as the Team Terry Train. I love alliteration so the ship has morphed into a train. Which is good since we all know cruise ships have had a very bad spate of troubles recently. Train travel is more reliable, especially those speedy bullet trains, which best captures how quickly the Terry-Da Hua interactions have ramped up from business to all-personal now. The written preview for episode 11 came out and I squealed upon seeing the pictures above. Holy mother of something or another, if Da Hua isn’t falling for Terry then she really has no right to look at him like that. Guh, can Xiao Fei kidnap Guan Jun for a weekend in the woods, because I guarantee a weekend of Terry and Da Hua alone time without Guan Jun around to cause confusion is all those two need to get past the whole “you look like my recently departed fiancée” issue for him and “I claim to be in love with another man” issue for her. I’m not even sorry I’m getting folks hooked on this crack, because that just means more people to discuss it with! I went back through all the news articles on this drama and Chris’ agency actually told fans that it was a co-male lead drama without a guy1 or guy2. Heh, that’s more like it. SETTV is being the nicest network right now and has released not only the written preview, but a third even more stupendously awesome video preview to go along with the first two. I am in Heaven re-watching the previews and Hell waiting for episode 11 to drop.

Written preview for episode 11:

Just as Ouyang Tai is about to win the bid, Guan Jun suddenly appears to snatch the bid from him. And he lets Xiao Fei hold his arm as well?! Looks like Guan Jun intends to win at any cost, how he is planning to give Ouyang Tai the figurative killing blow? Ouyang Tai has staked his position as Director on this land deal, and now someone has darted forth to block his path. What should he do next?

Guan Jun’s impetuousness was intended to quickly earn NT2 million and bring Da Hua back home. Who knew it would instead lead to a hearted argument between them two, and they start fighting right in front of Ouyang Tai! At this time, Da Hua not only is completely on Ouyang Tai’s side, she angrily chides Guan Jun for being ungrateful. And she actually refuses to leave with her beloved Guan Jun oppa?

The even more unexpected thing is that Ouyang Tai has Cheng Hong secretly pack Da Hua’s belongings, and that very night he half lies/half cajoles Da Hua to step towards her road home. Could it be that Ouyang Tai intends to reveal the truth to the world? Will Da Hua’s extravagant adventure end right there?

New preview for episode 11:

“Who can go back to the way it was?”

Da Hua: If President Du knew, he would be so devastated. Did I do something wrong?

Terry: No, you are just an innocent who got embroiled in this. I’m sorry. It is all my fault. Da Hua, your mission has ended. Go home now. Return to your Guan Jun oppa’s side.

Da Hua: Terry, you big idiot! How could I leave just like that.

Terry: Lin Guan Jun, how could you think that anyone could go back to the way it was?”


Even More Exciting Written and Video Preview for King Flower Episode 11 — 22 Comments

  1. Omg, Thanks for this post it made my day. I am so excited and I agree with you all the way. This drama has became very addictive and I also hope Guan Jun gets kidnapped as well. I hope Terry and Da Hua gains more interactions with each other.

    • I want Guan Jun’s kidnapping to have lots of shippy romantic moments between him and Xiao Fei. Or at least ones where he isn’t annoyed at her and sees her as more than just this rich spoiled girl. And he’s starting to.

      The previews are pretty much all Da Hua-Terry. I think someone in SETTV loves Terry as much as we all do.

  2. I actually lost hope in this drama after episodes 3 because it felt ridiculous for da hua to change her look etc and terry to think of such a stupid idea since it will be exposed one day. Your posts reignite my interest in it IF terry is gonna end up with da hua!!! It doesnt matter anymore why he can forget his original fiancee is such a short period of time and that the plot is ridiculous. Im joining T3!! 😀

    • Yeah, plot is the most silliest thing ever. But the emotional FEELS is not silly at all. There is going to be so much more guilt going around – Terry for falling for another girl so quickly, and one that he made look just like Liang Yen, and Da Hua for having feelings for a guy not her Guan Jun oppa. Da Hua is so dense that she’ll think its loyalty or some crap like that, but who the heck fights with the man she supposedly loves for the sake of another guy. And then doesn’t go home to that man and insists on staying with the other guy?

  3. Just chanting ‘monday, monday, monday… Why arent you coming faster?’
    Ive never wanted monday to come this much. Ever.

  4. I’ve gone and finished episode 10 today. I’ve reached the “I’ve caught up, now what?” moment I was dreading. *Sadness*

  5. I just love Chris acting. His understated quietness is so lound, not sure if he is more like Gary Grant or Gary Cooper.

    • OMGOMGOMGOMG, that’s it! You nailed it on the head. Definitely an old school movie star acting quality like a Cary Grant. I’ve love him for so long its beyond amazing to see him just unleash it all here.

    • Good heavens, you are right! There is also a regal-ness (?) about him in this show that has that old-school charm. While no one will EVER take the place of my beloved Cary Grant, Chris really is good… Oh, and I’m thinking more Gregory Peck-ish.

      • Ahhhhhhhhhh, the tilt of the head with the sad eyes looking up at you,
        so deep you can swim in them. Precise execution with the tinest movement. Quite rare in drama (over) acting.

  6. OMG – my heart can’t take this. I had no plans for this to be a crack drama for me. I just love it and wanted to enjoy it without the anticipation anxiety. LOL I am totally T3, however, I still want some sort of fair fight between GJ and Terry. Then again, is anything in life ever fair? As much as I love Chris, I’d like to see James also get a pretty decent role out of this. So I don’t want to writers to just drop the ball on his character either. I know life can never be the same again for any of the characters, but still… I don’t know. The jump from LY (and her death) to DH (made to be her double) is just all sorts of strangeness. And I think if it weren’t for Chris playing Terry, I would have had probably harsher words for him.

    I’m only watching 3 dramas right now – Tammy & King One’s, This and HYI. HYI is my crack drama and it’s giving me a huge headache. So I hope KF continues to be good to the very end 🙂 I am trying to keep my expectations managed. 🙂 I will be a much happier viewer that way.

  7. Okay, I totally agree with you. On paper I would never ever ship Terry with Da Hua – he just lost the love of his life, and there is this girl who looks just like her, and he made her that way! So wrong in timing and everything. And yet I am so behind their budding connection all the way. It feels romantic in a healing way.

  8. I like Terry, but I just don’t know if I can get over the ‘ identical to my dead fiance’. A bit too substituty for me.
    And I admit I like James Wen

    We’ll see how it goes though!

  9. OMGOSH i’m like SO allergic to this type of TW drama but.. but… Chris~~ he just friggin burns up the screen~~~ He’s not EXACTLY handsome, though he’s good to look at. He’s really really skinny it’s makes his ears stick out. (don’t kill me) but man… what is it exactly? Is it his eyes? Those large, watery eyes of his? Or is it his quietly confident demeanor? With poise, he knows he has things to offer so he doesn’t have to showcase it to anyone– the audience simply has to wait for his skills to naturally come out… yet with an air of emotional vulnerability? I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore @__@

    I don’t often quote my mom, but lol my mom’s once said, actors who can cry in a way that SEEPS pain into your heart… they must have experienced something painful in the past first… hmmm

  10. Man, about to throw in the towel of resistance.
    Downloaded ep 1-9 it’s just sitting in my HD.
    Watched ep 10 – yeah go figure. The pain. OMG the pain Terry was in.
    Then Ms Koala with the multiple articles over this week.

    But no… still resisting.

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