Yu Zheng Releases First Official Stills from Yun Zhong Ge

In light of the fact that the drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) might never see the light of day, plus I’m still not ready to accept Eddie Peng as General Huo Qu Bing despite all my love for Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge, the drama adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds) might be the only thing left looking forward to. The two novels are the first two in what was intended as a trilogy and author Tong Hua long ago said book three was called Xie Yo Qu (Sorrow Relieving Tune) and even wrote one prologue chapter. But she ended up working on her other novels based on the famed Shan Hai Jing (Collection of the Mountain and Seas) dealing with the early myths in Chinese literature involving Gods and Goddesses and epic feuds and battles for supremacy. The first novel Ceng Xu Nuo (Once Promised) was pretty darn intense, and the sequel was just published called Chang Xiang Si (Missing You For Always). I don’t think Tong Hua is ever going to finished her Great Han trilogy so right now YZG has the best odds of gracing our small screens. I was livid when Yu Zheng won the rights to adapt this novel, his casting shenanigans for the last 6 months also drove me insane not to mention he produced the most turdtastic drama adaptation of The Swordsman ever known to man. If I had a die list he’d be on it. So when the cast was finalized with Angelababy as Yun Ge, Du Chun as Meng Jue, Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling, Chen Xiao as Liu Bing Yi/Liu Xun, Yang Rong as Huo Cheng Jun, and Su Qing as Xu Ping Jun, I was pretty much numb by then. Yumama released three official stills yesterday to thank the fans for the great ratings of his just premiered drama The Legend of Lu Zhen (formerly called Female Prime Minister). I have to say the stills look great, the two men are much older than the character ages in the novel but they are showing some serious gravitas and presence. Angelababy is exotic and sparkling as Yun Ge, which does fit her description. But its Chen Xiao’s take on Liu Bing Yi that has me salivating. I’m loving his carefree hooligan attitude and hidden layer of ambition. Check out the official and BTS stills below and start dialing back up the interest level.


Yu Zheng Releases First Official Stills from Yun Zhong Ge — 12 Comments

  1. can’t wait.. when will this drama air?? angelababy looks so beautiful.. no doubt, huang xiao ming falls for her 😀

    btw i’m sorry to ride your article but anyone know about secret hidden by time (Janine and Wallace Chung) airing time? haven’t heard anything about that drama..

    • Agree! Legend of Lu Zhen is shapping up well. Randomly, does anyone realise that the acronym for it is ‘LOLZ’. 😛

      I just don’t see Angelababy as Yun Ge. Her face is WAY too modern. I guess we just have to think that her features is a result of her “mixed” descent. Althought Jin Yu/Yu Jin – her nationality is unclear right? She might not be Han Chinese?

      • I’ve seen girls from northern China (esp. Shandong) and Shanghai who naturally look similar to Angelababy. She’s had extensive plastic surgery but I don’t think her looks are too outlandish. But I get what you’re saying – when I first heard of her, I thought she looked like a Japanese AV actress.

    • Even without English sub, I watched Legend of Lu Zhen without understanding almost everything, I still love watching OTP.
      Chen Xiao is soooooooooooo handsome.

  2. OMG Once Promised intensity is like even more than BBJX, when I was reading possible drama scenes literally just kept flying through my mind, except for the potentially killing CGI stuff. It was freaking intense.
    Da Mo Yao, my heart sinks by the day.
    This looks not too bad I guess,but Du Chun and Meng Jue just cannot connect.

  3. Maybe, just maybe if this stirs Ms K’s interest……she will finish translating the story so we can cry our hearts out again………..

  4. Angelababy looks so pretty! A bit wooden, but still pretty beyond measure. I also like Chen Xiao in the stills and i got a feeing that “Liu Bingyi” will make His career.
    I like ‘Once Promised’ as a book. But if it were to appear on small screen, i think the CG effects will sink the production. The latter part of ‘Once Promised’ was set in war time so I doubt it would be spoilerly if I say a lot of characters will die. If anyone has any masochistic cravings after “Saving General Yang”, I think you can consider reading “Once Promise”.

  5. Angelababy is too doll-like! She doesn’t have that Western carefree and wild attitude that Yunge has. DIES…and i looked forward to this novel being made into a drama….YUZHENG……
    asides from that, chenxiao looks hot!!! he was great in female prime minister XD

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