Spoiler Pictures for Possible Ending of King Flower

Word on the street is that King Flower has wrapped filming, or at least wrapped for most people. Not certain but this sounds about right. Up next is George Hu and Annie Chen’s True Love Black & White Pair airing sometime in June, and I give KF a few weeks lead on filmed footage in the can. I wish I could quit this crazy drama but I can’t and it’s all because of Terry. Hands down one of the best male lead performances I’ve ever watched in a Taiwan idol drama, and really Chris Wu continues to break out over and over again after nearly stealing the show three times already in Autumn’s ConcertoZhong Wu Yen, and Inborn Pair. James Wen tweeted a spoiler picture yesterday on his FB page showing the three leads adorably posing in wedding finery while standing in front of a church. The caption read “Guess which one is the groom?” It’s hilarious that most of the comments on his own FB page were screaming Terry (and a few picked the guy with the 59 t-shirt, LOL). Hahaha, poor James, but really what did he expect. MC40 posted a short and hilarious video of Chris at that wedding scene, and later on James posted another FB picture, both of which show the men’s wedding wear better. Terry is wearing a tux while Guan Jun is wearing a suit, Terry has one pink rose boutonniere while Guan Jun has a two-spray purple-white orchid boutonniere. A viewer who works at the hotel they filmed this wedding at has given this spoiler – she personally saw Terry, Ah Xi, and Xiao Fei on set, when asked if the final couple was Guan Jun-Da Hua she initially refused to divulge but then said this “NONONO….Terry和大花!! 一對^^” (NONONO….Terry and Da Hua! One Pair ^^). I don’t know whether to trust her, but an eagle-eyed viewer spotted what appeared to be another white wedding dress or veil in the back right side of the picture above. Two grooms, two brides, double wedding? Oh please god let it be so!

The picture above is from a video shot by MC40 (who plays Da Li) of Chris Wu at the set of the wedding. The video is HILARIOUS, but only because I understood what Chris is saying. Chris is from Kaohsiung so he speaks fluent Taiwanese (like me!). Actually all three leads Nikki Hsieh, James Wen, and Chris Wu all speak Taiwanese-accented Mandarin so it’s hella obvious when I hear them say their dialogue, which is all sorts of adorable because they flip to Taiwanese a lot during the BTS and outtakes. Anyways, in that video MC40 just posted, Chris is talking to some girl off-camera and he has this brilliant idea that if we all know kung fu and can express force through our aura, one wouldn’t need a remote control to watch TV. He demonstrate that with sheer energy he can holler for the TV to change to channel 3 or what not. He then starts cracking up at his own ridiculousness I. Can’t. Even. This is the man-boy who plays Terry. Below is the picture of James towards the end of the wedding filming complaining that this wedding is taking forever to film. Some fans were all like “I hope he’s dressed like the dad giving Da Hua away after her useless real dad gets run over.” Ahahahaha, I’m so down with that. I have to say that suit-wise, James does not look like a groom with his grey shirt with white collar whereas Terry is rocking it with the perfectly tailored tux. Rawr~

The picture below shows Nikki Hsieh and MC40 filming at the airport in a Grey Bear suit. James Wen also posted a message on FB the same day saying he was so happy to be filming at the airport. Sigh. This picture really confirmed the ending being Da Hua-Guan Jun for me. I refuse to hope that it will be Terry in the end until I see it with my own eyes and no one can pry my ship out of my cold dead hands. There might be a dual wedding, or the wedding might be Da Hua’s fantasy sequence, and even if it was a dual wedding Da Hua might still end up with Guan Jun. In which case I hope SETTV pulls out a Ringer for Terry. I can see Cheryl Yang returning to give us hope that Howard and Wu Yen got their happily ever after. Or Annie Chen popping by as if Yi Jie and Dong Yang never had their big separation. Anything other than letting Terry end up alone and sad.


Spoiler Pictures for Possible Ending of King Flower — 58 Comments

  1. OMG. Great finds Koala.

    I will scream like a 12 year old school kid if Terry actually does end up with DH. PLEASE keep posting more pictures like this if you can find them. They are the only thing that is keeping my Terry/DH ship alive!

