Jae Hee Joins Angelababy to Promote Upcoming C-movie Crimes of Passion

There are no words to adequately express my anger on Jae Hee‘s behalf for the fate that befell him in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Forget that he was already a drama and movie leading man for many years before he enlisted for military service, to be cast as the second male lead is already baffling to me but then to be relegated to a character that has shown up for all of 15 minutes tops in 15 episodes is an ignominy that might never ever be topped. Ever. It sucks for him but really it sucks for the viewers of the show. If he leaves K-dramas after this and heads to China to churn out C-dramas I wouldn’t blame him. It’s actually not that far-fetched since back in 2010 before he enlisted he actually filmed a C-movie with Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy (Yang Ying) that is only now getting ready for a wide release. A remake of a 1997 C-drama called A Sentimental Story, the C-movie Crimes of Passion (一场风花雪月的事) centers around a leading lady police detective who gets embroiled in an investigation over a missing priceless historical artifact and in the process finds herself falling in love with the son of the prime suspect who is a Korean gang leader. This movie is getting a lot of buzz not over the cast but over its director Gao Qun Shu who won the Best Picture at the 49th Annual Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan’s Oscars) in 2012 for Beijing Blues. I’m not the biggest fan of either Huang Xiaoming or Angelababy as actors, and here some folks are clearly going to be intrigued by this movie for the reel meets real illicit romance between their characters since everyone and their mothers knows these two are dating despite no official confirmation from their camps all these years. I am a big fan of Jae Hee’s movie roles, with his performance in Director Kim Ki Duk‘s 3 Iron being especially unforgettable. Since he finished his military service his acting career has been on the skids and I hope he bids dramas farewell for the near future and does some movies to gain back some acting cred as opposed to wasting his time on a succession of dreadful fare. Since Jae Hee clearly has nothing to do in JOJ, he was in Beijing this week to join Angelababy in the press conference and unveiling of the movie teaser, with the movie scheduled for an August release.

Trailer for Crimes of Passion:


Jae Hee Joins Angelababy to Promote Upcoming C-movie Crimes of Passion — 23 Comments

  1. Poor Jae Hee. Not only did his character not make his entrance until ep 15(!) (has that ever happened before?), his character is still so underutilized in JOJ.

    • I can’t think of any other drama where the second lead showed up so late and then was given so little to do. I feel so bad for him. It’s almost like someone in the production has it out for him. First COW and now this. I really hope his career takes a swing upwards and soon.

      • I don’t think Jae Hee was even the 2nd main lead in JOJ as advertised (maybe the 4th, or 5th “main” lead). To me it seems like the producer of JOJ just used his name to attract viewers for the show but didn’t write his character properly. Feel really bad for him about this whole thing 🙁

    • I was going to watch JOJ because of Jae Hee but since he’s not really in the drama I will not not waste my time. I’ll try some other series instead.
      It’s good to find down before I wasted my time looking for him in JOJ.

  2. Jae Hee </3 go make awesome movies instead and have more free time to spend with your new baby.

    I won't pray for you to show up in JOJ anymore if they're just going to screw you over with a sucky character. :'(

    • Exactly!

      My life would be much poorer without 3-Iron and Jae Hee. I worship the ground off that movie and love love love Jae Hee in it.

      Really hope he can abandon dramas that don’t value his talent and make movies that do!

  3. the trailer seems good.. i like Angelababy, she’s so freaking beautiful.. and i love Huang Xiao Ming (one of the sexiest men) and of course uri oppa, Jae Hee.. gonna watch this one..

    and seriously, i miss Jae Hee’s era, i mean when he was the leading man.. aahh.. Chun Hyang.. time to watch it again.. 🙂

  4. Jae Hee is awesome….love him 🙂
    I’m glad I didn’t start JOJ…as he was the only reason I would have given a try….and when he shows up after 12 eps…well…..

    Yeah…he should star in more movies..which will do justice to his amazing talent….

  5. I’ve always been curious: How do Asian actors/actresses/musicians move so fluidly between the various entertainment industries? Isn’t language/culture a barrier? I always see Korean singers popular in Japan and vice versa. How does that work?

    • They are able to rerecord songs in Japanese and promote now because other groups previoudly worked hard to learn Japanese and promote there as Jpop artidts like BoA and DBDK.

      In Mainland China everyone grts dubbed so…

      • LOL…should be DBSK. The Hallyu wave is helped by music and dramas.

        The new wave of groups in Japan all work to have basic Japanese to support their promotions though groups like KARA who have done really well go the extra mile to be able to speak somewhat well

  6. Umm, the movies doesn’t really interest me.

    Angelababy is pretty (thanks to her plastic surgeons). I’ve seen some of her films only bcuz I was interested in the male leads. Her acting is so-so but she has the commercial face so I’m sure I’ll be seeing her in more movies. I don’t see her winning a Golden Horse. HX is handsome and his acting is the same. Both can’t sing but make a good looking couple.

    Poor JH, after this week episodes I’m giving up on JOK, LBL. It’s a mess!

  7. i love jae hee in this movie haha.. he speaks alot of languges.. he is really different in this movie, jae hee is sexy always… in every film he made! i thought he would be the love team of angelababy…haha i would not watch these movie w/o jae hee

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