Oddball Official Stills and Posters for The Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin

With I Hear Your Voice getting a two-episode extension (for the sake of its rabid fans I sure hope this isn’t a bad bad decision by the network to milk ratings for the sake of narrative flow and become a Protect the Boss part-deux), The Master’s Sun gets an extra week to do its thang before premiering in the second week of August. That’s like a month away, which is measured dog years if you ask me when it comes to K-dramas. Maybe the production can throw in more ghosts! Dial up the special effects! Film more night scenes since those cost twice as much and take three times as long (see, I know my production secrets). I’m not particularly dying (har har) for this I-see-ghosts-and-that-sucks-but-touching-So-Ji-Sub-makes-it-all-better drama, but since I’m not watching IHYV then wanting TMS to air is like enduring a subpar U2 song from Zooropa during the concert because you know something better likely this way comes hopefully from The Joshua Tree. I wonder if the drama will slow down its release of teasers and stills now that it has an extra week so as to not burn out on the momentum? Today SBS released two official group posters as well as individual characters stills from the drama. I like these, but it doesn’t yet rise to love. It’s better than the usual run-of-the-mill stuff but borrows heavily from The Addams Family influence as well as the Hong Sisters’ Best Love. The group photo where the four leads are posed on a sofa is such a direct lift from the group Best Love poster. I do like the subtle macabre influence, which is expressed most visibly in Gong Hyo Jin’s character stills. The one where she has a upside down veil and two cherries perched on her head and wearing a body hugging square neck sheath dress is pretty distinctive. It’s not everyday an actress gets to rock a cherry head piece. I also chuckled at her other still with the black backdrop where she dons a cross headpiece and is dressed like a Quaker. So Ji Sub has never looked better (though I really loathe his hair style) but his red suit in the group picture is totally ridiculous, as is Gong Hyo Jin’s dress printed from what appears to be a Renaissance painting. I’m relieved Seo In Guk does not look as gaunt and skinny as he did in the first stills and Kim Yoo Ri totally has the haughty bitch look down pat which is how her character is described since she plays a top star.


Oddball Official Stills and Posters for The Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin — 15 Comments

  1. It’s odd, weird, boring… nothing special at all. What’s with the cherry on top!? lol Well I’m not tuning in anyway but those stills are without any charm.

  2. I think she looks “possessed”….hardy har har. That’s the only way I can see her poor character transition with the look of…superiority…D-I-D (crosses headband), etc.

    Agreed on the main lead’s hairstyle. I do not like the “idol” hair on every ML. It’s childish imo.

    Jury still out on this one for me…..Thanks for the article.

  3. I disliked the last two Hong Sisters dramas and I don’t think either GHJ or SJS’ strengths lie in the comedy realm, but I will probably give it a chance – I mean, it can’t be as teeth-grating as BL and Big, right right?

    Re: Voice (which I just started ans like despite the insane legal stuff) extension. Those rarely benefit a drama but two eps isn’t too bad, hopefully.

    • thats what i thought too. 2 episodes, no biggie.
      But towards the end of a series 2 episodes could makes all the difference in the world.
      *cries at how different King of Dramas/Protect the boss could ended.
      Voice may be moving at a really good pace, but towards the end, the production team seems rather tired/haggard and end up filling the rest with flashbacks or useless conflicts, all so they could get higher ratings.
      Anthony taught me best, along with the many years of k-drama watching.
      I am crossing my fingers that the extension will not hurt this show.

  4. IHYV really doesn’t need the extension but we’ll see how it goes. They’re already filling air time with flashbacks. I don’t think they even have enough plot for 16 episodes, let alone 18.

    I actually really like GHJ’s renaissance painting dress, hee. So Ji Sub looks great. I’m excited, this looks really fun. We need more good rom coms in kdramaland.

    • Lol. The flashbacks of this week for IHYV were filmed before any extension discussion and they were necessary to the story. Furthermore, there is so many plot points in reserve: I’m not worried about the lack of material or a supposed slower pace. The eventual WTF factor (KOD) is indeed more problematic. *Crosses fingers*.
      That said, 1 week of respite is surely beneficial for Master’s Sun.

  5. I actually like them. GHJ rocks the quirky look but she’s quite the unique fashionista in reality as well. She really is the perfect queen of flawlesness.
    I really, really hope this is good. Best love was okay but Big was so bad. I’m hoping the Hong sisters got their act together this time.
    SJS looks quite dapper and SIG does not look skinny but more like he has been working out.

  6. Ermm…besides the cherries on her head…did anyone notice the 3 crosses? I think the stylist is having a ball with the quirky styling. Wonder if they will really dress like that in the show?

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