Alec Su Pairs up with Ariel Lin for Crime Thriller TW-movie Sweet Danger

This isn’t one of the weirdest onscreen pairings I’ve ever heard off, but it definitely so was far out of left field I blinked more than a few times to make sure I didn’t read it wrong. First some context – TW-media was all in a tizzy when Ariel Lin was confirmed to be starring in a modern police thriller movie with Alec Su called Sweet Danger. What and who, you say? Ariel has cemented her legacy as the Queen of Love Dramas, what with her best actress Golden Bell wins for They Kiss Again (the sequel to It Started with a Kiss) and In Time with You. Last year she filmed a wuxia C-drama in China with her teenage idol Danial Chan and It C-actor Feng Shao Feng called King of Lan Ling, which reportedly was her last acting project before she took a sabbatical to study abroad. That sabbatical never materialized though Ariel did end up with a new non-entertainment industry boyfriend by the end of the year. She’s been raking in the endorsements so she has the luxury of her pick of projects. Likely she wants to branch out because playing a no-nonsense police detective doesn’t fit her image at all. She’s so tiny and cute, though if Ivy Chen can pull off the kiss-ass mob daughter role in Black & White, I’ll give Ariel the benefit of the doubt for now.

Alec Su is one of Taiwan’s top male stars but he’s been MIA on the island acting scene for almost a decade, working exclusively in China on mostly dramas these days though initially a slew of dramas (most famously the original Princess Returning Pearl where his OTP role with Zhao Wei was a classic pairing though funnily enough he ended up dating Ruby Lin for a while after making that drama). Alec said that he was lured back for his first Taiwan project in such a long time because of the great script, director, and his co-star Ariel. She really must be hitting all her teenage kinks because Ariel admitted she listened to Alec’s boy band The Little Tigers back in the mid-90s when she was in junior high. LOL. Alec is really not that old, he’s the youngest of the group with Nicky Wu being the oldest. I actually think he and Ariel looks great together and the stills from the movie are suitably interesting. Alec joked that Taiwan audiences still remember him as the most well-behaved smart young man from his boy band and drama days, so he’s going to shatter a lot of perceptions with this role which is crass and uncouth. Looking forward to it, Alec and Ariel!


Alec Su Pairs up with Ariel Lin for Crime Thriller TW-movie Sweet Danger — 19 Comments

  1. Really interesting pairing and would love to check this out when it comes out in cinemas. Unfortunately Ariel may not be around to promote this movie next year as her long awaited dream of studying abroad has finally come true. She will be off to london in sept to pursue a masters in art in acting / performing arts. Not exactly sure what is the course but she will be MIA for 1 year.

    • Omo ! Do you (or anyone else) know by any chance in which school she will be studying ? My university is in London and has a drama departement with quite a few famous alumni (Tom Hardy, who recently played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, for instance)… If she was to come in my uni building on a daily basis for her studies, that’d be sheer awesomeness ! I adore her ! *flails happily*

  2. Is she really coming to UK to study?! Can’t wait to watch this movie. I have been waiting for King of Lan Ling to come out for a longggg time.

  3. OMG! WOW – I was wondering if Alec would ever do another project in TW and I was thinking – no. So this is a big and nice surprise for me. He was my tw idol when I was little too. Haha, I definitely remember his good smart boy image from back then. LOL It’s just that he had such a baby face even though he was the youngest, it was hard not to like him out of the 3. I will shamelessly admit that I had their tapes and then CDs and I played it as recently as 2 months ago in the car. Just trying to see if I could get my kids to like them – but turns out they like Jam Hsiao better. LOL 🙂

    I will definitely have to check this out. I was also totally not ever expecting a Ariel Alec pairing. Interesting! 🙂 Thanks Capt K for the heads up!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. I also think she will do just fine!! I don’t know the lead guy so I have no comment about him except those stills are giving me a good impression ;), but I can’t wait for the movie seems its going to be fun 😀

    • Me too, love Alec with Chae Rim in Love in Agean Sea. Cried buckets when he died and still love the song he sang In that drama.Unforgettable.

    • OOH!! I looove him in those dramas too!! Man, they’re both made me cry so much especially towards the end ): sighh, I wish he does more dramas…

  5. I stg these Chinese stars have found the fountain of youth because a lot of them don’t seem to age at all or just aging VERY slowly.

  6. Really liked her in “in time with you” . This seems like a good and promising drama too. I look forward to seeing her in it.

  7. I feel like I’m a teenager again when reading this news. Alec & Zhao Wei was my favorites in Huan Zhu Ge Ge (watched the 1st season when I was 13). Meanwhile, Ariel and Hu Ge made me cry my heart out in “Fairy from Wonderland”. I have always loved her since then. Definitely looking forward to this 🙂

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