Winners and Pretty Outfits from the 49th Baeksang Awards

Kim Min Hee is having arguably the best year of her life – she’s the newest Best Actress (Film) winner at the just completed 49th Baeksang Awards, and her newly outed relationship with Jo In Sung lit up the news cycle last month in a burst of chatter. Any thought that she’s not A-list enough for Jo In Sung better shove it, because girlfriend just got herself another Baeksang to double Jo In Sung’s Best Actor (TV) win in 2005 for What Happened in Bali. This year’s Baeksang was a pleasure to watch, the winners mostly make sense (other than popularity which makes sense but makes me laugh at the absurdity of it showing up in any award that even purports to have legitimacy) and everyone looked great (for the most part). In the film category, the major winners were Ryu Seung Ryong bagging the Grand Prix for Miracle in Cell #7, Kim Min Hee as Best Actress for Ordinary Couple, Ha Jung Woo gets Best Actor for The Berlin Files, with Best Picture and Best Director going PD Cho Chang Min for Masquerade.

Off in television land, The Chaser rightfully won Best Drama, hilariously PD Kim Kyu Tae won Best Director for That Winter, the Wind Blows (Whut? The in-your-face directing totally blew there), Best Actor went to Son Hyun Joo for The Chaser and Best Actress to Kim Hee Ae for A Wife’s Credentials, and talented Jung Eun Ji got the Best New Actress Win for Answer Me 1997. In popularity land, Yoochun in Missing You and Yuri of SNSD for Fashion King won in the television category while Park Shin Hye and Kim Dong Wan took the same trophy home in the film side. Now comes the fun stuff – critiquing the outfits! Overall it was a very glamorous night with some stand out dresses in the ladies side though a few misses are always required to shake things up a bit. Hands down my favorite dress and look was Suzy, though Park Shin Hye was running a close second (and would have won had her dress been any other color rather than boring black). Check out the red carpet walk below.

Hosts Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won.

Park Ha Sun. Lovely but a bit boring, though I do love the tulle on the bottom. Girl needs to eat a sandwich or ten first, she’s much too thin.

Jung Eun Ji. Sweetheart – no, just no. The dress is like a strapless muu-muu, and the lace in front is too old-fashioned.

Kim Min Hee. This dress is……different. She’s close to a nip-slip, but at the same time looks safely tucked in. It’s black but the cut on top is eye catching. Not a personal favorite but she works it like the model-turned-actress she is. The hair is a miss, though. Too severe and flat in the front.

Suzy. The red does wonders for her, with the long lace column emphasizing her lovely figure and height. The simple long hair is the perfect finishing touch.

Kim So Hyun. Squeeee, she’s so cute and age-appropriate here.

Kim Hee Ae. Classy lady, classy dress. Beautiful drape and flow, perfect fit on her.

Song Joong Ki. Da hell are you wearing, boy! That suit is atrocious, like a pimp wandered into the wrong awards show. The Porn Awards are the next town over, kid.

It appears Song Joong Ki sat next to Park Shin Hye at the ceremony. Park Shin Hye continues her runaway train streak of getting every single talented hot guy in her generation in her orbit.

Park Shin Hye. So gorgeous it defies description.

Han Hyo Joo. Such a huge miss from head to toe.

Kim Bum. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Love the classic white tux.

Bummie sat with Eun Ji! Awwwwww, so cute. *squishes them*

Yoochun. Hair is too stiff and suit doesn’t fit right, plus he needs to nix the pink lipstick.

UEE. She’s so… And the hair up in a bun makes her head look disproportionately teeny tiny. Dress is aight. I think it’d be better if it was two-toned to break up the monotony. See Chae Jung Ahn’s style below.

Chae Jung Ahn. Breathtaking. Adore her hair, fantastic dress, love her style.

Park Se Young. A big fat no from me. The dress is poorly cut and doesn’t fit or flatter her figure and youthful age in the least.

Lee Sang Yoon. This is how to rock a classic tux perfectly. Moon Geun Young‘s upcoming drama Goddess of Fire Jeongi and her two leading men are nailing it with the handsome dashing aura here.

Yoon Jin Yi. Prettier without the ornamentation in the front, but she looks like a happy bride so that’s a plus.

Ryu Seung Ryong with the best arm candy his little co-star in Miracle in Cell #7 Gal So Won. It’s nice to win the biggest individual award of the night and have the cutest date to the party. Won Bin did that all during the 2010 Award’s season with Kim Sae Ron.


