Initial Teasers for Cruel City Hint at the Epic OTP Romance to Come

Now that I’m all caught on up Cruel City (Heartless City), it’s neat to work backwards like Memento on its trail of drama goodies. I did keep this drama on my radar when I knew Jung Kyung Ho was cast as the lead in his first post-military service comeback drama. But the inclusion of Nam Gyu Ri totally turned me off, plus for whatever reason I wasn’t in the mood for a gritty cops-and-drug dealers niche cable drama. When the first stills and teaser trailers were released I checked it out casually and then promptly set it aside. If this drama was good I would return to it, if it turned out to be dreadful then no time wasted. For the sake of Jung Kyung Ho’s career I’m thrilled this drama rocks, but it’s a long 20-epiosder and I’m a tad annoyed at myself for jumping in so early. The first teaser trailers for the drama were actually comprised not of scenes from the drama proper, but of a specially filmed sequence where leads Jung Shi Hyun and Yoon Soo Min encounter each other in a hotel, end up in bed, and a trigger is pulled. Cruel City indeed, that could be a PSA for avoiding prostitution.¬†Soo Min is styled very retro while in one teaser the identity of her bed mate is purposely kept under wraps with his face shown only partially.

Though of course we know its Shi Hyun, and knowing these two are going to have some sort of cross-purposes and uncontrollable torrid love affair even while the body count piles up, the betrayals keep on happening, and the good and bad people keep switching sides, that’s going to be some serious angst on the table. I think in superficial ways this drama has shades of Time Between Dog and Wolf, but comparatively TBDAW was definitely more vanilla and because it aired on MBC the conflict was relatively manageable for the characters compared to here. No diss on TBDAW, one of my top-10 dramas ever, but CC definitely have the edge on being more…..unflinching. I’ve watched plenty of K-movies so the casual and direct violence here doesn’t faze me in the least, and I hope no one will avoid this simply because its on the wild side. I’m pretty much predicting an epic romance between the OTP once they actually start interacting in earnest (bonus points if the scene filmed for the teasers are actual scenes from later on in the drama, that would be awesome), but I’m already invested in the individual journeys that Shi Hyun and Soo Min are taking by themselves to achieve their very difficult objectives.

OTP teasers for Cruel City:


Initial Teasers for Cruel City Hint at the Epic OTP Romance to Come — 18 Comments

  1. Omg I was hooked after I finished the first episode! Just marathoned thru the first 5 episodes… only one more to go before I’ve caught up! It’s gonna be a long wait for the upcoming episodes! Jung kyung hi is beyond awesome here, best acting performane ever! I’m totally blown away by the whole package that “Heartless City” is delivering! Btw does does anyone know how it’s faring rating wise?

  2. Really nice chemistry in the first shot.

    It’s a pity we don’t really get that kind of chemistry in big network dramas anyways, what with the penchant for male leads who look like fetuses.

  3. Yummy! I was skeptical with Nam Nyuri too, but good thing that didn’t make me stop from watching this drama because it’s simply that good. The only sad thing is that it’s just not all out yet for the people who started early on in this drama.

  4. I’m dying to watch eps 3-6 but haven’t been able to because of work but its been a while since a kdrama actually wowed me in its execution this much.
    It’s what I wanted breaking bad to be(personally) in terms of giving us action that kept you edge. I like breaking bad, appreciated its writing, but for some reason never fell in love with it.
    Don’t know where cruel city stands on my top 10 list since I haven’t watched enough to know, but I am just so happy I have a show this dark amidst all the cute shows currently airing.

    • its interesting you make that comparison, because i think it has a point. i also appreciate the smart writing, and some very intriguing directing (like the very first shot of ep 1)but what it was missing for the perfect mark is that it misses that mysterious larger-than-life vibe, something that makes you look up to and admire the characters.
      it sure needs more dark on korean tv, they do that so well. maybe this drama could pave the way for more interest in similar subjects.

  5. I’m pleasantly surprised by Nam Gyuri, I have to say – in the last episode, I even thought she was -gasp- pretty (in a very non-plastic, life-breathing way) ! WHAT WERE THE ODDS ? This director is very skilled, and seems to bring out the best in her, that can only be applauded.

    Does anyone know the name/singer of the theme song (the one at the end of every episode, and also played during a fighting scene in episode 1 or 2 I believe). I’m absolutely in love with it and would very much like to find a download link to it :3

  6. It’s SOOOOO nice to see Jung Kyung Ho back on the small screen. I’m happy to know that waiting two years for him to return was not in vain =)

    I’m completely in love with this right now and hope that the momentum doesn’t slow down anytime soon (if at all). I can’t wait until the romance takes on full swing since it’ll be interesting to see how they fall in love and when push comes to shove, which one of the two will be more surprised at the other’s identity. I just have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that the person holding the gun in the elevator in the teaser (even if it doesn’t happen in the drama) is Soo.

    I’m am very pleased that I’ve found my new drama crack for the next few weeks.

  7. watching CC brings me back to the day of TBWD . And adore LJK and JKH so much.. cant believe he is so good in CC. One korean best secret agen actor ever…

  8. watching CC brings me back to the day of TBWD . And adore LJK and JKH so much.. cant believe he is so good in CC. One of korean best secret agen actors ever…

  9. I’m obsessed with this show! I don’t ever want it to end. Especially since I’m terrified for the end. Love the acting, chemistry, directing, cinematography, basically just everything!

  10. Thank you so much for recommending this drama, I love Jung kyung Ho! He is so freacking awsome in it, what a difference it is compared to his smile you days.

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