King of Lan Ling gets Mid-August Premiere Date and Releases Official Poster and Drama Opening

We’re midway into July already which is usually when all the major big-budget C-dramas start airing. Huang Xiaoming‘s mega-biopic The Patriot Yue Fei (精忠岳飞) finally premiered on July 4th after being done filming for two years already. He plays the legendary Southern Song dynasty General Yue Fei and Ruby Lin plays his wife, this drama ought to be good considering its got a sprawling cast and great filming cred. I’m definitely going to check it out but I’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the Feng Shao Feng, Ariel Lin, and Danial Chan wuxia drama King of Lan Ling to air. The drama filmed during the Spring of 2012 and is slated to air this coming August 14th, giving the producers plenty of time to fiddle with the details and deliver what will hopefully be a very beautiful drama to watch. The production has keep up a steady stream of news in the last year, releasing multiple long trailers, characters stills, and drama filming stills. Initially I thought this drama looked rather chintzy but when the trailers came out I was rather taken with the final product. I’m still going to have to suspend disbelief to buy Feng Shao Feng playing one of the three most beautiful men in legendary Chinese history, the King of Lan Ling (who is the 4th Prince of the Qi dynasty) Gao Chang Gong. He was so beautiful that he had to wear a ferocious mask to battle to frighten the opponents otherwise people would just moon over his beauty.

I can easily list over a dozen male C-actors that would fit this profile over Feng Shao Feng but since he’s producing this baby of course he gets to headline it as well. He does appear to have steaming chemistry with leading lady Ariel Lin, playing Yang Xue Wu, the girl is fated to love him and lose him. Ariel was initially planning to take a sabbatical when she got this script and she candidly revealed the reason for accepting was when she learned that Daniel Chan would be playing the second male lead the King of the Zhou dynasty and rival to the King of Lan Ling. Daniel doesn’t look his age but he’s been an idol and actor for a good twenty years and Ariel was positively giddy with the prospect of acting opposite her teenage male idol, the guy whose poster she had all over her wall. I’m looking forward to the intense love triangle in this drama between her and two Kings fighting over her. The drama released an official poster this week along with the official opening credits and theme song for the drama. The official poster was shot by Japanese photographer Ninagawa Mika, famed for her floral motifs. The historical legend of the King of Lan Ling involves a tune that he apparently used to herald his impending attack and later it became known as The King of Lan Ling Attack March. The opening theme song for this drama is sung by Taiwanese rock group May Day and is called The King of Lan Ling Attack March. Check out the intense opening sequence and lets keep the excitement alive as this drama gets close to airing. I need me a good C-period drama badly.

Official Drama Opening for King of Lan Ling:


King of Lan Ling gets Mid-August Premiere Date and Releases Official Poster and Drama Opening — 21 Comments

  1. Do you have a website or websites where you watch the china-based dramas online? I understand Mandarin so do not need English subs but I cannot seem to find any sites with the Patriot drama.


    • I think its because they have to be vetted and approved by the Chinese vetting agency incase they mess up history.

  2. Can’t wait for this! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but LOCH took forever to air, and look how good it turned out to be 😀 Hope this drama is amazing as well. The theme is exciting, but I still feel kind of weird about it being the opening theme.

  3. Thank you so much koala!! I just don’t have time to follow the news myself so you really make it easy for me. I am super excited about this one but as usual been taming my excitement. Daniel was also one of my idols back when i was in high school. his songs for ktv back then bring back lots of fun memories.

    Anyhow, I am totally not above watching crap as I have been completely taken to watching Love SOS just for Daniel cause I was so surprised to see him in a tw drama that first week. Lol even dropped all kdramas except one.

    Ariel and Daniel is a must see for me… And of course Shao Feng too. Please be good. 🙂 nice touch with mayday’s song.

  4. What the heck, that’s the opening song? It sounds terrible, doesn’t even go with the supposingly beauty of the series. Way to spoil it.


    Ooooh I can’t wait to see it!

    This video is very pretty, and the music is actually really nice, but I don’t like the way the song is sung. It totally doesn’t match with the period setting of the drama. The music is traditional at the beginning which is wonderful, but then the song sucked when the singing started (sorry if this is harsh)

    I wanna see Patriot Yue Fei too, but I’ll wait till the whole thing’s out and then I’ll marathon it. I heard that it’s like, 60 eps or something, so quite long 😀

  6. Am I the only one who liked the opening song? It’s kinda catchy if you listen to it a few times. Reminds me of an anime op!


  7. I don’t agree with some one you people. I think that the opening song is perfect for the drama. It’s something very catchy and different from other c-drama opening..where they usually have some sort of sad melody to it. GOOD CHOICE OF MUSIC HERE!!! AND LOVE FSF

    • Yes, I agree too. The opening song from Mayday is perfect. It’s different from other C-drama which all the time with Guzhen, Pipa or whatever ancient chinese musical instruments.

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