Lee Min Ho Releases Surprisingly Easy Listening Mini-Album My Everything

I’m so sheepish about enjoying this all on my own and in secret for the past few days I finally caved and decided to post it. I suppose coming clean is the first step in taking the stigma off liking something so thoroughly mediocre yet addicting. Apparently Lee Min Ho is trying to branch out beyond picking different acting projects – teenage rich jerk in Boys Before Flowers, adult fake-gay architect in Personal Taste, a baby City Hunter, a Goryeo time-traveling General in FaithΒ – and is now deciding to try out different professional genres as well. Folks, Min Ho-sshi has just released a Korean mini-album! I have a like-hate relationship with Lee Min Ho, I like him but hate most of his acting projects (so far). I like that he seems well in control of his acting career and I genuinely believes he has the potential to really break out of his acting limitations and tics (which really came out in Faith since a sageuk truly challenges any actor). So while I was waiting for him to pick a great project next, and right now I’m undecided on making any assumptions about Heirs with Park Shin Hye and written by Kim Eun Sook, he’s apparently taking a page from Jang Geun Seok and So Ji Sub and letting his inner song geek come out. I can say that his first foray in crooning really isn’t that bad. Unlike Jang Geun Seok who appears to have the fantastic voice to sing with (sadly the man has horrible pitch) but sings the worst music ever, I’ve never been all that taken with Lee Min Ho’s voice but his music selection is quite a breezy find. There are actors I think have seriously sexy voices that I would love to hear them sing, and a few have managed to balance a dual acting-sing career with success, such as Lee Jun Ki and Lee Seung Gi. I’m not sure this attempt by Lee Min Ho has the legs to launch a full blown singer career. His voice is rather unremarkable and his pitch is serviceable. But at a brisk 6-tracks his new mini-album is strangely listenable and decent. I like it and I think his fans will LOVE it. You can listen to the three songs I like the most from his album below as well as download the entire thing to sneak into your iPod rotation. Don’t worry, there is no shame here.

Click here to download Lee Min Ho’s new mini-album My Everything.


1. Without You

2. Love Motion

3. My Little Princess

4. You & I

5. Pieces Of Love

6. My Everything (2013 remix)

07. Without You (Instrumental)

“Love Motion”:

“My Everything”:

“Without You”:


Lee Min Ho Releases Surprisingly Easy Listening Mini-Album My Everything — 30 Comments

  1. I loved the songs. Maybe because of low expectations but this is really nice album. Better than any Jang Geun-suk album.

  2. I listened expecting to be horrified but I was definitely surprised. He is just passable but the songs are easy-listening and perfect for Summer.

  3. I wish he wouldn’t wear skinny pants. It just makes his skinny legs look skinnier.
    I was expecting great things from him after BOF but his acting range seems very limited. But he’s so likable and I always look forward to his dramas. Can’t wait for his next one opposite PSH.

  4. He’s quite decent…songs are catchy. It’s a treat compared to the appalling Jang Geun Suk’s ‘Nature Boy’…moreover he’s doing it for his fans, more power to him πŸ™‚

  5. His voice is not fantastic per se but is it’s very soothing. There’s nothing wrong with exploring one’s options to try and make oneself better. This is true for LMH who has so many fans who look up to him and all that he has to offer. Hats off to LHM.

  6. I don’t see what is wrong with actors trying to sing. So many idols are trying to act. I don’t think Lee Min Ho is a better singer than Jang Geun Suk. JKS album has a lot of nice songs that are not promoted.

    To me, Lee seung gi is a better singer. But he is a singer to start with. Kim Soo-hyun should release song, he can sing pretty well

  7. I am glad he went for it and made the album. I am all for people not being afraid of testing themselves and their potential. LMH may not become a singer by profession but surely the fact that he made his fans happy and that he went to the fullest extent in singing in itself should be personally satisfying and good enough for him.
    The same thing goes for JGS….. He is happy doing things that he is. It may not be many people’s cup of tea but it sure is bringing in the crowds for his concerts and he is managing to sell his brand of music pretty well.

  8. I love “my everything”…especially if you love Lee Min Ho’s ad with TOYOTA camry…He played twin brothers there…I love him there…The wicked brother vs the innocent one.