      • I have been refreshing the King Flower, James and Da Mouth Facebook page like a crack addict, hoping that someone posts more pictures giving me some hope that DH is going to have a moment of lucidity and realize that her supposed “love” for Guan Jun is just a childhood crush.

    • I cannot bear to watch another minute of this show until I find out how it ends…thank you, Koala, for bravely keeping that ship sailing.

  2. Omg thanks for the heads up capt k!!! I have to see this video. I love their bts. It’s usually quite funny. I can understand Taiwanese pretty well but am actually pretty poor when it comes to speaking it. My fam

      • Thank you so much koala!! You spoil me!!! 🙂 just watched it… Chris – oh my… I love him!

      • More adorkable Chris Wu? Keep them coming Madame Koala. I could so see him in a more comedic role. PArt of me is worried though that no role can top Terry, but then again he has NO competition for any fan interest in this show. It’s like the writers are as bored with everyone else as we are; or the Chris Wu fan club is writing the script. I want him to be a drama that is all around good. He deserves it. I can so see him in a drama with Joseph Chang where they are childhood friends who grew up together and who fall in love with sisters whom they have to save from something or who are competitors with them for something–We’d get romance and bromance. Make it happen drama gods. We are owed!

    • Opps posted too early… My family is from Kaohsiung and Tainan, but being here, I am glad to see these types of dramas just cause they remind me of Taiwan. Anyhow – I am sure settv will go the popular sentiment route and finish with da hua and terry. I feel like they rarely go with unpopular sentiment. 🙂 so I have decided that they are only making it seem like GJ has a chance just to drag it out the rest of th episodes. That is what makes the most sense.

      Still what a waste of a character for James. I am still waiting for a good lead role for him that I liked his character.

  3. Okay I’m just going to cut the rope now for the Terry-DH ship to sail, because I’m okay with being heartbroken about this, I can just make up my own ending in my head if the ship doesn’t actually sail in the drama. I just will not ever accept GJ with DH. I will be in eternal denial. So I’m going to keep believing that Terry and DH are going to get married and all will be good 🙂 I feel better now that i’ve made this decision. ^^

  4. Way too cute. James Wen. You obviously know everyone wants Terry to be with Da Hua. Take a hint and take a hike! They’ve filmed the ending, but have time to re-shoot since it’s obvious everyone wants Terry + Da Hua.

    • Also, this has to be a dream sequence if she marries Guan Jun. It is WAY too early for them to even think about marriage. They need to work on a lot of things. And if they do a ridiculous time jump it will be because the writer got lazy and realized she/he didn’t have enough time to flesh out Guan Jun and Da Hua’s relationship. I only want the time jump for Terry’s sake, and Guan Jun can suck it hahaha.

    • It could be anything – Terry and DH’s wedding getting interrupted by GJ, DH and GJ’s wedding getting interrupted by Terry, dual weddings, dream sequence. Terry and GJ’s wedding getting interrupted by DH……..

      • hahahahahaha. The last one. I could be okay with that…at least Terry gets SOMEONE. This drama…I hope James Wen checks his fb often and sees all of his fan’s comments about they want Da Hua and Terry together.

  5. I only ship da hua and terry.

    What looks like is that Terry is dressed like the groom!!! Guan jun is not…. he has just the normal suit on fora wedding. Let’s just hope that this ends well or else i’m screaming out of frustration if this not the case. I just can’t see guan jun with dahua. I’m gonna cry then of that is so. To me Terry and Dahua are the OTP.

  6. Terry looks so debonair in a suit. I love his broad shoulders. Is Chris Wu pretending to take a puff of the weed?!!!!!!!
    There was another video someone had posted sometime ago where he is celebrating the wrap of AC. He was screaming in pure exhilaration and someone suggested he dance to Super Junior song……he refused much to my delight and said very cheekily …Dismissed! I get the feeling he’s been trying so hard to stay cheerful playing second fiddle while giving his !00% and am so glad he’s finally breaking out with KF. I am so looking forward to his next drama as the leading man and all those behind the scenes videos of him being a mischievous child.

