TW-news Reporting that James Wen Expecting a Baby with His Girlfriend of 19 Years

How is this even a scandal worthy of being on the cover of Apple Daily I don’t even know. James Wen, who is currently starring in King Flower, just celebrated his 35th birthday, and has released his first mini-album “Why Bother”, is flying pretty high in terms of his career. He got a lot of notoriety for playing the shittiest husband on the planet in The Fierce Wife, which was a drama ratings hit and subsequently also a box office hit when the movie sequel came out last Summer. He lost out on the Best Actor Golden Bell that year but he’s definitely on the radar of the awards folks and I see him getting nominated again somewhere down the road. But for sure it won’t be for the silly and fluffy King Flower, where his character is dull as beans and totally unsympathetic, and his performance equally bland. There have long been rumors that James has a long time non-entertainment industry girlfriend, and last year there were murmurs that he had gotten hitched to her in Macau. James has never ever spoken about his personal life, electing to emulate Andy Lau who dated his now-wife for 24-years before admitting it though the public knew the entire time. But James might not have a choice now – his father has publicly confirmed the good news that James and his girlfriend of 19 years (NINETEEN, I did not write that wrong) are expecting a baby! The baby is 8-months along and James is over the moon at expecting a triple happiness this year (a big birthday, new singing career, and now baby). I am so happy for him, apparently he has been dating his girlfriend since they were both 17 years old and are the quintessential definition of high school sweethearts. Okay, if James has so much awesomeness in real life, can Terry have Da Hua in drama life? Pretty please, SETTV?

A few years ago photogs caught James out on a date with his girlfriend and snapped pictures of them kissing and cuddling in the car. It was the first ever photographic evidence of his long-standing relationship with her. James has always claimed to be single since he joined the industry but I don’t think his fans care. Wu Zun needs to come clean as well, his wife has a baby back in Brunei and he’s still insisting he’s single. Sadly his fans are rather cray cray and probably would go berserk if he admitted it. Anyhoo, best of luck to soon-to-be-daddy James and his lucky baby momma!


TW-news Reporting that James Wen Expecting a Baby with His Girlfriend of 19 Years — 19 Comments

  1. So adorable, congrats to the happy couple! He always gives off such super nice-guy vibes (at least in the dramas I’ve seen). It’s pretty amazing that they’ve stayed together so long despite him being in the entertainment industry. Lucky girl.

  2. Aww that is so cute! And 19 years is quite a long time. I’m glad he seems so happy in real life. I’ve seen him as Leslie in my queen where he’s pretty much an angel. Then I saw him in TFW. The guy is pretty talented and has been nominated quite a few times for the GBA. Here’s hoping he has a lot more success in the future 🙂

  3. Wow! 19 years!!!
    James Wen is a rare breed of man, got to admire their commitment.
    Glad to hear that they are expecting!

  4. It will be more shocking if they are not living together.
    Can you call a woman you’ve been out with for 19 years, living together, about to give birth to your child… a girlfriend?

    They don’t recognize common law marriages in Taiwan?

    • it’s kinda ironic.. dating for 19 years .. but they might have their own reason.. yaa everything happen for a reason.. at least, they have the commitment.. but even so.. i do not agree with ‘having baby before getting married’ or married by accident as well..

      but congratz.. hope to see them as hubby-wifey soon 🙂

    • But having an imminent baby – one month and counting? – would explain his apparent distraction; I feel like he is sort of phoning it in with King Flower. Not impressed with either his character or what he is doing with it, and I really liked the way he handled his character (who could have been out-and-out dislikeable) in My Queen.

  5. wu zun married and has a baby!!! thats news to me i thought he said its was his sisters baby. where did you get this information?

  6. Congrats!!! 🙂 she is definitely a patient person. I guess one reason to hide it is that the media would probably bother her. But otherwise, he’s not an idol so I figure fans wouldn’t care either way.

    I wish him the best as they journey into parenthood. 🙂 too bad his character sucks in kf. Ok, they got me! 🙂 terry should get da hua in the end.

  7. Dear Koala,

    Because of your, and some of your generous reader’s recommendations in the past few weeks I have marathoned my way through Sunny Happiness, Autumn Concerto, My Queen and In Time with You. I guess you could say I am now a kdrama AND TW drama addict. But one of the great biproducts of all this viewing is that when I check your blog and you have a tidbit on a TW actor I now know who it is you are talking about. I loved James in My Queen (frankly I did a fair bit of 2nd lead shipping) so I am pleased to read he will become a dad! Thanks for everything!


  8. Awwwwwwwwwwww! I love it when they have long-time girlfriends.

    I wish them the best.

    PS LOL and AMEN at “shittiest husband on the planet in Fierce Wife.” I couldn’t stand that character, after really liking him in OG.

  9. Ms. K, can you please give me the name of the movie, the sequel to “The Fierce Wife”? I just watched TFW a few days ago and I was impressed with his fine, but nauseating, acting. And I was amazed to see Chris in second lead role who wins the girl. I’ve loved Chris in “Inborn Pair”, the first time I saw him. I’m pretty familiar with James though, but not as a male lead. Thanks a lot for the latest info on James getting a baby with his high school sweetheart.

  10. Lol omg, I misread your title and thought it said the girl was only nineteen. I got even more confused when you said they started dating at 17 thinking how it that possible?? Thank god I reread it!

  11. 19 years? That is commitment. I have never understood why when a celebrity (korean, Japanese etc it becomes a scandal). Can someone please explain?

    I am really happy for him though. I wonder if he’s delaying the marriage bcuz he’s afraid of how the media will react.

  12. Oh i read your title as James’ gf as only 19yo which made me think pedo-ahjussi! Then read your contents that James’ dated his gf for 19 years. Surprised to learn Wuzun is married with a child too, now thats really wtf!

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