Jung Kyung Ho Trades his Cruel City Suit for a Baseball Uniform and Tosses Out the First Pitch

When an actor gives what is surely going to be iconic performance in his own career trajectory, the process is akin to watching a work of art being formed. Its so delicate and organic, so alive and pulsating with energy, when the art of acting meets the right character at the right time in an actor’s life. Seeing Jung Kyung Ho carry the incredible Cruel City (Heartless City) on his slender shoulders is a sight not to be missed. Yes, the drama is wonderfully executed and thrillingly dark, but good crime yarns are aplenty but Jung Kyung Ho’s performance as Jung Shi Hyun/The Doctor’s Son is unique to behold. He’s physically so slight, in the past known for playing beta males or nebbishy nice guys, and even earlier on playing immature self-centered man boys. I always think an actor’s physical stature can limit their acting choices, and easily pigeonhole themselves into a type. Even when Jung Kyung Ho was playing a cop in Time Between Dog and Wolf he was very cute but not even remotely threatening in the least. In Cruel City he’s equal parts scary as all hell yet totally vulnerable and sincere. Last week he threw out the first pitch at a Dinos game. LOL, I know baseball teams in Asia sometimes have the funniest names but this time not only is called the Dinos and the mascot is an actual blue dinosaurs. That’s like something extinct plus fantasy blended into one. It’s so fun seeing Jung Kyung Ho shedding his perfectly tailored suits and back to his usual boyish form here. And the smile on his face! That is what I call a genuine look of joy. I would gnaw off my own toenail if Shi Hyun ever had occasion to beam like that. I never thought Jung Kyung Ho was particularly handsome but ever since that switch flipped for me in TBDAW he’s always sparkled in my eyes. Now after CC he shimmers and glows like the richest darkest gem. 


Jung Kyung Ho Trades his Cruel City Suit for a Baseball Uniform and Tosses Out the First Pitch — 23 Comments

  1. Golly! He looks like a little kid here! And I see my nephew’s face too! I am not as enamored as some with heartless city but jung kyung ho as shin hyun is AWESOME. He is doing such a great job with the many layers if that character.

  2. I adored him since Smile, You. I liked his character and what he added to the character. His chemistry with Lee Min Jung was really good definitely for the 18 episodes. I definitely will watch CC with all the rave reviews, but I’m trying to hold out just a bit more to avoid the weekly angst game. Thanks for the pix!

  3. I really think he’s one of the most versatile actors in Korea right now. When he acts, he becomes a completely different person every time and I love that.

    A switch was flipped during the time he was away in the army, because he left looking like a boy and came back with the essence of a man. My heart rate skyrockets now when I see him on my computer screen in Heartless City. Such an amazing performance.

    • Agree. His performance is amazing. His eyes are mesmerizing. I just watched Running Turtle and was blown away by his acting in this movie too.

  4. I love Jung Kyung Ho in this but I’m not really that surprised by his performance because it feels like he is the same as he was in Ja Myung Go only he’s wearing a modern suit, lol. I thought he was fantastic in that sageuk (all other problems with it aside) and it really was a different performance for him. Much darker than what I first saw him in, which was Smile, You. Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of him in CC.

  5. Ohmygosh! :))) When I saw that picture of Jung Kyung Ho I was like ayieeeeeeeee :’) Ohmah gash! Ms Koala! :DD off to swoon session

  6. His HyunSoo in Smile You still is THE beta male in kdramaland and on my #3 as the best male character of all time. Now with Shi Hyun in CC, he is climbing to the top fast as the Best Male Actor. But we’ll see. *crossesfingers*

    Hopefully the drama won’t suck now that we are almosy halfway point.

  7. I’ll get any post I can about Cruel City and its characters.
    I’m not addicted but i am rather enamored with it. It lacks the typical k-drama cliches which is probably why it doesn’t have the same grab to some people. The tone and execution is unique and inspiring. It is dark but with some emotional strings attached to our characters.
    I love this gem that shines the brightest out of all shows i’m currently watching, although it does not make me go gaga.

    • That’s not it. Some parts of the story are too nonsensical for me to ignore. Mostly the police part. And they are half of the story. So, I can’t get into it when my head is occasionally going ” Hao siao” and I am rolling eyes. But I love baksa’s portrayal and I like the look and tone of the drama. So I continue to watch.

      • I agree that the drama isn’t flawless; it does take a bit of effort to suspend my disbelief on certain plot points. But I appreciate that it’s attempting to give us a complete view of all the forces at play. It might be more fun if they had focused on Park-sa’s rise as the ‘kingpin’, but I do like that they’re showing the many shades of grey in both the supposed ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ side.

        Now, if only Hyung-min would see reason and return to applying his admirable intellect from the earlier episodes in a more measured way.

        You know, I can’t help but think that he and Kyung-mi are so very similar — both can get too emotional, are woefully short-sighted, and have been shown to easily jump to conclusions way too early. I find smart characters refreshing to watch so I hope he finds his moral compass soon … or are we just not supposed to like him?

        I don’t want the drama to be bogged down by Hyung-min’s rage and misguided revenge; he’s not the ‘real’ villain so I’d rather reserve my disdain for the ultimate parties responsible for the corruption of the bodies, hearts, minds, and souls of that cruel city.

        But then again, I wonder if the drama is making a point and using his character progression as an example of how easily anyone can be corrupted. If so, I’m surprised at how well Shi-hyun seems to have kept a certain sense of purity about him despite the choices he must have had to make these past eight years.

        (Or maybe that’s a just an subconscious side effect of JKH’s adorable face … ? Anyone he portrays gains eternal innocence. :D)

  8. Such poetic prose!! I can tell you love CC as much as we do. Yes, this is the role to make his career!! It is, by far, the best after MS role and drama I’ve seen!! He is knocking out the park and damn is he making me look twice!

  9. My mind cannot seem process these photos coherently. Why do I see the same face … and see two totally different persons!? That’s not Pak-sa. Or even Shi-hyun. Heck, the child!Shi-hyun and adult!Shi-hyun actors aren’t even the same person, but there is greater continuity between the two. Mind. Cannot. Compute. (I also just rushed through W no Higeki so that may be contributing to my confusion. (: )

    I guess that just goes to show what a strong performance JKH is producing. He has helped bring a character to life and made that character so unique that he’s almost his own person with his own personality, quirks, traits, and all the rest. I’m admiring him as an actor more and more and sincerely hope Heartless City continues to deliver both results and gain accolades.

    And, yes, I agree that Jung kyung-ho (the person) is adorable. Watching the BTS videos makes me think that he’s a lot of fun to work with on a daily basis as well. There’s just an earnest quality about him that’s so endearing.

    I actually haven’t seen him in anything aside from TBDAW. I will shamefully admit that I did not necessarily appreciate his charisma back then; I only had eyes for Lee Junki and must have subconsciously recognized JKH’s acting talent as a ‘threat’ — something dangerous for any male lead. 😉 Silly, I know, because I loved the bromance and his character was well-nuanced. Well, I guess I’d better started on Jumong and Smile, You! … I wonder if the stories themselves are good?

  10. is it possible to post recaps of the episodes of heartless city!! I would really love to hear your review and commentary of every episode (:

  11. I love Jung Kyung Ho in I’m sorry I love you, Time between dog and wolf, Princess Ja Myung Go!, Smile you. He has a very good acting. Now he is a really great in ‘PAKSA’ role. So manly and handsome and perfect acting in Heartless City.

  12. He is amazing, his acting flawless . The way he responds and transforms into his role, making us believe in his character is admirable. Plus his not to bad to look at. He deserves way more credit and popularity then he has at the moment.

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