Winners and Pretty Outfits from the 49th Baeksang Awards — 54 Comments

  1. Suzy, Park Shin Hye and Cha Jung Ahn look so gorgeous!!

    And what!!! Yuri got popularity award for Fashion King!!!!! Someone can even win an award for that show…..unbelievable…..

  2. Son Ye-jin’s picture is from 2008 Baeksang, she returned as a presenter for best TV actress. Kim Min-hee also won her 1st Baeksang Best Actress Award that year too for the movie Hellcats (aka Some Like It Hot), she topped Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine), Kim Yujin (Seven Days), Im Soo-jung (Happiness), and Kim Jung-eun (Forever the moment). This is KMM’s 2nd acting award at baeksang. 🙂

  3. Omo! I just watched Wife’s credentials yesterday, and Kim Hee Ae rocked that! She really deserves this award and I’m so happy for her. She is also so classy and beautiful in her dress!

    I’m happy that even though WC was a cable drama, it got the attention it deserves!

    Funny how you picked Suzy as your fav Koala, while people at Korea are picking her as the worst dress.

    I don’t get them tbh, Suzy is rocking it and I like she isn’t wearing white – round – innocent dress she used on all her awards.

    Knetizens saying Suzy make up is terrible, that the dress don’t suit her and that she looks too old. WTH… lol I guess they reeeally don’t like that she is trying to break from virgin/pure image she has. Ugh, makes me a bit sick.

    Park SHin Hye, really likes to use Black dresses. I think she is young and should take a risk more, she really plays safe.

    Par Ha Sun: She is this thin because people keep calling her fat just because her face is round! Poor girl! Sometimes to loose the cheeks they have to be just bones, poor girl.

    Kim Soo Hyun is lovely! So cute and suits her ^^~~

    • Suzy’s make-up is indeed terrible imo (her face is as red as her dress, definitely put too much blusher). On the other hand, I love her dress, laces seem to be trendy this year.My personal favorites are Kim Hee Ae and Suzy’s dresses.

    • they say its the “worst” dress but its because shes supposed to be like nationals little sister along with IU — which means she needs to have a pure and innocent image. its kind of sad that alot of k-netizens criticize/praise based on biases without judging on merits and that i mean in general for anything, be it dramas,acting,actors/actresses,image.. if i were to judge the girl based on appearance alone without considering image id say she had one of the best dresses of the boring black/white theme dominating this awards ceremony

      • I wonder if her dress looks better than it is because of the sea of blacks all around? But The color is really vibrant and looks good on her.

    • I agree that PSH plays safe but she doesn’t wear black often though. The styles are similar but girls do it in different colors each time 🙂

      • My bad, her make-up does look better on the other pics…Suzy should get an award for best dressed actress of the evening. She looks stunning. Worst goes to UEE.

  4. We had the exact same reaction to Song Joong Ki…the hell.

    Suzy looks GORGEOUS. I’m not sure if I like Park Shin Hye’s dress, too much…fluff/material on her tbh. Love Chae Jung Ahn’s look/dress! And you’re right some of the guys looked uncomfortable in their suits haha. Kim Bum though… :DDD

  5. Suzy looks gorgeous and kinda apart from everyone wearing black or white. Literally everyone’s wearing that standard colour! Love Kim Bum’s white tux. PSH’s dress isn’t all that, but she does look gorgeous!

    As for the winners – I actually haven’t seen some of the shows so can’t really make a legit comment.

  6. I guess I’m one of the few who actually liked Han Hyo Joo’s look (minus the hair because girl, get a haircut!) I thought it was sexy and edgy, which really stood out. She and Kim Min Hee were the only women in black whose dresses I distinctly remembered. Nearly everyone else did what Koreans do best: blend in and play it safe. Park Shin Hye and Park Ha Sun, for example, both wore beautiful, long, classic dresses but those dresses have been seen before thousands of times. It’s not exactly exciting or gasp-inducing anymore; besides, they’re young still, they should be experimenting with colors, cuts, and patterns! But alas, I’m left disappointed again after another South Korean red carpet event.

    • No kidding Park Shin Hye’s dress has been seen before – Yoo In-Ah wore a dusty rose/lilac (whatever that color was) version of it in the awards scene in Queen In-Hyun’s Man.

    • My response to Binnie is always, oh my god oh my god oh my DIMPLES god….
      It’ll be years before we get to see 16+ hours of him on tv now that he is doing films!!!!

