Shu Qi Shines in C-remake of My Best Friends Wedding with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

The remake of a twenty year old movie that was itself not very good feels like a lesson in pointlessness. Except the trailer for the C-movie version of My Best Friend’s Wedding actually works for me, and it’s solely on the charisma and charm of leading lady Shu Qi much like original lead Julia Roberts sold the half-baked script. The movie is out and apparently getting pretty good buzz which isn’t surprising since rom-coms are cotton candy audience picks and this one has the additional visual splendor being a London backdrop that is more interesting than the characters played by male lead Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song as his sweet as pie fiancee. It’s Shu Qi, the gorgeous location shoot, and her white knight played by Rhydian Vaughn that has me going mmmmmm yes, more of these two please. Continue reading

Alien Fantasy C-movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe with Mark Chao and Yao Chen Drops Action Trailer

Looks like Chinese movies are getting in on the alien adventure yarns as upcoming big budget blockbuster Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (鬼吹灯之九层妖塔 Ghost Blowing Lamp The Nine Story Demon Tower) gets a September 30th premiere date just in time for the … Continue reading

Taiwan Stars Descend on Breeze Night 2013

Breeze is one of Taiwan’s largest department stores (though I’m partial to Uni-Hankyu 統一阪急 and Shinkong Mitsukoshi 新光三越) and the flagship store is in the Shinyi district along with the other main department stores and next to the flagship Eslite … Continue reading

Hoshi no Kinka Gets TW-remake Die Sterntaler to Air Sundays on CTI

The thought of someone thinking it would be a great idea to remake yet again another version of Die Sterntaler (also known as White Romance or Heaven’s Coins) gives me a headache. One of the granddaddies of all second-male-lead-gets-the-girl stories … Continue reading