Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Giant Batch of Eye-catching Official Stills

Hhhhmmmm, this is not bad, not bad at all. After all the starts and stops, rumors and de-bunked rumors, slings and arrows, the sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin started filming over two months ago and is heading towards the tail end of its shoot. There have been tons of BTS leaks in the last few months but not much in terms of official goodies. Production company Tangren initially released concept posters and characters stills that were largely and rightfully panned. Dark morose tone, photoshopped to the nth degree, and terribly styled and arranged. I’ve been casually following along with the filming but my attention was tickled this week when the first monster batch of official stills were released. Bu Bu Jing Qing looks good, people. From the first drama the returning veterans are Nicky Wu (4th Prince), Liu Shi Shi (Zhang Xiao/Ruo Xi), Ye Zhu Xin (10th Prince), Annie Liu (Ruo Lan), and Ye Qing (Yu Tan). Out are Kevin Cheng (8th Prince), Yuan Hong (13th Prince), Lin Geng Xin (14th Prince), and Han Dong (9th Prince). The new cast members are Sun Yi Zhou, Jiang Jing Fu, Chen Xiang, Zheng Yi Ke, and Cai Jiao. A twist is that Liu Shi Shi plays two characters, leading lady Zhang Xiao (the time-traveler from the original story), and supermodel Lan Lan. A spoiler still leaked by an extra has confirmed this will be a direct modern sequel with Zhang Xiao waking up at the hospital, running into 4th Prince lookalike at the museum, who turns out to be Yin Zheng, Manager Director and heir of Sheng Tian Corporation. She goes to work there and meets her doppelganger and gets embroiled in the succession battle between the step- and half-brothers as well as messy love triangles. I can’t say I have a lot of faith the story for the sequel will be anywhere as riveting as the original, but the new stills have given BBJQ a new sheen that makes it look possibly interesting. Not to mention the major spoiler about modern 4th Prince meeting up with Qing dynasty Ruo Xi gives me the forever squeees.

Major spoiler for BBJQ. You go kiss her, modern 4th Prince!


Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Giant Batch of Eye-catching Official Stills — 18 Comments

  1. I’m sorry but other than that second still with Shishi’s hair tied up, I still cannot stand her matronly look. GAH. SHE LOOKED SO PRETTY IN BBJX. WHAT DID THEY DO TO HER.
    Everyone else looks fantastic tho, especially JJF. I certainly hope he’s upped his acting skills to match his good looks.
    Still not TOO confident about the show…I guess I’ll be waiting around to see how it goes.

  2. All I saw was the KISSING. Omg. What on earth is going on there?!?! Not that I object, no sir not at all.

    Honestly the best thing about this imo is gonna be Nicky with hair. He looks 10x better without the Qing braid. I don’t think this will have half the magic of the original, but Nicky and Shi Shi’s chemistry is still gonna be smoking hot, so. I will still be watching.

  3. I connect all the pictures and this is my guess for the sequel:

    Zhang Xiao (Shi Shi’s character) is the doppelganger of an actress who is related in some ways to Nicky Wu’s character. Then somehow they switch place, and ZX has more chances to interact with Nicky Wu’s character even though he doesn’t remember about the past life as 4th prince. Then ZX gets a script to play her Ruo Xi, and it trigger NW’s character to remember his past life and his affection for Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao—>hence it leads to the kiss in the last pictures in front of a dozen cameras.

    By the way, I can’t stop laughing when looking at the pic where Ye Zhu Xin’s character leans on Zhang Xiao’s table. It took me a minute to realize that it’s 10th Prince 😀

  4. I still don’t understand how this can be a DIRECT sequel to BBJX, but I am exited for it! All I have so far is that maybe RX was not supposed to actually wake up. Maybe she was suppose to die, like in the novel, and now she came back and met reincarnated 4th prince and herself as the supermodel.

  5. ok… I’m going to sound like ta ta ra, but could anyone pls tell me the name of drama this one is a sequel to? I’m like a trained puppy, you guys throw a drama at me and I go fetch. Ty ahead of time.

  6. These stills and THE KISS ease some of my initial misgivings about BBJQ. (thank goodness!!!) I don’t think it be as gripping as the original – the stakes just aren’t as high…. head of a corporation vs. emperor of a dynasty. BUT, it does look good and I will plant myself in front of a screen the moment it airs (with subs).

  7. Hmmmmmm…Im on the fence on this one. Until I saw the last still picture. The kiss is the only hope I have left in this drama.

  8. The plot doesn’t seem to make much sense without Tong Hua’s well-thought out narrative.
    I do however like the costumes worn by the actors, especially the knits and patterned scarves!

  9. i am very excited towards this film. when is the broadcast period ? can’t wait to see how the chemistry will be between 4th prince and Zhang Xiao and what is going on between Lan Lan and Zhang Xiao.

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