    • @ iviih –

      THANKS for the link. Hyun Bin is my biggest drama crush right now. 😀 He’s so gorgeous that the dimples & voice are a bonus! *plus his perfectly styled “award show hair”!

  7. I think the Family of Miracle in Cell No 7 decide to wear black tonight Ryu Seung Ryong , Park shin hye and Gal so won they are so cute
    I wish My sweet Shin Hye try another colour rather than Black , Red or white
    what I don’t like that is all black .

  8. Wow…. Suzy… looks…errr… old. Not in a bad way but certainly in a way where I didn’t recognize her until I looked at the pic for a second time. Love the color… don’t love the upper part of the dress – it looks a bit old-fashioned there but that’s personal taste.

    Song Joong Ki… what the hell!! I love him but he should definitely fire his stylist. But maybe he was giving a f*** due to the fact that he didn’t win anything.

    Overall I have to disagree. The Baeksang Awards were kind of a “what the fuck”-show. I can’t take this seriously anymore. *sigh* What a shame!

  9. Seriously, UEE’s dress looks like it has been taken straight out of the 50’s…everything is so old-fashioned in this outfit and the color, don’t get me started on this! Just horrible.

  10. LOL with your comment about JoongKi’s pimp suit.
    Isn’t there any other color available aside from black? sometimes it seems that most of them are going to a high-fashion funeral.

  11. Park Shin Hye is classy in a way that sets her apart. Flawless makeup and hair. She is looking gorgeous, elegant in beautifully cut lace gown that I wished had been some other colour. Black is boring specially for her age. She really knows how to carry herself extremely well on the red carpet.
    Chae Jung Ahn is another classy one. Now this is style. Everything is perfectly put together. She is just great.
    Suzy is looking good. Red suits her. Don’t much care for the dress. The makeup is a tad over but with the red colour dress gives a dramatic effect that does suit the red carpet.
    The worst one surprisingly is UEE. She has always shown some flair but everything for me is totally out . The bun with tightly pulled hair making her head looks as if it is a misfit for the heavy neclace and dress that makes her abdomen look too big on the thin legs. She should have gone for sleeker dress or made a different hairstyle. Love the color of the dress.
    Park Se Young could have looked great but does give a washed out effect on her face because of poor makeup. At an award ceremony at night it should be drama and glamour.

  12. I really hate who is the person picking Eunji’s award clothes!

    They are all bad! Always unflattering.

    Go search for it and you’ll know.

    I feel bad for her.

    • True to that, I almost would like to know how to contact her management. Jeez, I don’t remember an incident that she was properly dressed for an occasion. She have been receiving a lot of awards and she always looks her worst. During interviews and guestings they would dress her like a pimp or whatsoever. She’s ACube’s most promising artist and they can’t even get her a decent stylist. Try watching her performance at the Baeksang Awards, it will console you somehow.

      • I agree, they need to learn how to style her properly. They are torn between giving her a more mature image (I mean she kisses and plays older than her 19 yr age) or that innocent image w/ her group…and her wardrobe suffers as a result. And it seems like in real life she’s a tomboy, so she just ends up wearing what they give her.

        Love the duet though!!

  13. Ryu Seung Song just easily beats all these men for me…man is just too hot….among the women Park Shin Hye was the only one thats wows me, also like Han Hyo Joo’s outfit above the…everyone else is pretty meh

  14. Mwahaha, this year paid the disappointment last year! *I’m seriously cursing last year award. And popular award…kkk… Dun need to be genius to guess who’ll win

    About dress, *whistling* wow, Suzy looks mature enough. She usually play that innocent teen with white, so this red works, the make up fit it!

    Kim Min Hee, pretty, pretty dress, it’s like her personality. Georgeous yet the color isn’t overly eyecatching.
    but no one will deny it’s gorgeous.

    Eun Ji’s dress reminds me with what Miley Cyrus wear at oscar in the past.

    Chae Jung Ahn, love the outfit from head to toe.

    But what an award show without the award? I’m pretty satisfied with the result^^

  15. Have to admit I like the classic looks, too.
    So it is ohhellyes! for Bummie
    and letmehelpyouoffwiththattux, Lee Sang Yoon, who looks reeeeeeaaally good in a hanbok, too. Can’t wait for Fire.

    • I need those 2 men in Fire in the same photo.My screen might just combust.

      Thanks for the posts.I would admit that seeing the hot guys overwhelmed the females. However for sheer glamour and style love Chae Jung Ahn.

