Taiwan Stars Descend on Breeze Night 2013

Breeze is one of Taiwan’s largest department stores (though I’m partial to Uni-Hankyu 統一阪急 and Shinkong Mitsukoshi 新光三越) and the flagship store is in the Shinyi district along with the other main department stores and next to the flagship Eslite Bookstore. The homegrown fashion conglomerate holds an annual star-studded Breeze Night fashion fete every year attended by the stars and socialites alike. This year’s theme was in collaboration with Disney and the spokes models for the store split the theme. Hannah Quinlivan came decked out in full Cinderella princess regalia while Jenna Wang came dressed as the Queen from Snow White. By the way, Jenna recently admitted to the rumors that she is dating actor Xiu Jie Kai, which makes for yet another celebrity couple outing in TW-entertainment. Back to Breeze Night, last year’s theme was London, 2011 went with Milano La Dolce Italia, 2010 was J’aime Paris, 2009 was Aladdin’s Magic, and 2008 was Diamond Wild Africa. This was a pretty swank event and the celebs all showed up wearing lines they are endorsing. My man Chris Wu was decked out in cheeky Ferragamo, James Wen did Summer casual in Gucci, Kristen Jen in Tori Burch, and Lin Yo Wei for Coach, among others. These parties obviously aren’t for the average shopper but its fun to watch the celebs come out to play and don some new duds. I’m amazing that Godfrey Gao managed to pull off that orange and yellow jacket, but that man is a model born-and-bred and he can pretty much wear a burlap bag and still rock it. Check out the pretty pics and oogle the hotness. I think everyone looked fun and great, a reminder that sometimes star just have that extra oomph to pull stuff off.

Hannah Quinlivan.

Tony Yang. By the way, the original cast of King Flower was – Sonia Sui as Da Hua/Liang Yen. James Wen as Lin Guan Jun. And Tony Yang as Terry/Ouyang Tai. When Sonia turned it down so did Tony. I am SOOOO relieved he did. Like him but Chris owns Terry.

James Wen. I think even he must agree – Lin Guan Jun was a failed experiment and the look did not suit him in the slightest. He is back to being cool.

Rhydian Vaughan. Could he BE more adorable. Love him~ Hilariously, all three of Nikki Hsieh’s latest leading men were at the party. James, Rhydian, and Chris.

Chris Wu. Swoon swoon swoon. I love that he eases into the more playful suited look with flair. This is so Chris and not a glimpse of Terry in sight.

Kristen Jen, actress and younger sister to Selena Jen.

Lin Yo Wei from Two Fathers.

Sunny Wang.

Godfrey Gao. This “outfit” works because he makes it work. Sheer gorgeousness at play here.

Socialite and Breeze founder Sun Yun Yun.


Taiwan Stars Descend on Breeze Night 2013 — 19 Comments

    I can’t take it.
    And I completely agree with you that Godfrey Gao was able to pull off that outfit. He made the impossible possible!

  2. I don’t think that orange jacket (?) thing works AT ALL. Makes me cringe. May be because I don’t know the guy. But I’m loving the rest of the party outfits (especially Rhydian.. never saw the guy before, but I’ll check him out!) Chris looks cute!

  3. Picture of Chris? Yup, gotta save that one, too. Oh Godfrey, why can’t you be in a drama that I like? Any suggestions anyone? Also, is anyone watching Two Fathers? Is it good?

    • 2 fathers very, very good but not like KF. It is well casted & characters so far are delightful (I am up to ep 6)

  4. While we´re on the topic of Godfrey Gao – does anyone here happen to know whether there is a chance to find subs for his 2011 drama “Odd Perfect Match”?
    I watched the first episode on viki and liked it since it seemed refreshingly different (at least I thought so) and .. well… I kinda like looking at Godfrey.. 😉 Viki seems to have stopped subbing the drama though..

    • i did some quick looking around, and it seems viki is the only available (half-ish) sub so far. and it also appears they dont do any work on it atm, as you already mentioned.
      i couldnt find anyone else in the process of subbing it; so its either hoping viki finishes it or learning mandarin a bit faster.
      unfortunate, as i also was looking for something with him in it to watch.

      ill keep looking forward to ‘remembering lichuan’ then, and hope someone will sub that one. also i couldve watched them shooting a part, i feel like an idiot because i missed it…

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to look for subs! I´ve done some searching of course but I thought someone else might be more lucky than me as I don´t really know where to look for tw-drama subs..

        I´m sure the new drama will be getting subbed, it´s just unfortunate for me that it looks like it´s going to have a lot of tragedy in it, which I mostly don´t care for.. I so wanted to watch him act in another romantic comedy!

  5. I love Chris Wu’s suit. So fun and playful just like him. But I wish he had worn some chic loafers like James Wen instead of the colorful sneakers. James looks like so chic. Like everything about his outfit. Yes, he should just stick to being cool and sauve.

  6. I know a lot of people think he is cute, but for some reason Sunny Wang just gives me the creeps. And that’s even with those snake-like tats covered up.

  7. Chris Wu is so awesome! I just watched episode 18 of King Flower. I know that DH is trying to get over GJ but it is kind of annoying, I hope she gets over him fast, and go have a happy life with Terry instead. The preview of episode 19 kind of annoys me. I hope she isn’t using Terry as rebound and possibly saying yes to Terry marriage proposal because of it. The proposal doesn’t seem that romantic, Terry just pulls out a ring while standing up according to the previews, which makes me rather disappointed in Terry. I expected a more swoon worthy moment.

    • Mee too – i watched episode 18 and Guan Jun is doing the “noble idiocy” tingy by pushing her away to Terry!! She has a gigantic crush on Guan Jun and would take her time to get over the heartbreak and Terry is getting her on the rebound which in dramaland is never a good thing!! Do i still have faith in the writers and SETTV???? Anyway Team Terry all the way.

  8. Love Chris Wu – he looks good in colour – orange and purple too!! As for Godfrey Gao – yikes! loose that jacket!

  9. I see Chris Wu – I love it.
    I see Magnus Bane AKA Godfrey Gao – I’m in fangirl heaven.
    And as for the jacket, that man is fabulous in anything to be completely honest.

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