Current and Previous tvN Flower Boy Stars Hit Town for Fashion Events

Summer is a-coming and with it hopefully lots of bright, colorful, and cheery fashion to match the temperature outside. I always feel like its cold in Seoul since in dramas everyone is blowing puffs of cold air when they say their dialogues and humongous floor length puffer jackets are de rigeur on set. There are some fashion trends that have been around for a few years and I don’t know why it hasn’t died yet. I’m talking about the tight color pants for men and the predilection for going sockless with ankle length hems. The ladies fare much better overall, with the trends by and large serviceable and not terribly an eyesore. I thought it a cool coincidence that the leads from both Flower Boy Next Door and Cyrano Dating Agency (also an Oh Boy production) hit the fashion circuit this week. Yoon Si Yoon attended the Tommy Hilfiger Seoul flagship store event launching its new Summer Beach Shack capsule collection. Also at the same event were Sooyoung from SNSD and Lee Chun Hee, just missing Lee Jong Hyuk to complete the CDA trio. Across town Kim Ji Hoon went formal in a suit and tie to attend the Clio Blue event, thereby missing out on some quality bromance time with Yoon Si Yoon. I thought the three attendees at the Tommy event all look perfectly dressed for the occasion, no doubt rocking Tommy duds. Perhaps it’s Yoon Si Yoon’s mega-watt smile, but he make me not hate his curly mop hair and actually tolerate his blue pants and printed dress shirt combo. Sooyoung is lovely but really needs to put on a few more pounds. Lee Chun Hee is way too sexy in camo and his character is CDA is equally sexy-dangerous. I think the sole miss is Kim Ji Hoon sporting a shiny suit that makes him look much too slick, he shoulda ditched his event for the Tommy one where I’m sure casual beach duds would fit him to a T.


Current and Previous tvN Flower Boy Stars Hit Town for Fashion Events — 26 Comments

  1. Kim Ji Hoon in a suit! I just remember recently seeing him in loads of weird clothes and red hair…was he experimenting? haha.

    I didn’t know Sooyoung was that skinny! I knew she was skinny, but in the jeans and heels…I agree. Although I’ve heard she has trouble gaining weight…I say eat cheeseburgers 3x times a day haha. Or eat my food for me.

    • Jeans don’t really cut it out for South Korean actresses let alone snsd girls because they’re so thin! She’s actually supposed to have one of the best legs in that girl group but I definitely agree that she should add some pounds.

    • He surely looks like adorable Enrique in this attire. But, you know, I don’t want him to be type cast in the future.

      • Me neither. 🙂 I want to him to choose different roles in the future that distinguishs from his character “Enrique” in FBND.

    • ,he earned a Lee Chun HOT from me this time.. not even the length of his pants, the color of his shoes nor his being sock less deduce any HAWT points from the masculinity he emanates.. 🙂

      • I really hope he kills it in his role on cyrano and is given a lead role where I can doubly swoon over his hotness. Mmm

      • I was thinking the same thing. Usually, I am the one volunteering to purchase socks for these sockless men. But wow, the amount of smexy going on here ahas completely distracted me from the lack of socks. He could go barefoot to this event for all I care! Lee Chun HOT indeed.

  2. Kjh ‘you never disappoint me though the event needed something more ‘sporty’ Hhh ysy $@/-(:)(27$:)7282!/$ what the fuck are you eating what is that color does it even have a name !??! Anyways the smile wipes them all ! And the girl I just love what agents eating it’s totally perfect! And the other guy ! Excuse me garra go vomit ! Ewww

  3. Sharkskin suit, right? KJH can do this because he has this smile that declares”I am so hot it doesn’t actually matter what I wear.”

    I think JGS has it, too, but I don’t think everyone agrees with him.

  4. All looking good but do not agree with what they are wearing except for Lee Chun. He is looking the best overall. I don’t really care for the shiny suit of KJH. For such a good looking guy he really does not make the most of it. Usually love the white and blue jeans combo but Sooyoung really should not be wearing any jeans or at least the skinny ones until she puts on some weight on her legs. Otherwise her face is glowing. YSY looks fit and immaculate. Somehow carries off the getup……maybe because of the remnants from his lively character in FBND.

  5. Yoon Si Yoon’s smile is gorgeous! He looks like the only person who’s actually fully smiling from the heart.
    I kind of feel like he suits light colored clothing though since he looks like such a bubbly person.

  6. ugh what is Lee Chun Hee wearing on his feet?? is he the next Dorothy with those red shoes that a grandma would look comfortable wearing? why did he roll up his pants, why is he sockless?? anyways please wear something else LCH!! your clothes distract me from your hotness!
    Kim Ji Hoon is way too shiny but otherwise nice and sharp looking.
    Sooyoung looks very good in those clothes, if a bit too skinny.
    Yoon Shi Yoon rocks those clothes and hair… definitely a case of him owning the clothes and not the clothes wearing him.. on anybody else I might just throw up…

  7. Oh my….lee chun hee sure came a long way from his Chunderella days on Family outing 🙂 will never forget how dorky he was in that!

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