Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

I’m rather ambivalent about how quickly and how heated the romance between Ok Jung and Lee Soon went from longing to rolling in the sack in episode 10 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Yes, they are both adults and at least this drama is honest that sexual chemistry and desire plays a big part in people falling in love. But I don’t want to see the romance overwhelm what has been some well-developed political conflict and power plays. It shouldn’t be so personal is what I’m getting at, because we’ve seen Lee Soon and Ok Jung spend 9 episodes gradually falling for each other but that romance was only secondary to their main goals in life. He wants to become a powerful ruler, one who not only makes Joseon a better country for the common people, but also a King that keeps his power hungry ministers in check and reclaims power for the royal family. She wants to become a fashion pioneer, the best designer in Joseon who holds her own fate in her hands and uses it to liberate her mother from slavery.

It’s pretty heady stuff, and I want their romance to complement the other parts of their life and show us how they can achieve their goals together even better than without each other. I was a little taken aback with how angry Ok Jung got with Minister Min’s put down, since she’s gotten it all her life and appears to have taken it in stride. But suddenly she’s turning ambitious and angry because a high born man looks down on her right to love a King? That seems like the reality, while her love is the exception. I love that she’s becoming calculating and is willing to fight (and scheme) to make her dreams to come, but it does seem like a schism happened in Ok Jung’s formerly passive and bear-it-in-stride personality. Lee Soon similarly went from politics and power first to ruled by his other member, though I can accept that a hot blooded young man will finally let his emotions do some talking rather than being so asexual as he was with Queen In Kyung. I actually think In Hyun is written so far with the most consistency and subtlety, and I can’t wait to see the two smart and thoughtful women fight for the attention of the King in the Palace.

Written preview for episode 11:

Ok Jung joins forces with Jang Hyun knowing that she does not have the ability to achieve her goal by her own power. At at party for Princess Myung Ahn, Ok Jung and Queen In Hyun use their own methods to design their outfit for the party.

Preview for episode 11:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love — 20 Comments

  1. I think that the fact of some powerful man set her in a fire literally was the last drop. If you remember it was nearly one year skip after IK death. I think this awful palace maids insulted her entire time and slowlly OJ fed up of all this sh*t. So i don’t think that her going to the dark side was sudden and unexpected.
    As we see earlier when OJ made up her mind she stand on to the death literally. And she made up her mind so let’s the war begin!

  2. You’re spot on to what i’ve been thinking about the previews and the drama. True it’s fast paced but sometimes i feel they’re rushing here. My instinct tells me that the drama has been cut short to ~20eps without announcement. Script re-written, edited/cut scenes, a 2nd lead who hasn’t appeared at the half mark of story? I really hope this week won’t be the turning point for me, since I don’t like the previews at all. I expect OJ to change but still stay herself, now I can only see a scheming/ambitious woman who takes advantage of the king’s favor for her. *sighs* i know, i’m not sure why i come to feel that way. Some people keep saying OJ will be evil sooner or later, and I once hoped this drama will portray it differently. not turning her into a mary-sue like, i’d just have liked the transition could be smoother.

  3. I agree IH’s characterization maybe more consistent, but her character is also not exposed to much. All her dilemma is a bit shaky in getting valedictorian in courtladydom.

    I see it in another light. While OJ has ambition in being a top of her trade designer, it is more importantly a means to an end, the highest priority is always survival and freeing mom from slavery. Whether she can still be successful enough to attain the goal has been less and less likely with the meddling of Uncle. It is not her plan but it must’ve crossed her mind equipped with King’s affection, it’s a better outlook. I never saw her as passive. And I don’t know how you can possibly take it in strides when you are surrounded by baddies not blinking a lash to off you. And what she said it not just her standing up feisty against a Yangban, she is putting the King’s affection, King’s intention on the line as well. What Min hollered at her is reality, but the fact she is the King’s woman is also a truth and shrewdly wasn’t she being coy she may be carrying the seed of a prince in her, it is possible. Isn’t she exposing Min’s social schism as a yangban, he should above all, obey the King?!

  4. In my opinion, all the characters have been very consistent so far, maybe IH seems more so because it’s been her ambition that keeps her going foward never any personal emotion.

    I have to say that it’s always a miracle when I found a drama that is this fast paced but doesnt feel rushed at all – LS and JOJ has known each other for over a year and the lovemaking was just a culmination of their pent-up emotions. It’s not like he started to desire and love her overnight.

