Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Releases More Pictures of the Still MIA Jae Hee

Where is Chi Soo orabeoni? As Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love has captured my heart and interest, watching it without the full main cast introduced feels like eating a meal where one critical dish is missing. Reading the synopsis its clear that Jae Hee’s character as the second male lead (even moreso that Lee Sang Yeob’s good natured Prince Dongpyung) will play a big part in both the romantic love triangle with the OTP, as well as create additional tension on the politicking front. He was supposed to show up in either episodes 5 or 6, but those episodes have gone and still no sign of him. I’m slightly frustrated now with him not being introduced mainly because there are clear indications he was supposed to arrive based on previews but appears to have been cut from the aired episodes. In the preview for episode 5, there was a scene when Ok Jung was abducted, and in the official MV for the second song “Dream on You”, there is a scene where Chi Soo talks with Ok Jung that follows from the abduction scene indicating he’s the one taking her away.

Was this scene cut in its entirety, or will it be shown as a flashback later? I can’t imagine it being intended for later in the drama since it was shown in the preview for episode 5. Which leads me to assume that the production is in fact making on-the-spot changes to the airing material, likely due to its low ratings. Episode 6 ended with the assassination attempt on Lee Soon, so perhaps the missing Chi Soo scenes are to allow the episode to end on that heart pounding moment rather than the coup happening in episode 7. I’m loving JOJ but it bothers me to see a drama tinkered with so openly. I also want to start alterna-shipping Ok Jung and Chi Soo and then add more pain to my life when I love the heroine with both leading men equally (or all three if I throw in Prince Dongpyung). That’s when I know a drama is awesome because all the characters and their relationships call to me. Come to us soon, Chi Soo, with you’re your mane of glory and piercing looks. He’s definitely bringing it in these stills alone.


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Releases More Pictures of the Still MIA Jae Hee — 12 Comments

  1. yea I had same thought. But then I realize the clothes she wears when she goes see dowager queen looks slightly different to when she was attacked in the preview. I assume either they re-filmed the scene aka cut CS’ entry, either it’s for later. But it wouldn’t make sense since OJ already entered the palace in ep6. Btw, in fact, CS did have a cameo entry, when they show OJ’s brother at the bay, CS was on the boat, very far away, it was so tiny that i’m sure nobody would notice it while watching on TV. But they did point it out in their bts clip. argh, what’s going on here?

  2. I have been wondering too. Ok Jung needs more supporters who hopefully have her best interest at heart – and definitely someone to counterbalance the king and all his women. After episode 6, I thought they cut his cuts his scenes too. Wouldn’t it have made sense for her to encounter her before she enters the palace but JH found out about the king and OJ and he then blocks CS setting up what will be a big showdown btw these two. I am think flashback. But I recall in dong yi, she was allowed to leave the palace for various reasons after entering the palace so I am sure they can come up with reasons to let oj go and encounter CS.

    I have no doubt that they will be forced to fiddle with the story for ratings sake. 🙁 but I don’t have to be happy about it. 🙂

  3. I don’t think they cut his scene. Because on the SBS One Night interview before the drama release, Jae Hee told the viewers that he would show up on episode 7. But I don’t know either why the production inserted his scene on preview for ep5.

  4. The only drama I am faithfully watching every week. I have never been attracted to Jae Hee so I guess it’s a good thing that I am already crazy about the OTP. I am just waiting for them to run into each other at the court and have secret rendezvous and just be with each other and talk with each other and lalalalala love 🙂

    • However, I have a tendency to fall for second leads when played right. Protective and tender second male leads are right up my alley 🙂 You still have hope, Jae Hee! lol

  5. Aw man, please don’t sacrifice good storytelling for the sake of ratings!! I dont think its showing(yet?) It’s still pretty early in the game for a 24 episode show, but I really hope JOJ doesn’t become nonsensical down the road.. Agh, where I’m just staring at my screen saying wait, what? How did we get here. And then realize its all show and no substance.. Kind of reminding me of moon that embraces the sun, with a promising beginning with a good child portion, and then realizing you’re watching just for the pretty all while sacrificing logic.. I’ve got to say though, out of the two, JOJ seems alot stronger narratively and cast wise and in comparison wins.
    Can’t wait for this Monday! But dam finals week this is really gonna pull be back from unleashing my feels and thoughts

  6. Call me a masochist, but I also cannot wait for Chisoo to show up and put our OTP (plus our own hearts) through the wringer as the other man who loves Ok-jung with no reserve. And this may be because I just rewatched the Hunger Games movie recently, but it seems like Chisoo to Okjung is the equivalent of Gale to Katniss – not that HG was revolutionizing love triangles or anything, lol. But I digress. Seriously, though, I could go on all day about what I think will happen to the relationship dynamics when Chisoo shows up, but show, all of that is moot if you don’t actually let that happen! Come Monday, I better see some Jae Hee on my screen or we’re going to have a serious talk, show. -___-

  7. OMG I just saw the new image stills of KTH in a tub for JOJ, probably for episode 7. I’m curious what will happen to her. My wild guess is the Great Queen Dowager starts to doll her up and teach her to become a real court lady. I hope Jae Hee will come out soon too.

  8. WAIT, there’s an episode 5 preview with Chi-soo? I haven’t seen it! I’m looking but I can’t find it. Anyone willing to post a link for me? I’ve been waiting for Chi-soo since episode 2 after I saw his adorableness in the child actor 🙁

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