Nam Sang Mi Starts Filming Goddess of Marriage with Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Sang Woo

There will be two goddesses on the air come July, but in totally different eras and worried about totally different things. Moon Geun Young’s sageuk return in Goddess of Fire Jeongi is almost done casting and has already started script reading, garnering lots of attention for the cast and subject matter. Much more low key is the upcoming weekend drama Goddess of Marriage starring Nam Sang Mi, Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Sang Woo in a love triangle that probes the varying modern day discussions of realistic marriage versus idealized love. I thought this was already done recently with Can We Get Married, but that was a edgier cable drama whereas GoM will likely unfurl in the usual family-oriented way with its timeslot (the follow-up to Sung Yuri’s Birth Secret on SBS). The character descriptions have leaked and Nam Sang Mi is playing a radio program writer, Kim Ji Hoon is a prosecutor from a chaebol family, and Lee Sang Woo is a designer. I saw the character chart floating around DC and it looks like she is engaged to Kim Ji Hoon but also falls for Lee Sang Woo – thereby the complications arise to create a ideal versus reality love triangle though she has a love line with both guys so it’s impossible to tell who is guy1 or guy2. A bunch of familar faces will be playing siblings and friends who also have their own love and marriage woes (such as getting married after a baby ensues from a one-night stand, marrying into a rich family, marrying someone too good-looking). Directing will be the PD who helmed Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance, which was a major hit for SBS years ago. This drama looks totally up my alley and sounds like a great weekend casual commitment.

I personally love Kim Ji Hoon way more than I do Lee Sang Woo, but both guys have built up quite the fan base who love them in a prolonged second lead shipping way. Kim Ji Hoon has actually been the lead in many a drama, but he’s also been the second lead in dramas where I shipped him so much with the leading lady (Flowers for My Life immediately pops into mind). Lee Sang Woo recently pulled a second lead gets the girl switcheroo in Feast of the Gods while Kim Ji Hoon was sweet in Flower Boy Next Door but that wasn’t enough to shake the perfect OTP pairing (character and chemistry-wise) in that drama. I am definitely going to watch GoM since I love the cast, Nam Sang Mi is adorable and so warm and engaging to watch onscreen. She’s not the best technical actress but there is such liveliness about her I love. If I were her, I’d have a hard time picking between the prosecutor prince or the designer dreamboat.


Nam Sang Mi Starts Filming Goddess of Marriage with Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Sang Woo — 15 Comments

  1. Lee Sang-woo is the most wooden actor i’ve ever seen. He always have this same blank face in every drama i watched of him(eg. I believe in love, The Road Home, A Thousand Day Promise ).

  2. good actors, hope the storyline would be good too.. i used to skip some dramas just becuz of the storyline, even.. i love the actor so much… yunho’s drama for example 😀

    so, goodluck LSW and KJH also NSM 🙂

  3. And… the bashing starts 🙂

    I know some friends will definitely watch this being rabid Lee Sang Woo fans- me? We will see, scared of weekend dramas these days. Following 3 50 episode dramas is seriously bad for my angst quota.

  4. Lee Sang Woo or Kim Ji joon? Wow. How do I choose, depending on the day? The waning of the moon? The color of my shoes? Let’s just hope that the writers make BOTH characters equally compelling so it will be as difficult as it should be to choose.

  5. Interesting… Rich guy vs starving artist? Know which I would pick already and has nothing to do with my bias! Can’t wait to see what really happens. If this was Japan, she’d walk into the sunset alone (and possibly pregnant). Lol.

  6. I have such a soft spot for Nam Sang Mi 🙂 I like both male leads, so I am super excited for this! If it is anything like Can We Get Married, I will probably enjoy it 🙂

  7. Please have Kim Ji Hoon as the first lead. I don’t think I can survive to see him as the 2nd lead again after Flower Boys Next Door. He is too good looking and charming ♥♥♥

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