First Look at So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun Plus Cast Script Reading Stills

It’s strange how expectation rises and falls with K-dramas that appear middling for whatever reason. Right now my interest in the upcoming Hong Sisters drama The Master’s Sun is increasing but I don’t know how long it’ll stay there. It’s increasing because this drama seems to be really embracing the dark side of its far-out concept. An ordinary girl discovers one day that she can see dead people. And the dead people she sees are really scary – they appear in whatever state they died in and even if they intend no harm the visual freak out is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies. Much less this girl who is a scardy cat by nature. The production of TMS released a bunch a filming stills last week that I posted already, but there have also been random tidbits released from extras playing dead people that give me the willies even seeing it out-of-context. Even if the Hong Sisters are known for their comedic chops that they insert into their narrative, I’m not sure its going to help much when bloody and rotting dead spirits are wandering around in the drama screen. It’s this what-if possibility that this drama will indeed be a horror romance that piqued my interest. SBS released the script reading stills this week even though the actual script reading happened a month ago and the cast and crew have been filming already for weeks now. So Ji Sub is absolutely being himself, looking unkempt and unwashed and weird, which hilariously is usually how his leading lady Gong Hyo Jin comes across sometimes in non-red carpet settings.

I can safely say these two actors share so many similar traits – they are acknowledged thespians in the industry, have been acting for pretty much the same amount of time, will gladly uglify themselves when the role calls for it (So Ji Sub in I’m Sorry, I Love You, Gong Hyo Jin in half the dramas she’s done), and have the same weird fashion sense in real life that frequently shows up to hurt our eyes. For whatever reason I’m expecting unexpected sizzling chemistry from these two, so they better not let me down. While So Ji Sub looks like a bum here at the script reading, he’s play a rich department store president and will be clean cut and snazzily dressed in the role. Gong Hyo Jin needs to appear bedraggled due to her character being sleep-deprived due to all the ghostly visits so don’t expect her to look her edge sexy self in this role. In this script reading stills I see a lot of familiar faces playing supporting roles, with the Hong Sisters working with new faces in Seo In Guk and Kim Yoo Ri for the second leads. He plays the manager of So Ji Sub’s department store while she plays a top star who butts heads with Gong Hyo Jin. No word yet on how many episodes but expect 16 since that’s the Hong Sisters usual length. If this drama turns out to be good that’ll be a great late Summer treat since it premieres July 31 after I Hear Your Voice wraps, but if it sucks then all eyes will be on its follow up drama the highly anticipated The Heirs with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. A Kim Eun Sook-penned drama following a Hong sisters-written one? That’s gotta be a first.


First Look at So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun Plus Cast Script Reading Stills — 17 Comments

  1. Not interested at all… So Ji Sub – NO. Gong Hyo Jin – NO. As both actors and people they aren’t appealing plus their projects are never my cup of tea.

    Waiting for Good Doctor… 😀

  2. I want this drama to be successful in domestic ratings so that it could provide good platform for Heirs which stars my biases Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to this drama! It could be a fun, dark, summer rom-com, which is a must need with all these melo and period dramas coming at us left and right. Even though the leads aren’t that appealing for me, the Hong Sisters almost always create a world that is fascinating and whimsical that is full of laughs and cute OTP moments.

  4. HEIRS!! Can’t wait to see LMH-PSH combo!!
    October is still long~long time >_<

    The Master's Sun..err, still not decide will watch it or not, although Hong Sister is one of my fav writer and SJS & GHJ is really good actor. Horror/scary drama is big NO for me

  5. I have not been huge fans of either of the leads, however, I fully acknowledge that they can act and are pretty good at it IMO. Just none of their characters has particularly hooked me. But if I see chemistry here, I think we could have a winner. On paper the SJS-GHJ pair up sounds refreshing and good – at least to me. I think they match up. I have been indifferent to almost all of Hong Sister dramas since YB. So having them onboard isn’t enough to draw me into the drama. I’ll wait and see how this one turns out.

  6. horror rom-com? Now you have my attention.
    Nowadays there’s alot of been there done that that you gotta top the others or be different/unique.
    Hong sisters have no problem coming up with unique premises, so if i don’t love it atleast i’ll be intrigued.

  7. Thank goodness you didn’t post the random dead people shots. I was almost afraid to open this article.

    I don’t like a scary face leaping straight at me out of the screen.

  8. Me likey so far! The premise still sounds cool to me and I adore the actors individually so hoping they really look awesome together 😀

  9. even if not good i am a hong sisters girl, i will give it a try of course:D if GHJ hair color will be like this in the drama i really would love to see:D she looks cool:D And we all want to see SJS in clean cut suits:D not like a bum as he normally is:D

  10. I liked So Ji Sub in “Ghost “, GHJ in “Thank You” and Hong sisters “You are beautiful”. All together are capable of coming up with something interesting and unique that will be very popular in a good way or be a drama that people will love to tear apart in discussions ……….just my take 🙂

  11. I’m looking forward to watch another drama of Gong Hyo Jin (Top Love)and So Ji Sub (What Happen To Bali) after I have watch their last drama,I’m sure this chemistry will be better.

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