More Pretty Official Stills from the Set of Yun Zhong Ge

When one’s beloved novel is getting a live-action adaptation, there is always the fervent hope that it doesn’t get butchered tempered by the dream of seeing it finally come to life outside of the words on the page and the images in one’s own imagination. I’ve been through the process so many times whether its English novels, Japanese manga, or C-fiction that I’m rather inured to the process. If its good I’m happy, if it sucks I move on rather than get bogged down with the disappointment. I’m sure producer Yu Zheng has put his grubby paws all over Yun Zhong Ge to the point that if it even resembles the original by 50% I’ll consider myself blessed. His casting has been hit-or-miss for me as well, originally the rumored leads of Zhao Li Ying and Chen Xiao didn’t pan out, with her now making only a cameo appearance (looking gorgeous in the picture below) while he has switched to playing guy 3 in the book and the somewhat antagonist character. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Chen Xiao’s character of Liu Bing Yi/Liu Xun, future Emperor Xuan of Han, becomes guy 1 in the drama. I’m tolerating Angelababy as leading lady Yun Ge but she is quite pretty in the Han costume with a brightness about her. Du Chun as Meng Jue is still all sorts of wrong visually (the character is supposed to be breathtakingly handsome and Du Chun surely is not that) even if acting-wise he might do the character justice, but Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling, Emperor Zhao of Han, is slowly growing on me. Su Qing looks more and more like the perfect Xu Ping Jun, the feisty tomboy turned heartbroken Empress. But it’s the latest official still of Yang Rong as female antagonist Huo Cheng Jun that took my breath away – she looks stunningly sexy and that look in her eyes is riveting and to-die-for. I wish more actors and actresses would work on their craft rather than coasting on their looks, acting is so much in the eyes and subtle facial turns that its sad I get so excited when I actually see good acting come across even in stills. Check out the latest batch of stills from the filming of YZG, which also include our first look at little Yun Ge in her green woven skirt and pearl-sewn shoes.


More Pretty Official Stills from the Set of Yun Zhong Ge — 11 Comments

  1. Hmm.. The first picture below the content gives me a very Japanese feel.. and I know the traditional Japanese wardrobe is influenced by Han clothing, but what– even the backdrop? Do I see friggen Torii gates in the back?

  2. uhm why there is a torii (japanese shrine gate) in one of the photos??? o_O

    And zhao li ying is cameo-ing which character?

    • Zhao Li Ying’s role is Bai He but her character is not in the book. People said that she might be character created by Yu Zheng!

  3. Yun Ge looks pretty.
    How I wish her mom (Jin Yu) got to don Yun Ge’s pretty hairstyle instead of the huge matronly bun in Da Mo Yao.

  4. Hi, Ms. Kola,
    First, thanks so much for constant updates on Chinese and TW dramas. I really enjoy your site and discussions though this is my first time posting.
    I agree with you that Yang Rong acting is good but don’t you think that she looks much older than Angelababy and Chen Xiao here! Huo Cheng Jun supposed to be just 1-2 years older than Yun Ge but she looks over 10 years older!

  5. Will definitely watch for the camel alone…
    At least they’re using real animals instead of CGI ones so kudos to the production team.

  6. Friends,

    Can anyone please share with me what websites I can go to watch these wonderful C-Drama??

    Is there anything in Youtube that I can also check??

    And also, can you recommend something similar to the genre of BuBuJingQing? romance or romantic comedy drama/period genre…

    I tried viki unfortunately there are times it stops midway and either buffer to start or not at all, it is kinda frustrating when you so look forward to watch something you want. HELP !!!

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