Lee Bum Soo Shows Off His Happy Married Life with Adorable Little Daughter

I’m seriously waiting for the third shoe to drop with Lee Bum Soo. He’s one of the most capable and hard working leading men in the Korean acting world, easily disappearing into any role without a trace and making it memorable and scene-stealing. He’s taller onscreen than his height because of his presence and charisma. So it’s with disbelief and sadness to watch him squander his talents on two of the worst dramas to come out of Korea in years, first with Time Slip Dr. Jin, followed by IRIS 2. I almost want to call it selling out, but then he does such a fantastic job in those turd dramas it’s hard-pressed to say he phoned it in. He’s clearly earnest and sincere in every acting gig he takes, so why keep taking dramas that have TURKEY written all over it from the get go? Bad news comes in threes so I’m actually geared up for him to pick another terrible drama and then perhaps he’ll get the bad drama itch out of his system. Then he can go back to rocking my world, like he did in On Air, Giant, and History of the Salaryman. He’s been married since 2010 to Lee Yoon Jin, a somewhat famous in her own right as the English tutor to Rain (she’s also a newspaper columnist and English translator). I love that he likes brainy girls, and their marriage has produced an adorable precious little girl that is two years old now. Lee Yoon Jin posted family pictures recently showing the family at the coffee shop and out playing in the snow. Their baby girl is beyond cute, and Lee Bum Soo looks like a doting playful father. With the recent spate of new K-ent couples admitting to dating, and some couples tying the knot, looks like settling down to a happy married life is in the air.


Lee Bum Soo Shows Off His Happy Married Life with Adorable Little Daughter — 16 Comments

  1. Lol, that cap reminds me of Kwon Sang Woo.

    I would be psyched if he got cast in Hwatu what with the Jang Young Chul connection. Ha Ji Won is not my favorite but I would watch all 60 episodes just for him.

    • I’d watch it too, but the ‘Dr. Jin’ director? It didn’t end so well between them last time. Well, didn’t end well for us. Ahahaha. Half of my brain wants to, the other half is screaming no. Then again, these writers rock consistently.

  2. The thing with Lee Beom Soo is that he chooses things which sound interesting and good on paper. All of his works which turned our badly had an interesting premise and potential. But as we know with Korean entertainment and entertainment in general, you don’t always end up where you set out to go and you can’t always be choosy.

    I think his own performances are always 100% though and this might mean his few bad works don’t really drive anyone away from him personally. At least I hope so, because the guy does his best every single time and he’s a hell of an actor.

    It’s good he’s taking a break after ‘IRIS2’. That was one hard series to film, not to mention all the running-after-netizen-approval changes probably made things tougher for all the cast and crew. I’m dying to see his next work, but his health and sanity come first. 😛

  3. Tsssk. Daddy’s been spending (too much) time on his cell when the family was supposedly having bonding moment. See how the lil’ girl tries to get his attention by attempting to feed him. Turn that cell off and be there for your dear ones will ya?

  4. Oh, my daughter would love that coat!! 😛

    Is there an online shop where I can buy such a cute cloth for my kids?

  5. I became a huge fan of Ahjussi Beom Soo after watching his 2015 drama Last. He played an big time badass mafia in Seol alley ghetto. I was supposed to hate him much because of all the hideous dirty things He’d done in the drama. Instead, I was so mesmerized by how he was so persuasive in delivering this complicated character. Last is the first of his dramas I’ve watched and honestly I never knew this actor until now. But man, his charisma is too immense to ignore his past dramas. So I started to watch Prime Minister and I. I’d never been a fan of Yoona as an idol neither an actress. I always skipped those dramas led by SNSD chicks. LOL…But I ended up being so indulged in this series and liked Yoona very much. The cast was so good, of course including the lead man playing the hero, Mr. Lee Beom Soo. He is the pivotal figure and the soul of PMAI. So I googled him and found this old post of yours, Ms. Koala. It seems you are a fan of LBS too. Other times when you raved about your favorite actors/actresses, I wasn’t necessarily on the same wavelength. But regarding LBS, I totally amen your comments. Based on your recommendation, I’m excited again to watch his old dramas.

  6. Loved Lee Boem Soo’s acting in two recent dramas and will continue to watch his work in other films. Congratulations on his marriage and their two adorable children! He waited a long time to choose a wife again. I love that she is soft-spoken, beautiful and smart. Beautiful family!

  7. the way he plays the role of prime minister and how he sticks to his principle makes him more handsome and in real life how he is devoted to his family adds up on his already outstanding character…..he is simply amazing!!!

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