  5. As much as I love Jae Hee, but I dont really think his entrance on the drama will make an impact.. Seems like Prince D became the second lead now and I love his character here.. Jae Hee will just become JOJ’s oraeboni, like Chun Soo to Dong Yi.

  6. I wonder if jang ok jung transformation this fast in order to increasing the rating….
    What makes me fear the writers will write her char turn into scheming just because she want to fight for love only. The reason Seems shallow to me.

  7. I agree with what you said about Ok-Jung’s character schism in the last episode. I suspect that it might have something to do with the ratings. I was a bit worried at the end of episode 10, because I really hope their not doing a character transformation to give Jang Ok Jung a makjang feel. I hate those dramas where characters go from naive and innocent to vengeful and scheming, and I felt that Ok-Jung’s dialogue in the last scenes of episode 10 had shades of makjang in it.

    Still loving the drama though and it has been in excellent hands for the past 10 episodes, so I hope the production team will continue to achieve the same quality as we’ve been seeing for the past five weeks!

  8. I too felt Ep.10 was rushed. But let’s see how Ep.11 pans out as I understand we need to get to the next phase where all the battling begins in the palace, both the women and the politicians.

  9. I felt the disconnect too. I don’t know… It felt unnatural a little in the sense that it felt rushed… Just to usher in her going all evil and maybe I am just resisting it. I don’t really know what to think.

  10. i completely understand why she would be so angry with minister min.i think it was just the straw that broke the camels back,there she was prepared to be just be a special lady with none of the titles as she felt unworthy then out of nowhere she is attacked and told she is too low for even that. i would be so angry and try by all means to get to a point where they would have to swallow their words.

  11. KTH looks so fresh and beautiful in her peach makeup and baby blue hanbok!! I love JOJ’s new fierce side. She needs to be fierce and strong in order to survive in such ruthless environment even though she’s still vulnerable inside and when she’s with LS. KTH’s doing an awesome job portraying this. JOJ is no where near vengeful and scheming yet. She’s simply more confident and almost challenging them to bring it on. I’m liking this type of heroine. =)

  12. As happy as I was for the love scene, I too found it very all of a sudden. I understand that the reason they did it is well, because they love each other and also, so that she’d be his woman so no one could say she was impure and such since she was kicked out. So, okay. But honestly, they fell in love for 8 episodes, he kissed her by the end of episode 8 (not counting their childhood fall-on-one-another kiss), then he actually finally learnt her name in episode 9 and then sex at episode 10? I get chemistry and sexual desire but it was a bit sudden.
    Now Jae Hee’s appearance wouldn’t be a bit too sudden at all considering that we’re almost at the half way point of the drama and no second male lead in sight besides Lee Sang Yeob. And as much as I love him, I’d really like to see Chi Soo’s character!
    I understand her change from being so reserved and enduring to actually fighting for what she wants though. Yes, she’s always wanted to make clothes and she did fight for that. But now that she has Lee Soon’s love which is something she never thought she’d actually ever get and she loves him every bit as much or I’d say more; it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to lose him and therefore fights for him. Even if that means becoming the bad guy, I think she’ll do whatever she can to keep holding his hand no matter what.
    I’m really scared to see how they allow her to die in the drama. You’ve posted the translation of the ending of the novel and it’s a clue but if that’s really how it all ends – with her coffin being taken out of the place, Chi Soo (if we ever see him) losing the will to live and dying in a drunken fight and Lee Soon being heartbroken because the only woman who ever loved him was dead, then this drama is definitely going to break my already fragile heart.
    The mark of a great drama nevertheless.
    Anyway, JOJ fighting!

  13. I could see the change in OJ. In episode 9, she took the opportunity to force out the truth about the dress from the Ja Kyung when she saw the head lady coming. You can tell she is no pushover.

    Minister Min sending a court lady, telling her that she is like Hong Joo ….this could have reminded OJ that if she does not fight back, she would end up like Hong Joo. And the fire in the shed, this is just the ultimate, since she was also locked in the warehouse earlier in her life and she lost her mentor.

    Hence, i think the change is not abrupt.

    As for Lee Soon’s treatment of IH, it is very much in line with how he treated IK. It took him quite a bit to realise the treatment of IK was bad, and IK was a more “innocent” character, than IH, who openly bargained with him.

  14. I think this episode was all about the OTP because needs to get pregnant. She the one that gives him his first born. So they need to get going 😉
    I know I would ^.-

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