    • Terry is so $&*^(&*()*^ gorgeous in a tux. A man in a suit is my kryptonite, and he’s the deadliest kind. Chris is so 4D it’s incredible to stack him up against onscreen characters he’s played.

  7. Chris Wu in tuxedo is so yummy =D~~~ I totally adore his dorky humurous personality.. really endearing.. can’t help but love him more! KF has not ended n I’m already looking forward to his next drama… please let him be the male lead!

    • I think SETTV knows it has a breakout male lead here and won’t waste him. Or he can head over to GTV and get a nice gig there as well. He’s gold after this.

      • What is absolutely hilarious is that the viewers are nearly unanimous in their hopes that DH ends up with Terry. SETTV would have to be the dumbest company in the history of television of they do something that is sure to piss off all of the viewers of this drama.

        With that being said, watch SETTV do it anyway. ::sigh::

      • Yup, Chris is really outstanding in his performance as Terry! I actually do feel bad for James Wen… almost everyone are more concerned and anxious for Terry’s happiness being the priority atm… when Guan Jun’s supposed to be the lead. LOL

  8. I honestly think people are worrying over nothing, Terry will end up with Da Hua. The signs are all there.

    • I hope you are right, Shiku. I also tend to worry a lot over silly things. *sheepish* But you made me feel better. 😀

  9. She must end up with Terry. Or else I will be super upset. Guan Jun or whatever his face is so immature, I just don’t see what she sees in him. Terry is super mature, caring, and 10 times better looking.

  10. Okay because I like Terry more I don’t even want him with DH if she doesn’t show she appreciates him.I want a love from a woman for him not a juvenile childish love that can’t stand up to the man.
    Otherwise it is still a cop out.So they have 5 ep to make her fall in love properly and acknowledge it.

    And please,you so far have been blind producers and writers- do you get it now? Offer him a leading role!!!

    Chris Wu better accepts a great role or drama after this.

  11. jfaksdfjlasdk I’m preparing my heart just in case SSETV becomes stupid and actually go with Guan Jun and Da Hua. If Terry doesn’t end up with Da Hua, I still like Chris and Nikki together ♥ So if they don’t end up together, I’m hoping that there’ll be another drama they can work together (which a lot of taiwanese dramas do right? If a couple is a success, they’ll prolly do another project with them i.e. Anni Chen-George Hu, Mike He-Rainie Yang etc)

    Let there be more Chris Wu in the future please!

  12. I hope Da Hua realizes that she loves Terry. If she chooses the other guy then she is just going to end up like her mother.

  13. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! For the lovey spoiler pictures 🙂

    From my quick glance…. Terry has a bowtie on … And GJ simply has a tie and a grey shirt (as you have mentioned)…..

    Commmmmmeeeeee on writers/producer/director…. Terry and 大花 all the way!!!

  14. I am going to cry buckets of tears if Terry does not end up with DaHua!!!!! Someone should knock some sense in DaHua and make her realize Terry is AN AWESOME MAN!!!
    If not, I am just going to watch the first episode and make believe Terry and DaHua married.
    Oh Gosh. Fangirling over Chris Wu! He’s so adorkable. Recently, I watched all his dramas even though he’s a second lead. He’s awesome the way he is. Chris Wu is too good to be true!

  15. Ok, DAMN this drama is driving me crazy!!!
    De verdad q esta escritora me esta volviendo loca y los spoilers! DAMN!
    Voy a caer en seria depresion si esos dos no quedan juntos y ella termina con el “hermano” inutil. En serio, nada personal pero el no la merece! En Cambio Terry! Por favor, Drama gods, sean benevolentes con ntros! SE LOS PIDO!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to many emotions to translate into english! Ahhhh I can’t even think properly right now! Seriously, this drama is killing me!!!!