  9. Why most korean singers always sing english with their songs while an american can’t even understand what it is about. And when singers are asked each singers are their favorite they would always name an america singer

  10. I love Lee Min Ho i was also surprise that he recorded a mini album…FYI he willhave a concert in our country Philippines this coming july 6 guess what I already have a ticket….wanna hear him live

  11. I didn’t blame him, he even said he can’t sing at all, but he grant his fans request. That the most thing I am proud of him. Even though he can’t do it, but he try hard especially for his fans. There nothing to hate about his musics. He himself said he cannot sing, but he did it. Even though me I am Minoz, I think he can’t sing, but I still appreciate it. If you have heart and think, many people said”his voice is not good” or “he can’t sing”… Still there is so many singers acted, even though they can’t act. I am not going to say who’s the singers are. So please there’s nothing wrong about actor who sing, even though he can’t. Also it’s not because Lee Min Ho want to do because he wanted to make a lot of money. It’s just he porfill his fans wish.

    • Agree with you! I just know and him from his drama ” Faith ” and I think he was great being the “daejang”,from it I’m looking for everything ’bout him. Now,I’m hunting for his late dramas such as BOF,City Hunter etc. And I looove his song “my everything”,even yes,he looked so odd on stage,I saw his performance on youtube,but really appreciate for what he had done,GO MINHO!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Do people have high expectation especially for Lee min ho? This album is surprisingly good even compared to professional singers. Kudos to the producers. He may lacks skills but his music has this honest power to touch my heart. Good job Lee Min Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a long time visitor of this site I always want to say this: As a fan I am proud of Lee Min Ho. You leave your mark on whatever you are doing. Keep fighting!!!

  13. Lee Minho is a great actor, his acting is might not be in a wide range, but it’s undeniable to say he gets into a character’s role very well. And I really do love the guy. Prehaps you should give Jang geun suk more credit though, I don’t see any fault in his pitch, on top of which he’s able to convey emotion so well in his songs. I don’t mean to come off as a jerk but it seems that you simply saying things for the heck of it. The vocals are always partial to a song, the other half is emotion, something JKS does very well. I highly suggest listening to ‘Without Words’.

  14. I love the effort! When you listen to these songs..you can tell LMH has put so much heart into all of them! Also,he is grateful to have come this far in such a cut throat industry and is well aware that its because of the support of his fans..it’s his way of saying “Thank you!” So wether or not he sounds that great or not…he’s Gods gift to womankind

  15. ohhh .. guys lmh is good agreed but sorry just don’t judge JKS’s songs by the kind of video .. I mean come on .. he has an amazing voice .. his balads are so much better and coveys emotion so well .. if you give me two songs .. one of JKS and the other of LMH for the first time and tell me to judge it purely on the basis of vocals and depth and music JKS is far too better… just a bad vid of nature boy doesn’t make JKS a bad singer .. !!

  16. i really love LMH.. when i was in the philippines, i didn’t watch. bof when it was on aired on the t.v… when i went in abroad for work, that’s the time i saw it, i was searching on net about korean drama’s.. and there i saw BOF, and i don’t like at first because of his attitude towards jandi and his hair style.. but i got addicted to him.. after bof, i search for his new drama again.. and i really enjoy everything.. he has something on him when he is acting.. it’s not just because he possess charms and a baby smile but he is really great in acting, down to earth.. i can say that because i saw some of the videos downloaded by his fans when they saw him at the airport or in any place.. when they call him he smile, or wave his hands.. he really treasure his friends, fans and most his family..

    he always say, he is not perfect, because he read some of the comments of his fans that he is perfect.. i’m watching “the inheritors” and it proves that LMH really is a great actor.. the drama was all over around the globe.. maybe he is not a good singer, he doesn’t want to be a singer cause he knows that he don’t have a potential of being a singer but the important thing is, he sing for his fans, he really tried hard just to have this album..

    i don’t want him to compare to jgs.. but most of the asian’s people love LMH no matter what.. he is genuinely and pure to his fans.. i love his style, love everything about him.. he treasure us ( where i am right now, it’s because of my fans ) and i am belong to his millions fans..

    gud LMH and PSH.. loveu both

  17. Hi, ockoala! Thank you for sharing this. You are so generous. God bless you. LMH’s song choices are just right for his vocals. Phew! He’s been working hard to improve. I suppose it’s just fair, he’s handsome and has immense sex appeal. Now, had he been blessed with the natural talent to sing and dance…we’d all have died and gone to heaven.

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