Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Share a Nighttime Kiss in Episode 17 of Gu Family Book

I am totally wiped out from the marathon day of watching the final episode of a long-running drama and pounding out both a baby recap and a hella exhaustive recap proper. As I was getting ready to call it a day with anything drama related, suddenly my Lee Seung Gi radar pinged and wouldn’t you know it my baby boy is offing snogging a girl! Thankfully its a girl I approve of and seeing the stills from the upcoming kiss between Kang Chi and Yeol Wool in episode 17 of Gu Family Book definitely perked me back up from a combination of exhaustion and feeling down that a beloved drama ended. I don’t need to be watching GFB or even be liking the drama to enjoy a lovely nighttime kiss featuring Seung Gi and Suzy. Of course the stills only tell part of the story and I’m going to need to see the execution and the action to render a verdict on the actual kiss itself. Will it be passionate? Romantic? Sweet? From the stills I feel like only Seung Gi is into it and Suzy still had that stiff robotic-ness about her. She kissed Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon in Dream High but those were very chaste pecks that fit the high school genre and their characters. Here I can accept that Yeol Wool kisses very awkwardly, but part of me wishes the PD would let those two unleash some potent attraction for each other since its been so simmering and thwarted for so long. GFB has been all over the place in terms of its narrative that is all about extremes and symbolism, might as well buck the trend with sageuk restrained longing and let half man/half beast Kang Chi show off his rawr nature once he finally breaks through and declares his love for Yeol Wool. She can be raised a tomboy but thus far she certainly knows what she wants in a guy and I hope this kiss leads to even more kissing and romantic times ahead for the OTP.


Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Share a Nighttime Kiss in Episode 17 of Gu Family Book — 36 Comments

  1. ooohhh i felt hot just lookin’ at those pic. LSG should draw the carnal desire of suzy. cant wait to watch tonight’s episode tomorrow.

    • LOLL! Sorry, but seeing the words “Suzy” and “carnal desire” in the same sentence made me laugh out loud. I’m sure it will be very cute and very sweet, but all on him – as have all their other interactions, really. Although I am pleased to see that she at least has a hand on his shoulder, a vast improvement over the usual stiff-arms-at-side stance of most kdrama heroines.

    • Tell me about it! That fridge kiss was worth all the tension that preceeded it. I may have stopped breathing for the entire duration 😉

    • I’m not watching this drama, but bravo for having a female lead who doesn’t just stand there, eyes open and mouth closed, arms hanging at her sides. And double points for giving her the initiative with that last kiss. I don’t see that happen nearly often enough.

  2. nothing chaste about the kiss (actually 2 kisses). Both LSG and Suzy put enough passion into it, though I see more lip movement from Suzy. No comparison to the fridge kiss in TK2H in terms of the buildup and feels though.

  3. At least no awkward body language. I can live with chaste or stiff kisses but when there is still fitting another person between them, it is ridiculous.

  4. i was so surprised to see this post from you koala, certainly wasn’t expecting it. that was one sageuk kiss & coming from suzy of all people. her wooden acting has always put me off but in gfb she has improved a little & her kissing puts her up there along with yeh. good for her!

  5. Well, this is the director that brought us secret garden and city hall kisses.. So one can hope its not just stiff.

  6. Saw the scene and surprised that it was as long as it was. Although it was more lengthy and less chaste than expected considering Suzy’s national first love status it was still awkward as all heck. I am not sure if its because Suzy and Seungi have different kissing styles or that the filming was choppy but the scene was more awkward then passionate. It was like the director was off somewhere saying “one two three kiss” then “kiss again”. Also I will applaud them for both seeming into it but I wish they seemed into it at the same time, when Seungi was into it, Suzy was a robot, when Suzy was into it, Seungi was a robot making for an awkward close up. Honestly it seemed Suzy was more into than Seungi which was surprising since Seungi had more onscreen kissing experience than Suzy.

  7. I don’t see any love or romanticism in a man who needs to grab his woman’s neck to kiss her lips. Instead I see brutality and a lack of self-confidence. Thus yes I have cringed watching their smooching moments although I burst out laughing listening to ther “are you alright” which sounded so… fake. *bummer*

    • Well I disagree… I don’t see brutality or lack of self-confidence in it at all if it’s between two consenting parties who have a mutual goal. In my experience, things can get pretty passionate and hectic in the heat of the moment and a little guidance can be very helpful in preventing a sloppy nose or chin kiss!


  8. Omg I watched the kiss it was as hot as frying potatos Omg did Suzy improve in kissing or its just that she is kissing sg oppa ! She is damn Gd specially with the second kiss

  9. Suzy and LSG spent like 7 hours to film this kissing scene and LOL it was worth. I want to see their BTS. Must be funny!!!

      • I don’t know why they take so long too.. it seems because the PD wanted many angles and etc.

        Maybe he didn’t like the first kisses…

        but sometimes one simple scene that we don’t think much of takes hours to film.

      • Hi Liz, and thanks for your response. Yes, I can see how some scenes that we don’t think much of can take a long time to film, however, with kissing, I am just surprised. I am not an expert, but I am thinking they are just kissing. Even if you need many angles, 7 hours? For a kiss (that edited, is 2mns long when showed)? That is a long time. One might not feel like kissing half way through (OK, I might not feel like kissing half way through). Wouldn’t that feel like a chore at some point? I know, I am probably over thinking this. But seriously though, these kinds of facts tend to make me curious.

  10. LOL it’s the long awaited kiss by viewers and it did not disappoint most viewers. I was actually surprised that Suzy was participating in this one, though it is as should be. I guess the director after dangling an almost kiss for several episodes wanted a passionate interlude between KC and YW. Two kisses, one initiated by KC and the other initiated by YW should satisfy the fans now. It’s a bit anti-climactic though after seeing LSG with the “fridge kiss”. I do feel a tiny bit of awkwardness between them during each kiss. Though the kiss is orchestrated to be passionate and they did their best to show it, however, there’s a moment of not being in sync first Suzy in the 1st kiss then LSG in the 2nd kiss.

  11. on the contrary Captain! Suzy did good! there’s lip movements there alright! hahahahhah

    and it was long!!!! 🙂

  12. The kiss was pretty good even if they were out of sync. I think it’s the hands that made it seem awkward. It’s like they were rubbing each other’s back.

    Suzy is actually good in kissing. She’s better than some of those seasoned actress who just stands there and lets the guy do everything.

  13. She should have than this to Kim Soo Hyun before…my goodness why she don’t do it in Dream High…(kekeke…maybe because she was 16 that time) now she’s 18 (19 in Korean age)…og Suzy-shi don’t do that again…I remember the Stronh Heart ep. 119, when Suzy shared her most nervous kiss with Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi was shock finding out she been had shoots 4 kissing scenes already though she still minor, and now he’s the one who had kissing scene too with our baby maknae…

  14. Watching Suzy in Big was so painful I decided never to go through that again. I’d rather have UEEs eye popping (her’s, not mine) acting as I just then avoid looking at her scary eyes. Of all these girl idol actresses, I think IU is the best.

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