  16. This really seems like a Terry-Da Hua wedding. Da Hua’s dress and Terry’s suit really seem to speak volumes about the event. Also, I figure if Guan Jun were to turn away from Xiao Fei again, Boss Hu would remove him from his position…so there’s no way I can see GJ affording a big wedding like this. The one thing that worries me is that the boutonniere GJ is wearing–I’ve seen the exact big ribbon+ double orchid pairing on grooms before. Of course, all this is moot if it’s a double wedding so….

  17. I think that there are a lot of signs pointing to a Da Hua-Terry duo, pictures/spoilers aside. If you look at the narrative itself, it has to point that way (although, this narrative was never really very strong).

    Here’s what we know to be true:

    1. DH loves GJ and always has. She is the mature one of the 3 children and the most responsible. Therefore, she’s an adult. (This is where the character development is terrible).

    2. GJ ignores DH’s lovering. However when she leaves, he realizes he loves her.

    My conjecturing:

    If it was a GJ-DH pairing theoretically the story would end once DH returns home.

    Now if the introduction of Terry was to throw a wrench at DH’s feelings and make her question her love for GJ, well clearly that didn’t work. The girl is as devoted as ever and as dimwitted as ever. She can’t recognize the best thing to happen to her even when it’s beneath her (lucky, lucky girl!).

    And if the narrative was about GJ maturing and becoming an adult “worthy” (I use worthy very loosely) of DH’s love? Well we’re 17 episodes in and I haven’t seen it yet. More than that, if that was what the story was about, we would be seeing a lot more of GJ developing into an adult.

    Hence, I believe (and fervently hope!) Terry + DH is the ship that floats into the sunset. I think the sentence that ties this whole series together was when Terry (brilliant man) tells her: “Your face has changed and now, so has your fate.” And we see DH wondering about this as she tries to re-assimilate into her old life.

    In the words of a wise Johnny Depp, “If you’ve fallen in love with someone else then you should stay with them because that means you never really loved the first person.”

    Of course I’m trying to draw logical yet biased conclusions from an illogically written story so this may all just be excessive postulating. So take it for what it’s worth: musings of a Terry shipper.

  18. hiiiii Koala….I’m not watching this show, only reading your recaps (which are so much fun)…so I have a doubt:

    This drama is a Taiwanese one, and you have written here that the main lead speaks fluent Taiwanese. SO, does King Flower is in some other language??

  19. If not for the double wedding news, the pessimistic me would think that, based on the clothing, it would be terry-dahua wedding, cuz stupid GJ wd push dahua and encourage her to wed terry, & terry’s just tht sweet woobie who provides solace to a heartbroken dahua, bt on the wedding day stupid GJ realises he needs her for his ego on seeing her in bridal finery and stops the wedding…

    Which I don’t want to happen…

    Wd rather, GJ graciously attends the wedding & xiaofei drags him to the altar 🙂

  20. omgeee koala sis, i almost shout out for joy until i realized it might just be another joke. waaaaaaaaah. i wish so hard for a happy Terry ending, anything, anyone for a happy Terry. 🙂

  21. I think even they don´t know the end, I think they recorded two endings, one with GJ and one with Terry, and actors put this kind of photos to measure the audience and make us all happy …. Or just have an end, and they do it to cause more expectation and more audienica … Although Terry and DH hopefully end up together.

  22. Can we just appreciate how utterly perfect Chris Wu is in that tuxedo?

    I’m not thinking of it as Da Hua/Terry or Da Hua/Guan Jun. As far as I’m concerned, no matter the ending, Terry is mine.


  23. i think the groom is Terry. because usually bouttoneirre is match with bride’s hand bouquet. in the left side of spoiler picture, they placed rose bouquet (maybe bouquet or just unfinished rose decoration. i hope that is a hand bouquet)

  24. We have only 2 episodes left and I’m praying that Da hua will finally realize that Terry is the one for her in episode 19!!! If GJ really wants to move on and give her over to Terry than she should just accept it and put the past behind her! From what I see from the picture, maybe Da hua finally agreed to marry Terry 😀 however I can’t help feeling a little suspicious about GJ stopping the wedding. If you look at Terry’s hand.. he’s not wearing an engagement ring?? But i’m still not sure who the groom is. Just hoping that it’s Terry, haha!

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