The Mudslinging Breakup of Roy Qiu and Tang Yan Lights Up the Tabloids

The breakup of Roy Qiu and Tang Yan, from a relationship that neither ever admitted while they were dating, is turning decidedly ugly with the media fanning the flames. Tang Yan made a few public appearances since the breakup and the media was quick to note that she looked wan and even burst into tears when she saw an old married couple being happy. Roy gave an interview where he mentioned wanting to go back to being friends with her, but when asked at the press conference for her new drama Agent X, Tang Yan bit back that she would only be friends with honest people. Ouch. Roy has actually refrained from speaking up about the relationship despite the ridiculous amounts of mudslinging from her side coming from unnamed sources – that he was controlling, that she bent over backwards to make him happy, that he refused to go public which made her look like a flirt, that he was jealous when she handpicked her next co-star, and on and on. Somewhere Rainie Yang and Chen Qiao En are laughing their heads off, but I only say this because what happens between two people in a private relationship is really no one’s business. I love Roy as an actor, I could care less if he’s a shitty boyfriend. If Tang Yan was smart, she wouldn’t have dated the guy if she can’t stand the fall out since his track record is pretty abysmal. Rumors have not just Tia Li as the Xiao San interloper, another rumor has popped up that Roy cheated on Tang Yan with Xiao Si (#4) Megan Lai when they filmed Miss Rose. LOL forever – those two acted like the other had a contagious disease the moment cameras stopped rolling. Ah, Taiwan entertainment, you’re always good for a laugh.

Seriously, the rumors that Roy cheated with Tia and Megan is like the funniest thing ever. While Roy hasn’t spoken up, Roy’s agent is pretty spitting mad at Tang Yan’s side and is snarking that she’s lied about her age to the public and therefore she’s not honest either. The least sensationalized gossip about the reason for the break up is this – Tang Yan opened her own production company and for her first drama Agent X, the network wanted her and Roy together. But Tang Yan didn’t want her personal life to mix with her professional life so nixed it and went with her rumored ex-boyfriend Luo Jin as her co-star. But the network had already contacted Roy and when he found out what she had done, they fought bitterly over it and went into a cold war mode in their relationship. Which is why Tang Yan repeatedly flew to Taiwan the second half of last year to try and make up with her boyfriend. But this proved to be too much for her, and in the end her production company didn’t end up doing the drama and it was handed off to the network and she ended up starring in it only. That major fight plus both being so busy with work is what caused the relationship to tank. But Roy said it ended in December while Tang Yan’s side claimed that he never officially broke up with her and Tang Yan only knew about her own relationship end when the Tia Li rumors broke and Roy claimed to be single. Oy vey, also not good. I’m only reporting on this sensationalized story dominating the entertainment news and not making any judgment calls other than it sounds like two people dating and running into problems and then having an awkward breakup in public for the entire world to see.


The Mudslinging Breakup of Roy Qiu and Tang Yan Lights Up the Tabloids — 23 Comments

  1. Yup, ouch fo sure!

    Roy’s a player. If u plan to get played by him, date him but long term, not going to happen. He’s young, rich, good looking n can have his pick of ladies.
    Maybe when he’s older, perhaps he’ll stop playing? Haha we’ll see bout that.
    As an actor, he’s not bad. Great chsmistry with all the ladies he’s otp with.

  2. Wow.
    If only there was some indication that Roy would behave like that…like the way he has been behaving for the past ten years!

    My momma always taught me name calling doesn’t make you look good even if you are right.

    How does that go?

    “I’m rubber you’re glue.
    What bounces off me and sticks to you.”
    I loved getting in these types of mature verbal battles when I was a kid.

  3. Ahahaha, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one laughing my head off at the Megan Lai rumors. Tia Li I can understand, but Megan? The only way that would’ve worked was if they’d started dating before/early on in Miss Rose, and they deliberately acted cold toward each other off-camera so no one would pick up on it.

  4. Sigh…watching the drama unfold between these camps is like watching a juvenile schoolyard romance. Everything is so ridiculous and petty, and at this point, any woman capable of logic and still willing to date Roy is just a sadist.

  5. I’m not really educated in Taiwanese gossips and stuff so what’s the reference to Rainie and Chen Qiao En laughing their heads off? Did they date Roy before too??

    • Rainie and Roy dated for awhile when she was 19-20 and the break up devastated her, I don’t think the have spoken with each other since then. Its the one ex she can’t be friends with. Qiao En and Roy also dated but it was apparently a casual thing

      • it’s not confirmed if Qiao En and Roy ever dated before.. because Qiao En always denied it. so yeah I don’t think so.. just because she recommended him? no

  6. Roy sounds a lot like my brother, who told me that he couldn’t be faithful to one woman. He had so much love to give, he just had to spread it around.

  7. I think Roy is the type of the guy that loves the chase and gets bored when he gets the ‘prize.’ The only girl that would be able to hold onto him shouldn’t let him control her from day one.

  8. Haiyah…. dear… I don’t know whether Tang Yan asked her assistant to burst out Roy’s flaws. If she did, it’s like a cruel tactic during the Qing Dynasty. If she didn’t, then the assistant should be fired for making every personal matters in public.
    Despite for whatever Roy did for her, this is not a classy act to respond him back. You should revenge him back by being happy and fall in love with someone new.
    Well, who am I to judge also ya?

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  12. I honestly think Tiffany is a great girl and will eventually find the right person and for Roy I respect him as an actor but as a person I’m disappointed he seems like a player hope he doesn’t break another girls heart.

  13. My number one forever Tiffany,love you mob.She deserves better.Good enough she gave her love to someone who deserves it. I can’t say it was Roy’s loss but everything happens for the better.All I really care is that she is happy now

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