  16. Song joong ki has been losing weight! Somehow it feels like he is not having as good a time after having his great year. He always looks like he is putting on a smile as opposed to just shining from inside as he used to. I wonder if he is going through some pain in his life? Oh joong ki.. Eat up. It will pass, whatever it is. Pure assumption on my part!

    • Don’t worry! If you follow him closely, you’ll notice that even though he didn’t participate in any drama/movie, he was still very busy with many CFs event. He shoot like two CFs in a week or something and then other events. So I guess he’s losing weight due to that. I still think his face just shines with happiness. Also, I think he’s thinking hard to choose his next project.

  17. I feel shocked first time seeing Joongki’s suit too. But after a while, I kind of get used to it and think it’s not that bad. At least it makes him stand out from the all boring black suit. Not the best suit he could wear but he makes it up with his cute face. Seriously, how old is he now?

    Wish he won something.

  18. Hm… Is my eyes playing trick on me or is Park Shin Hye’s dress looks really similar to the dress that Yoo In Na wore in Queen In Hyun’s Man, the scene where she walked the red carpark with Han Dong Min…

    • @ Mico –

      I am SO GLAD someone else see this!! I just texted my friend the same comment. Yoo In Na’s dress was a pinkish/mauve color, but it’s definitely the same style.

      I guess that means we were really paying attention during QIHM. haha! 😉

  19. When I saw your photo of Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki, I was laughing so hard. Shin Hye, you’re soooooo lucky!!! XD

  20. Suzy looks so good. her aura is so different. That red dress does wonder to her.. Love it, love it, love it….

  21. I love Park Shin Hye’s outfit…wish we saw her with her friend the dashing Kim Bum…I so love his white tux…He was one of the best dressed…
    As for PSH and SJK, i do love the fact that they’re still friends…they’ve had a chance to work together in the past for some promo and i remember them attending a red carpet event too about a couple of years ago too…

  22. My choice is PSH dress.
    Looks good on her. Hair, make up, clutch, shoes are perfectly fit and match.
    Maybe some ppl dont like black, kinda boring. But the cutting perfectly fit on her.

    Suzy, hmm.. I disagree tis time. She looks skinny in that outfit. She is lack some important area that needed to be enhanced by that dress, she looks skinnier. The makeup is not my cup. The hair.. For this kind of prestigious ceremony in SK, i think she shouldn’t pull that casual girl next door hairstyle. Sorry, suzy, i dont think you’re the worst, but you’re just not that flattering last night.

  23. I like Suzy’s dress but the makeup makes her look a lot older and it doesn’t really suit her, it’s too much. (she has that panda eyes look)
    Love, love Kim Min Hee’s dress and I like Park Ha Sun’s dress as well, it’s not edgy but more dreamy.
    Eunji, the dress is terrible. It had potential but just no.
    Yoochun needs to stop with the pink lipstick.
    Joong Ki, that outfit is terrible. He looks like he is going to a 70’s disco night.

  24. Shin Hye gets all the good looking guys – Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong AND Song Joong Ki?
    Me? Jealous? Nope :3
    Seriously though. She got to kiss both Hyun Joong AND Yong Hwa! Lucky, lucky talented girl.

  25. I love the dresses on Park Shin Hye and Kim So Hyun (although KSH’s a little short for a thirteen year old but I guess it’s okay – mom genes kicking in).

    I disagree with Suzy’s dress being the best though. The lace on the top makes it seem too old for her. If it were strapless, it may have looked better on her. And then the belt and the kind of ruffling underneath it – it’s just a no for me.

    Park Yoo-chun’s suit is a little too small on him; he looks like a stuffed penguin though albeit a very cute one 🙂
    Kim Bum – one word: Flawless.
    And Joong Ki is adorable as always though that sparkly thing doesn’t do much for him.

    All in all, they’re all so attractive :3

  26. I was happy to see a pic of Park shin hye and Song joong ki, they make a cute couple. I would love too see them paired up in a movie or drama. I thought Park shin hye looked heavenly regardless if her dress was black, she wore it beautifully. Kim Bum was the best dressed male in my book.

    • She is beautiful and love the dress on her. She along with Park Shin Hye were the two most graceful people on the red carpet.

  27. Shinhye is very gorgeous and stunning in her dress she is very graceful! She is a very talented woman thats why she gets all the goodlooking boys! And thats why shes popular for 3 consecutive years. ^_^

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