Empire of Gold Releases Tense and Gripping Official Posters and Third Teaser

Ooooh, looking good Empire of Gold. Me likely, though one official poster is much better than the other. Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love ends this week and SBS must be breathing a sigh of relief to move on to more promising pastures with Empire of Gold transitioning the Mon-Tues time slot for the network back to the modern drama. It may be modern but it’s still a period setting going back two decades to the 1990s. While the US may have been experiencing grunge and the emergence of the tech era, South Korea was caught up in rapid fire financial growth that culminated in a financial crisis in 1997 that hit most of Asia as well. I really like the official posters for the drama, the one on top has leads Go Soo and Lee Yo Won both looking mighty intense and vibrant while the one after the jump features all three leads including Son Hyun Joo. The only nitpick I have with the one below is that Go Soo looks like he literally has only half a face with the obscured portion so jarring rather than shaded into the darkness in disappearing fluidity. I liked the hard hitting intensity of the promotional pictures for this drama and the third trailer was just released and bristles with energy both contained and bursting forth. It doesn’t appear that this drama has a childhood section (though maybe flashbacks might occur) and I like that since most epic period and sageuk fare always throw in the past to strengthen the ties between all the characters but sometimes comes across as if the mother of all coincidences keeps on happening to a select few people. I was initially very skeptical of the pairing of Go Soo, always intense, and Lee Yo Won, usually placid, but she seems to be on fire in the teasers and stills and they actually look really good together. I’m getting more and more optimistic about this drama so let’s wait and see after next Mon whether it lives up to the growing hype.

Third teaser for Empire of Gold:


Empire of Gold Releases Tense and Gripping Official Posters and Third Teaser — 8 Comments

  1. Go Soo is a hottie and I trust he will fire all his intensity in this. But this show is about Son Hyun Joo for me. I don’t remember not having loved him in any of his previous (seen) works.

  2. I don’t know how i feel about lee yo won.. she’s sort of just meh. And that’s pretty much how i felt watching her in 49 days. Granted, thats how her character was written, but that was her first project i was following and it was not a great first impression. Go soo has always been really expressive with his eyes and always a charm to watch.
    The set up is nothing different(with a rather ordinary synopsis) and im pretty sure I wouldn’t have cared as much if i had not known this was the team behind last year’s The Chaser, which was awesome. I’ll be expecting them to turn a typical plot thread into a more slick, better executed one. Can’t wait for GFB and JOJ to finally end(ugh, 24 episodes really was not needed for either shows) so we can finally get going with our new crop of promising shows. Sucky shows, be gone! My mondays and tuesdays are going to be filled with cruel city, shark, dating agency:cyrano, and now empire of gold. And thats just mondays and tuesdays.

  3. I love how this looks and the crew behind it know what they are doing but Lee Yo Won is such a bland actress. Honestly she just makes me doze of in all her work. I don’t know what madness made me watch Horse Doctor which was boring. (well I watched it for the supporting cast)

  4. I’m looking forward to this. Lee Yo Won was also good in Bad Love. I expect explosive chemistry btw her and Go Soo so don’t dissapoint!

  5. I have a feeling Lee Yo Won will prove her critics/doubters wrong after watching trailers of Empire of Gold. Had been a fan since Bad Love.

  6. Lee Yowon is worth watching, I like her since I first saw her Queen Seonduk & I enjoyed her performance in her previous dramas & movies as well.

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